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30% off Selected Electric Guitars and Effects Pedals @ Fender Music Australia


Fender is offering 30% discount on selected guitars.
not sure how long it is going to last (it is an Easter sale)

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    Squier Starcaster is a good buy. Fender are releasing a Fender Tom Delonge Starcaster soon which looks like it'll be $1800-2000. Interestingly though Starcasters (Fender or Squier) are currently only made in the Indonesian factory, which is where this Squier and the TD Fender are from. Basically getting the same guitar (though with sealed holes), for over $1000 cheaper.

  • if that contemporary active Jazzmaster came in black and not pink or tequila sunrise I'd have snapped it up

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      I went and looked thinking they couldn't be that bad, but yeah, they are pretty meh looking in those colours :\
      That price though, i'd sand them back and spray them!

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    Saturated market. They sold a lot over the pandemic. 2nd hand market is oversupplied. Grab one used on the cheap, and you wont feel bad when you ding it because it has a couple already.

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      I only bought like 6 guitars over the pandemic :(

      • U must be an expert level guitarist by now 👌

        • you'd think so huh? They look good hanging up on my wall!

  • 40th anniv Strat geez my strat is probably classified as old now, bought around 2009 so 15 year anniv!

  • No MIJ models… 😞

  • On the homepage (https://www.fender.com/en-AU/start) it says the easter flash sale is "2 weeks only", doesn't give a definite date though

  • My 1989 Fender Eric Clapton Custom Stratocaster still beats whatever other guitars I have (Guild & Indonesian made Les Paul)…..the Starcaster looks like crap by comparison.

  • Ahh man.. could I learn to love the look of a telecaster?

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