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Joseph Joseph Extendable Steel Dish Rack with Soap Dispenser $49.95 + Shipping ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


An all time low for this one! Last deal was $79.95

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    I remember getting this last year for like $15 without the soap dispenser.

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      Take me back to
      When this was $15 without the soap dispenser

      Edit: removed humour

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        Edit: removed humour

        Explains the negs (?)

    • Thanks, couldn't find the ad when i was trying to look for it to link here

    • I stand corrected!

    • Damn, I probably would’ve bought it if I saw that.

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    It looks a little small for my purposes unfortunately. A couple of large plates and bowls will probably take up almost all of the available space. And fifty is a bit much when it used to go for fifteen 😅

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      I've never heard of someone dry dishes with paper towel what a waste….

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        I do sometimes. 🤷‍♂️ rarely but I’ve done it before

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          I do this everyday. Also noticed about half of people drying dishes with paper towels and the other half with tea towels in company lunch room.

          • @FatTofu: ok I missed the bit you said towel..I use towels very often..

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            @FatTofu: I would feel uncomfortable seeing that half you mentioned that uses paper towels.

            Nothing wrong in drying your dishes right after washing. Some people prefer to save time and let them dry themselves on a rack.

            Such a waste using disposable towels to do that.

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        In QLD, I found this kind of hanging/sitting-dry very susceptible to mould growth. Perhaps my house is too humid and warm.

        • Do you have window in your kitchen?

          • @Richardc: Yup and I even put such racks next to the window.

      • I just eat food with drops of water still on them when I have too. I guess that's why I dun invite guests for meals

    • Errr no?

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      Paper towel is a huge waste of money. A tea towel is a much better option, but unless you are in the habit of washing then drying one item at a time(which let me tell you, if you are its wildly inefficient) you need a place to put the clean but still wet dishes, thats where these racks come in - wash, transfer to drying rack, dry with tea towel.

    • This allows the water to drain off a tad before you dry. Saves the towel getting sodden.

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    Looks great.

    Works bad.
    Leaks, can’t fit much on.
    Soap dispenser dribbles.

    • -1

      Looks great.

      The first thing I think seeing it is that it looks terrible.

      Everyone's to their taste.

    • Yep… J&J replaced my first one, second one also leaks.

      All of my J&J products have ended up being faulty or having problems. Except the measuring cups. J&J is now banned in our household.

      • I have one of these which works great. Guess not much can go wrong with a soap dish. And no, I didn't pay $20 for it.

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    The Aldi one is among the best, simple design and highly practical, pity they stopped selling it (was sold under Crofton for like $10).

    Identical to this:

    • It would have been a special buy wouldn't it? Just have to wait for it to come back (which could take a year)

      • Was a long time ago, like 2010-ish. We bought 2, mum has one, both are still in service.

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  • Are these any good?

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      I see Joseph Joseph as an innovation brand for kitchen/household utensils. Their products often think of stuff others dont - I have their paper towel holder and it has a push down bit to stop the paper towel from spinning so you can tear off a piece really easily without touching the towel its great. Just little improvements that make you say "how come the other mobs don't do this". But yeah you are paying a premium for it and it may be features you don't actually need, so my advice is compare this to other, cheaper options and decide if you would get use out of the features this has over other options, if all you need is a run of the mill drying rack then there are much cheaper out there.

    • What the Anko ones? Bought one and the solder holding the metal wires came off just after one week. Then I bought the Reject one and it is still in use.

  • I’ve got one of these - it’s great… I bought a single for $99 (wonder if I can return and rebuy this on 😜 haha)

    • +1

      I received mine for $95 just two days ago 🥲 already in use and box in the bin.

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        ULPT: Buy this, then return the new one as the old one.

    • Amazon if bought recently will accept return due to lower price, at a $7 posting charge.

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    The soap dispenser is poorly designed, a refillable dispenser requires 2 key features:

    1) Has a large opening
    2) Transparent or translucent

    Both of these from Ikea tick the boxes:

    • -1

      a refillable dispenser requires (…)

      Such confidence in one's opinion.

      Mine is that "a large opening", whichever one you mean, is a very subjective stance, and most of all: I buy soap dispensers to hide what's inside, ie. not to have glowing pink/green/yellow liquid in sight.

      • +2

        Ok, wrong choice of strong words.

        "Preferably" see-through, so that you know it's time to refill before nearly empty.

        In our case, we have dish wash and hand wash side-by-side, so it's more important to be able to identify the content.

    • It's not fancy but I just keep using this. I think I've been using the same one for the last 15 years.

  • good deal +1 upvote for your profile pic, love it! 😂😂😂

    • +1

      Just a standard day at the beach

  • I seem to only find ones which cater mainly for plates. Does anyone know of a rack that's more for bowls with some area for plates?

  • bought 2. thanks OP!

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    That is the most wildly overinflated JJ price, even by Catch standards.

    • the most wildly overinflated

      That's one the most wildly overinflated phrase.

  • All these compact drying racks never take into account pots and pans or chopping boards. They just focus on plates and bowls.

    • I use one of these on the kitchen bench for pots and pans.

      My bench is stainless steel. You might want to put a tea towel down if you don’t want water to pool. I do have one with a drainage rack underneath but I can’t find anywhere to purchase it now.

      These are also good for draining wine glassware because they are a bit grippy.

  • Good deal

  • Are over sink racks practical? Anyone can recommend one?

  • https://www.costco.com.au/c/Sabatier-Expandable-Dishrack-Wit…

    I have this one. It is still going well years after I bought it.

  • I didn’t really rate the one I got. It collects water which turns to grime and doesn’t really fit that much.

    Ended up donating it to Vinnies and getting a much simpler but better option.

    • The second thing I thought (first one being: it's ugly), but I trusted it's the famous innovative Joseph Joseph that's being applauded here. Then this comment above cancels the impression.

      Incredible 76 upvotes on a pricey, plasticky dish rack.

  • I considered getting this at first but then passed on it given the price and size.

    Ended up with an IKEA one and it’s been great so far. Sturdy, fits a heavy chopping board, easy to clean the base tray.


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