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$10 off Subway (Min $10 Spend) @ Uber Eats


$10 off your next Subway order. Minimum order of $10+ before charges and fees. Expires 02/04/2023. UberEats charges and fees apply. Cannot be combined. Limited redemptions; offers not redeemed once total redemption limit reached will be automatically withdrawn. Uber reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time. Exclusions may apply.

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$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +1

    Worked. Thanks!

  • +2

    Damn, the 2 subways near me seem to have taken themselves off Uber eats. Poo.

    • Turns out they just don't do pickup, wouldn't have checked if not for commenters!

      Ended up getting a 6 inch, some cookies, and a box of chicken bites delivered for about 3 bucks. All the more funny they don't do pickup, as I'll be darting into dominos next door for dinner anyways

      Thanks OP!

      • +4

        What 6 inch did you get?

        My options here for a 6inch sub are $10+
        And add another $5+ for a foot long

      • +1

        No way that's true. Go on, show us the receipt. $13 for all that stuff? Delivered? With the fee? Nah. Not possible.

        • Not sure what id have to gain lying on here about subway but sure I'll dig around later when I'm home

          6 inch meatball was like 11 bucks, plus 99c fee, so about 2 bucks there

          Got a quesadilla and 6 cookies for like 10.10, add the fee, just over a buck paid

          Got the chicken bites and another 3 cookies, again, just over ten.

          Went to order another today but remembered it's good Friday, tomorrow I'll be getting a 6 inch salami one plus a cookie, for 10 cents plus 99c fee.

          I'd have to go look to find exact totals and or dig up receipts from 4 different emails. But for you, anything!

          • +1

            @TheDukeOfNukem: Right, you're saying that you did 3 separate orders? That's not at all what you originally implied.

            • @Grazz989: Shiiiiieeeeet, the OzB police found me! I wrote a quick text saying thanks to the OP for my haul and didn't clarify everything even though realistically no one cares what food I got.

              Big sorry, sir.

              • +1

                @TheDukeOfNukem: Mate, no need to try and get smart. No-one cares what food you got, people are literally here to get good deals.

                You misspoke, it sounded like you were making up wild BS about getting an impossibly good deal, I called it out. Whatever.

      • +1

        How? When I put an order in for less than $20, it charges me $5 delivery. (And I have UberOne.)

        • Think every store is a bit different. I told a mate in Sydney about this deal and he had 8 or 9 buck delivery fee, wasn't worth it.

          If you have a few in your area maybe try another one, might get lucky?

    • Same, pretty damn lame.

  • Actually worked! Cheers

  • +1

    Such a specific code haha

  • +12

    5$ delivery fee and can't pickup even though 2 mins away…

  • Subway don’t allow pick up?

    • only like a tiny handful, it seems 🙄

    • +1

      Not when these promos are active!

  • +3

    Ours says $9.99 delivery and they are only 1km away!

  • Oops, this promotion cannot be claimed.

    Tried it all caps and no caps (had to press the caps off button after every friggin letter).

    Edit: didn't work in app but worked in broswer.

  • Pickup, sweet!

  • +10

    With uber one, you need $20 minimum to get free delivery.

    Meatball melt footlong + 3 pack cookie = $20.70 + $1.55 service fee - $10 promo code

    $12.25 for footlong + 3 cookies delivered is decent.

    • or choose the make it large subbox.

      • +1

        large sub box is $20.25 but only comes with 6" sub

        +$6.95 Meatball Melt - Subway Footlong

  • When I pick a sub the buton "Add 1 to order . price" is greyed out?

  • +6

    I save $3.63 on the cheapest sub. Meh.

  • +6

    $10 off but $8 in fees .. kills it

    • +1

      +marked up fee

  • +1

    One near me does pickup, 70c dinner. Thanks

    • -1

      which one is this?

  • Man really want this deal, but dont have ubereats account

    • +7

      If you go buy instore you end up with a better discount in most cases. Foot long subs are about $5 more expensive on ubereats then you're slugged with 10% uber service fee($4 cap I'm pretty sure) and then you add delivery costs on top of that which could be up to $10 ($4 in my area). Pretty wild to spend restaurant prices on fast food.

      • $4 pickup footlong using this Offer i think (and pretty much same experience if you got an uber account)

      • zero delivery cost

  • +3

    More expensive than in store for a footlong even with $10 off. No thanks Uber.

    • are you sure.. see below comment just under this

  • ~$12 for footlong and cookies delivered with Uber one. Cheaper than instore, not bad

    • and a drink :)


  • worked gepps cross ty

  • +6

    Subway North Strathfield, North Rocks, Parramatta, Bass Hill, Riverwood, Kogarah, Mascot, Botany allow pickup.

    • FYI this is Church St Parramatta not Smith St or Westfield

    • +1

      Melbourne: Southbank, Malvern East, Collingwood, Watrina North, Langwarrin, Bundoora, Watergardens, Highpoint L3, Pacific Werribee

  • +2

    My local allows pickup, picked up 3 subs for about 80c each.

  • +3

    Doesn't look like any ACT stores do pickup but can cross the border to get it from Queanbeyan

    • +1

      For some reason they closed the store on Uber Eats today but it says it’ll be back tomorrow, which I would take with a grain of salt

  • +1

    Good voucher for those who were gonna order Subway anyway, but with no pickup options near me it doesn't represent a "how could you not?" cheapie

  • Thanks OP

  • how are scheduled pickup uber eats orders, reliable or will I get a message straight away saying its ready?

  • +1

    Got on this x3 with family, had to pay for delivery but that's still about half in-store price. Nice for a "Friday" evening, thanks OP

  • Thanks! Had to do an order of more than $20 as pick up is available no where in perth it seems

    • +1

      Only ones I can see with pickup are Paragon, Subi, and Kewdale :(

      • Where's paragon?

        • +1

          Ah it's the name of the apartment complex it's connected to in the city. Hay St opposite the Apple store

  • +1

    Weird I have uber one but still getting charged for delivery with 20+ spend

  • Less than $12 with Uber One for a tasty Turkey Footlong Sub and a Jaffle delivered.

    Doesn’t stretch as many meals as a bachelor's handbag with rolls and slaw, but at least this is delivered and ready to eat.

    Thanks for sharing the code @oscinator1988

  • +2

    Didn't realise how expensive Subway was - 6" Subs all over $10+

    Just picked up 6 Cookies for $0.15.

  • Thank you

  • 6" chicken teriyaki ended up costing me $1.70 pickup although hardly had any meat on it, not sure if it was worth the trip Subway never fails to not disappoint

  • Wtf one Subway schnitzel footlong delivered is $33… $23 with the coupon. No wonder I stopped using Uber Eats

    • maybe you order is under 20?

  • damn only once. i think uber patched the hole

    • my order just went through. Maybe your account got patched

      • Promotion codes are not available for this account and all trips will be charged at the full price.

        Account from the last $100 deal

        • +1

          Yeah lol I made this mistake before, but it doesn't really make any sense. It's basically Uber has realised you've got multiple accounts (shared payment/account info) so we'll restrict promotions.. as if you're not going to just make another account 🤣

  • Still working! Ordered.

  • Only work for once /.\

    • Worked for once only /.\ but thanks op.

    • Deals like this are usually for once only
      It worked, you got a bargain, don't forget to upvote

  • Can't add to cart anymore?

  • +3

    Used it with a $15 cashback over $30 spend deal on commbank yello, thanks!

  • Steak wrap for $4.50, finally winning!

  • this promotion could not be claimed.
    Targeted or finished?

  • Thanks OP. Got meatball footlong for $7.3

  • Just ordered and got buffalo chicken footlong delivered for $12 on Good Friday public holiday which is cheaper than in-store prices
    Thank you

  • 3 soft drinks for 1 dollar delievered

  • Thanks OP.

  • -2

    As expected, it’s all gimmick judging from the overall responses here.

    • Nuffies with zero bargains posted always talk the most smack

  • 2 subways in my town and not even one of them is eligible…

  • +1

    Store nearby allowed pickup yesterday and for today. But now the same store isn't allowing pickup for today, even though it's open…wth.

  • Picked up at Melbourne Southbank today. It's a very small one near Five Guys and next to McDonald's.

  • Thanks OP. Picked up from my local.
    I had chosen Seafood Sensation 6-inch ($6.95) with Extra Avocado ($1.55) and Extra Meat ($1.50), totaling up to $10.00 and got it for free.

    • I saw that one for $9.45 base price. I didn't know there was such massive variability in outlet pricing … Then again I only eat Subway once a decade.

      • It was 10.95 in the Freshwater Place outlet in Melbourne CBD

        No subs or wraps were under 10

        • Turkey sub or wrap was under 10 at Collingwood so added extra to get minimum spend

        • Pricing variability of over 55% (or even more if there are outliers beyond $6.95 and $10.95) seems insane to me.

          But if the market will tolerate it …

  • Legit, subway is the worst fast food place for any deals. Their own app has no deals except for the month of Xmas. Any food del service like uber for subway is, get a footlong and then charge 5+ for any type of sandwhich except pizza and seafood sensation. So not only are all the base sandwhiches price gouged, the nail in the coffin is the extra $6 to get a chicken classic.

    Its more expensive to get any food in subway uber than it is to go get it yourself. t he $10 doesnt even cover the price gouging and service fee.

    • I had a $9 footlong tonight with this deal, cheaper than pick-up direct.

      I dunno, a Subway footlong is around $11-13 in store,
      and I rate it more fresh and nutritious than most take-away and restaurants. We know it isn't the best for anyone's diet - most bread options are white varieties, it's portions of meats and dressings are high, and it's calorie dense and most customers are eating a footlong in one sitting, potentially along with poor sides (e.g. soda, cookies). But you can make smarter choices like the wholemeal bread, stack it with vegetables, go easy on the dressings, choose a white meat with the cleanest option available, and have it as 6in over two meals, drink water or milk.

      Compare it to a Maccas wrap which is at least $10-11 and comes with scant salad and is much smaller. Compare it most other stuff, burgers for example, and I think the value and nutrition is worse yet.

      I feel Subway have kept up offerings over the years, and I'm glad they're an option. I've always had too nice customer service experiences in store (would still like a drive through option).

      Yeah, Uber pumps up those prices to cover costs and margins for their service and driver. I don't like how they increase the item prices to do that, I would prefer the transparency of having true store prices and then adding a single delivery fee (to cover both service and driver, however large that needs to be). But I don't begrudge them setting the higher price to cover that cost and margin, that's the business and service you pay for, you can only hope they have plenty of good competition and operate with tighter margins.

  • I was veeery disappointed with the sub that I got today, although I paid a dollar for it.

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