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ARZOPA 16.1'' 144Hz 1080P FHD Portable Gaming Monitor US$85.36 (~A$136.00) @Cuteliving Store AliExpress


Bought this yesterday. Portable monitor, seems like a good price for the size and the specs. Note price is with the coupon and what will show at checkout after GST, if paying in AUD.
You can further reduce it to about AUD$131.00 if you pay in USD with a CC that doesn't have foreign currency conversion fees.
Can also get cashback from Shopback. It tracked to AUD$1.74.
Pretty sure it's the same as one selling on Amazon.com.au for $329.99. Reviews rate it well. https://www.amazon.com.au/ARZOPA-Portable-Monitor-Kickstand-…

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +1

    pretty cheap but brightness and contrast is a bit low.

    • +6

      You're not wrong, but at these prices you cant have everything. Positives are screen size, 144hz and metal body. If you're going to use it mainly indoors, which I'll be doing, 300cd/m should more than suffice.

  • +2

    Good size but after the recent Amazon deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/838902) I stopped wanting to get portable monitors from AliExpress. Interested to see how it evolves in the coming months.

    • Why is that?, cause amazon has easy returns?

      • +3

        - Return policy
        - Overnight delivery
        - Stacking gc & cb

        Makes it a whole lot cheaper than Ali, if your time is worth anything. If it doesn’t, you can use the benchmark “how many boost sims could you have purchased and activated for the same amount of effort”.

  • hmm - this as a touch screen - just need to find something reasonably priced (my wife really wants one that is touch-screen)

  • What is the price for a 16-inch touchscreen?

  • Can it do 120 fps for ps5? I have seen comments on youtube saying it does 120fps for x box but no confirmation for ps5.

  • Is there any portable OLED 144Hz display out there?

  • Can anyone confirm for me if I'm using this on a switch I might as well just get 60hz?

    • Is 60hz a lot cheaper?

      • Nope but thinking I could offset 1080p/60hz and maybe get an OLED then.

  • Purchased. I am often away for work so this will come in handy. Plus when we go away, the kid has to plug his switch into a Big4's little TV like some kinda second rate citizen. He will be happy with this one.

    Using the coupon in checkout, my item came to Total:AU$137.33.

  • purchased, thanks OP for this. was looking at a portable unit.

    couldnt use coupon for some reason BUT came to me at $131.xx anyhow. all good.

  • Coupon works in a weird way. I had to place the coupon in the box and then hit the enter button. Then the Apply button was pressable.

  • Does anybody use something like this as a Home Assistant dashboard?

    • You'd need to hook it up to a computer for this so a tablet typically makes more sense, or at-least a touchscreen monitor.

  • Does anyone know of one of these with USBC Power Delivery?

    I want to use it as a second screen for a laptop with one USB C port which is also the charging oort, so if I can hook the screen to the laptop USB C and plug the screen into power the screen can pass that through the USBC connection to keep the laptop charged

  • Price dropped to $120 for me?

    • $121.30 at checkout for me too…specs still check out. Hope it's not a bait and switch, will order

      • Order went through $122.72 with $4.54 cashrewards cahsback

  • The portable monitor deal I've been waiting for, cheers OP! even got it at $122

    • lol, I asked them for a partial refund, and they won't do it. They told me to go buy a new one and return the old one.

  • +1

    Just received, this monitor is excellent! Super thin, single USB-C cable to my laptop for power and display, this will be fantastic for travelling. The only thing it needs is a thin case to protect the screen.

    • Nice. How is the picture quality overall?

      • +1

        There is a lot of configuration possible in the OSD, plus it has HDR support by the look of it. The panel is overall pretty nice, not super vibrant and matches what you would expect for the price. It's kind of the right size to just put in a bag along with your laptop if travelling between places for weeks at a time (as a second monitor).

        Suprisingly it has speakers built in but they are super tinny, ok if you are desperate.

        I'm using this with a Lenovo Slim/Yoga 9i Pro (mini led) running Ubuntu, suffice to say the screens don't compare ;)

        Also case-wise, I think this will do -> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004732534866.html (Matebook D15 SE should fit) - I'll reply back once I get it to confirm.

        • Awesome, thanks for the review!

          I'm due to receive mine any day now and I was just curious.

          Thanks for copying the link also. That case does look really nice and not pricey either.

  • dose anyone know how to get this to be 144hz refresh rate?

    • +1

      Contacting the seller is probably your best bet

    • +1

      It's in the monitor settings, sorry not home so I cant give exact location.

      • Gone through the settings and can't seem to find it. I assume going through HDMI is the way to get it…. Might need to look into lappy as well I assume.

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