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ALFORDSON Mesh Office Chair Executive Fabric Seat $59 (Was $79.95) + $9.90 Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) @ Aussie Union Catch


Have looked for a new office chair for a long time. Saw the promotion email from Catch.com just now. $59 for an office chair should be an decent deal?
Anyway, I ordered one and found my address is not applicable for free shipping.

white colour also available for the same price: https://www.catch.com.au/event/alfordson-mesh-tilt-office-ch…

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  • Yeah i was just looking at this too… seems all right. I mean, how bad could it be??

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      got it, very bad

    • Great find Mrshorty and op.

      Other than colour, I wonder what the differences are…..

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      Shipping cost of 40$ to metro Melbourne for these

      • Shipping cost of $30 to metro Perth. How do you get $0 for metro delivery?

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      the shipping fee for these are more expensive than the item itself lol

    • Shipping kills the deal.

  • I got a similar one from amazon at one point, it was a tiny chair like suited for children so I'd say keep that in mind if you're going to purchase this.

  • yeah these arent great.. they start falling apart in months

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    I have this. Not bad but the head rest is useless - unless you are exactly around 150- 160cm in height. Anything less or more and it gets in the way.

  • Yeah got one too… Not bad not great. Decent at that money

  • Why should “ $59 for an office chair be a decent deal”…? Surely that’s dependent on whether it’s actually any good, not just what the price is?

  • looks like im upgrading from my $99 officeworks pos too a 300usd chair thanks bro

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    Very Alfordable price

  • Yeah so the consensus is that it's like your sitting on wood and the shipping kills any sort of deal. I'll pass.

    • It's not that bad. I got a couple a while ago (ebay, a few bucks more than this) for the kids study. They do creak a bit and don't have that rock solid feel but seem to be holding up ok and are comfy enough. If you're in it all day every day probably look elsewhere but for an occasional office chair or for smaller builds it does the job.

  • Any decent gaming chair for $100

    • yeah, need a decent one as well

  • 🤣

  • Honestly save a bit and find a second hand steelcase leap v2 or herman millar online, there'll also be companies that sell office furniture after they've closed down for way less than brand new, it's where I got my steelcase from.

  • Only good for very infrequent usage of for kids under about 14….

    Check out officeworks chairs that have ratings for weight and hours of use.

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    During Covid this chair was $249

  • Yeah should be an decent deal

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    Bought an Alfordson chair that is suppose to have a capacity of 180kg. I'm a big bloke but no where near 180kg. Spent $150 on Amazon, different model, different seller. Kept it immaculately. Even put a towel over it to stop skin contact ruining the PU. It lasted 7-8 months before the part connecting the gas lift to the bottom of the seat cracked, making the chair wobbly, unsafe and unusable as it was ready to separate and injury someone when it did.

    First the seller insisted that it wasn't a warranty issue and they were sorry as they know I'd be disappointed….
    Then when I pushed via Amazon, they wanted to send just the part that broke and have me do surgery on the chair. They sent a couple of DIY videos on chair disassembly that were just some Youtuber sharing their handy skills. I didn't accept as I didn't think the new part would last and there was a good chance I'd damage the chair disassembling it.
    Then they wanted to give me a partial refund because I got 8 months use out of it. I wanted a full refund as required by Australian law for a major failure.
    Then when I pushed more through Amazon after about a week of pestering them I got a full refund, though they did beg that I take down my review.

    These chairs are made so cheap by cutting corners. For each model they could probably spend another $50 and have a decent item, but instead they are making chair-shaped objects that won't last for a quick buck, and they can't be making much money on them.

    The chair I bought and my review with pictures of cracked, failed part are right here if you're curious, but as I mentioned it isn't the same unit or seller, it's just the same brand:

    • Thanks for your review Sammy Yousef, I'll stay away!

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