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Sonos Arc $1079, Sonos Beam $599, Sonos Sub Gen 3 $979 Delivered / VIC C&C @ Premium Sound


Sonos March Madness Sales

Arc coupon : ARC100
Beam Coupon : BEAM30
Sub G3 Coupon : SUB20

Beam Link : https://premiumsound.com.au/product/sonos-beam/
Sub Link : https://premiumsound.com.au/product/sonos-sub-gen-3/

Strictly limited to 25 Arcs, 25 Beams 25 Subs. Stock lead time 2-5 business days for online orders and limited stock in store for walk ins, Stock on its way!

Also, the Era 100 are available in store only. We have these for $309, but must be in store.

Premium Sound 70-76 St Kilda Road, St Kilda, Melbourne

Free delivery Australia wide

Come down and see the full range of Bang & Olufsen, Sonos, Sennheiser, Marshall & Devialet.

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  • Any chance of a sub mini deal?

    • +1
      • Curious, don’t you think people will just price match you at JB and then pay with discounted gift cards?

        • Pretty sure JB doesn't price match coupon prices.

          • @ilikeblue: Not officially but it does happen if you talk to the right person.

          • @ilikeblue: you can get sonos beam for 630 any day of the week at JBHIFI combined with giftcard gets you very close to this price

  • any deals on B&O?

    • Beolit 20 $880 at the moment, or we have a couple 4th gen A9 for $3990 in black or white

  • presumably you dont sell any more of the 2nd gen A9?

    • Not at the moment but they often come along

  • Thanks OP. Just wondering, how does the "Free delivery" work? (I see a $75 flat rate at checkout…)

    • Have you bundled with other items?

      • Seems that it was a glitch. Working now.

        • Sorry about that. Fixed yesterday.

  • Any deals fot five?

  • Sub Gen 3 is $999 and no free shipping?

    • +1

      Looking into this now, should be free shipping.

      • Cheers, $999 was my bad as I didn't apply the SUB20 coupon.

        Shipping is still applied as "Large items: $75.00".

        • Should be fixed in 5 minutes :)


          • @berger: Perfect, ordered!

            • +1

              @stjep: Awesome, It's leaving today

  • Arcs are out of stock until Tuesday. Apologies.

    All orders will be fulfilled so no worries.

  • Code doesn’t work for Beam !

    • Fixed!

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