Samsung EVO Select 128GB MicroSD Memory Card + Adapter $13.33 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU

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EDIT: If you purchase 3+ there's a 15% Discount ('Save 10% on any 3' + 'Save 5% on any 2')

About this item

  • ALL THE SPACE YOU NEED: Store lots of media on your phone with this micro SD memory card, load games on your Nintendo Switch and other devices, and download more apps on your tablet at top-notch speed.
  • FAST AND SMOOTH: Superfast U3, class 10 rated transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s¹,²and UHS-I Interface.³
  • EXPAND AND STORE BIG: The EVO Select card ranges from 64GB - 512GB, allowing you to record high-quality footage on your DJI drone, store it, and transfer it between devices.
  • YOU’RE FULLY PROTECTED: EVO Plus takes on life’s adventures with water⁴, temperature⁵, X-ray⁶, ⁷magnet, drop⁸, and wears⁹ out protection. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
  • ¹Speed and rating apply to 128GB, 256GB and 512GB cards. 64GB card is U1 rated, with transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s. ²Stated performance is achieved by using EVO Plus microSD cards with Samsung readers. ³Ratings apply to 128GB and 256GB cards. 32GB and 64GB card is A1, V10, UHS-I rated.⁴Water proof: withstand up to 72 hours in seawater. ⁵Temperature proof: operating temperatures of -25 C to 85 C; non-operating temperatures of -40 C to 85 C. ⁶X-Ray Proof: up to 100mGy, equal to airport X-ray machines. ⁷Magnetic-Proof up to 15,000 gauss, or the magnetic field equivalent of a high-field MRI. ⁸Drop: withstand drops up to 5meters (16.4 feet)⁹ Wearout: up to 10,000 swipes.
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    Apparently the EVO Select is a rebranded EVO Plus that's exclusive to Amazon.

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    What’s 128GB good for these days, couple of text files?

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      • Username checks out

    • I was kinda thinking the same.
      I have a couple of these in production and as spared in my drawer at 64GB and 128GB capacities. I feel bad "wasting" 128GB in a Raspberry Pi that really only needs ~10GB, but these are so damn cheap.

      But then there is the other side where everything else needs MOAR STORAGE!! Even the kids Switch storage requirements have grown and grown to needing a 512GB or larger card now.

      On a side note, it annoys me that you can get dirt cheap microSD cards that write at this sort of speed yet cheap USB memory sticks still suck at writing!

  • +4
    1. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – 133 GB
    2. Borderlands 3 – 135 GB
    3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection – 136.63 GB
    4. Starfield – 140 GB
    5. Final Fantasy 15 – 148 GB
    6. Red Dead Redemption 2 – 150 GB
    7. Forspoken – 150 GB
    8. Baldur's Gate 3 – 150 GB
    9. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – 155 GB
    10. Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond – 180 GB
    11. ARK: Survival Evolved – 250+ GB
    • +1

      COD:MW, that's just for the update right?

    • +27

      Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards - 4.16 Mb

      • +12

        Pokemon Red & Blue ROM - 373 KB

        • +12

          Those two games have more depth and replayability than the whole COD series combined.

        • +1

          Pong - 8 bits

    • +2

      12.The entire Internet: > 147 zettabytes

      • +4

        Any deals on 1 zettabyte HDDs

    • Are these the file sizes to download to handheld gaming consoles? Wow.

      • +4

        Not exactly. These are their installed sizes on PC.

  • -1

    i heard about possible fake from amazon as they pull stock from various vendors. Do ppl have any experience with this?

    • +9

      I have quite a few cards from Amazon, no issues…

      Considering the Evo Select cards are made exclusively for Amazon I very much doubt they'd be getting them from anywhere other than Samsung, lol

      • thanks. grabbed one. was waiting for the sandisk to go on sale. This would do.

    • My current count of Samsung Evo Plus 512gb from Amazon is 576, no fault cards or fake so far.

      I don't know that there is a prime listing for Samsung Evo plus 1tb cards which are fake and the picture shows the brand as sansumg.

      Just pay close attention to reviews and don't buy anything that has no reviews or is a new listing.

    • Also have a similar question with my current purchase from Amazon Germany. 4x knipex tools got shipped separately and 1 by 1 and on different days. Weird. Feel like these are sold by different sellers but unlikely.

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    Thanks! That'll do me.. Was waiting for some endurance price drops for my Reolinks but having a look at how often it actually records I think even 128GBs will last a while.

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    • +1

      The 512gb regularly drops to $38 also, Ive bought quite a few. Really good quality cards for the price.

      • Apple must've not gotten the memo. Their base iPad still comes with 64GB Storage, and each size upgrade comes in the form of $100-$500.

        Maybe Apple is stuck in 2010 for Storage Sizes and Pricing? 🤷

  • Is this good for dash cam?

    • +2

      You'll want to go for an endurance card, something like this

    • SanDisk endurance 128GB - 22.80

    • I have had an Evo plus for 4 years in my viofo dashcam, still going strong. Think they are the same as the Evo select.

  • anyone with good understanding of the different names of Samsung cards please share?

    EVO Plus, Plus for Creators
    EVO Select

    Pro Plus
    Pro Endurance
    Pro Ultimate

    All i know is if i want to use it in a security cam or dashcam i should use Endurance. I know the basics of speed etc, but is it really that big a deal across different read/write speeds?

    • +22

      Here's a breakdown of the different Samsung microSD cards:


      • Target audience: Everyday users
      • Performance: Balanced read and write speeds, suitable for basic tasks on smartphones, tablets, and cameras.
      • Durability: Standard durability for everyday use.
      • Value: Generally the most affordable option among Samsung microSD cards.

      EVO Plus

      • Target audience: Everyday users who want better performance than the base EVO card.
      • Performance: Faster read and write speeds compared to EVO, suitable for Full HD video recording and app usage.
      • Durability: Standard durability for everyday use.
      • Value: Offers a good balance between performance and price.

      EVO Select (Essentially rebranded EVO Plus)

      • Target audience: Exclusively available at Amazon, it's essentially an EVO Plus with different branding.
      • Performance: Identical performance to EVO Plus in terms of read/write speeds and capacity options.
      • Durability: Standard durability for everyday use.
      • Value: May be slightly cheaper than EVO Plus on Amazon due to potential discounts.

      Pro Plus

      • Target audience: Professionals (photographers, videographers, gamers) who need high performance.
      • Performance: Fastest read and write speeds among Samsung microSD cards listed here, ideal for 4K/8K video recording, burst mode photography, and intensive gaming.
      • Durability: Standard durability for everyday use.
      • Value: More expensive than EVO and EVO Plus due to higher performance.

      Pro Endurance

      • Target audience: Users who need frequent write operations, like dashcams, security cameras, or doorbell cameras.
      • Performance: Read speeds are comparable to EVO Plus, but write speeds are optimized for sustained recording, ideal for constantly writing data.
      • Durability: Higher endurance for write cycles compared to other cards on this list.
      • Value: Priced similarly to Pro Plus due to its specialized use case.

      Pro Ultimate

      • Target audience: Professionals who need the most extreme durability and performance.
      • Performance: Offers the fastest read and write speeds among Samsung microSD cards listed here, along with exceptional performance in extreme temperatures.
      • Durability: Waterproof, shockproof, x-ray proof, and magnet proof. Can withstand extreme temperatures.
      • Value: Most expensive option due to its top-tier performance and durability features.

      Source: Google ‎Gemini

      • Pro ultimate also has great handling and is fast growing

        Source: Google ‎Gemini

      • +3

        Correction: The Pro Plus/Pro Ultimate do not perform any faster than the EVO Plus in 95% of devices including Sony and Canon full frame cameras. This is because it uses proprietary protocols to achieve the advertised speeds that basically nothing supports besides a few card readers. These cards are also only rated for V30 which is what is critical for video and equivalent to the EVO Plus.

        Professionals doing intensive 4k/8k recording will use cards that are actually fast like V60+ SD cards or CFexpress cards.

        • +7

          I have a feeling that they are all basically the same, and we are being bamboozled.

          • +1

            @ahmedaman: hence my asking for the differences… without any real life testing (call on LTT labs?) I'm not convinced there's any real difference.

  • +1

    Have the 256GB version in my R36S and it works well. Bought this just as a backup as realised most of my older cards are all 32GB.

    Thanks OP.

  • +3

    I remember when we would be thrilled to spend this much cash and get something a little smaller than this.

    • Remember using my bro' floppy disk to copy a few images and burning CD for a few video songs, The internet cafe charged quota per MB.

      • You weren't one of those posh double density types were you?

  • I'm considering upgrading my 64Mb cards to 128 Mb…. but I'm not sure if my cameras can handle that sort of memory!

    • +2

      I too had 64MB card in one of my first digital cameras in 2003.
      Jokes aside just check your camera manual or google what other owners of the same camera use/tested.

  • Any recommendations for a fast USB card reader?

    • That would be handy. I have a USB 3 multi-card reader that runs my memory cards at full speed. I bought it years ago at Woolworths so it doesn't even have a brand name. It works well enough, but for some reason the manufacturers designed the cable USB A to Mini-USB (USB printer cable). The included cable is larger and heavier than the little box of slots.

  • It sucks that imports can’t be delivered to Amazon lockers.

    • +1

      but they can be delivered to aus post parcel lockers

      • Oh really? Awesome thanks

  • thanks @RichardL,

    I bought two, one for my Nintendo Switch and one for my dash came (both currently have 64GB micro SD cards, which I struggle with).

    • -2

      If you're struggling with 64, getting an extra 64 isn't really going to cut it.

      • +2

        How on earth did you ever come to that conclusion?
        You know, 128GB is double 64GB right? so struggling (but coping) with 64GB means 128GB will be plenty for me.

  • I need some (5) for Raspberry Pis and a BlueSCSI - for $13 they will do the job.
    I also received 10% off from another promotion they were having.

  • I ordered 3 and got an additional 10% off.

    • +1

      I like when they give some other discount, when I am not expecting it.

  • PS: 5% Discount if you purchase 2+ or 15% Discount if you purchase 3+

    Can also mix with the 512GB PRO Plus

    • I bought three yesterday and didn't get the promo… Just added to cart today to see if it applies now and got this error:

      We're sorry. This item has a limited purchase quantity. We have changed your purchase quantity to the maximum allowable.

      It changed to 2, for total of $25.33 (the 5%)

  • Back again

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