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$50 off Coupon + Free Delivery (Minimum 12 Bottles) @ Get Wine Direct

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Got the code from GWD for $50 off, no minimum spend and free delivery - FIFTYRET

couple of examples - Dozen for $10 delivered after coupon

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  • Bought the Norman’s Chardonnay from this mob before. Undrinkable, probs explains why it was $10 delivered too

    Gave one away, wasted one near full bottle, and drank one partially. Still have 9 bottles that I have purchased last year in Feb

    Cheap Aldi wines were better than these imo

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      Ah yes, I'll add it to my cooking wine collection.

  • nice. worked for my old account. got a case of coonawarra shiraz. thanks for posting

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    Normans Traditional Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

    Customer reviews ★★★★★
    ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎…and then…
    Rating: 0


    • Ah yes, I'll add it to my cooking wine collection.

  • Thanks, got mixed dozen Rose for $50 delivered. I had ordered from these guys a few years ago, code worked fine for me

  • Code worked for me. Haven’t bought from them for years. I went for the cab sav above as I had bought it previously, wasn’t a bad drop at all so this is a great deal imo. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks ordered the shiraz

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    Cheers got the shiraz , 99% chance it’s undrinkable , it’s a risk I’m willing to take

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      I save these kinds of Shiraz for cooking 😆

  • Does it stack with referral discount?

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    Cheers dude.
    Worked even for a new account (required registration). I didn't give a real mobile just in case they are anything like the Wine Group.
    That dude is a douche bag. Constantly calls from different numbers, using a different name sometimes. I blocked him 20 times..always more numbers. Told him very bluntly not to call..still spammed. So I signed my number up to the don't call me anti spam list. Then he called. Recorded, screenshots and submitted a claim. He got a $10k fine.
    Douche bag didnt call for a year..then started again. I clicked record, said, sorry what's your name and where are you from again? Thanks John… Repeat offender…at least another $10k and I think your license is done.

    *Edit - You beauty ..looks like he got done for $200k last time..and the goose spammed me again 2 weeks ago..


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    cheers OP… 10$ cab sav dozen will make for some nice winter dishes…hopefully good enough to knock back some for a ridiculously cheap tipple too!

  • Thanks OP I got a dozen sparkling for $29 on one account that had an extra $20 credit on it and a dozen Shiraz for $10 on the other account. 😋

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      Hahaha just made one more account to get the cab sav $10

      • You using a fake name?

        • +1

          No, other family members. My daughter just turned 18 so made the last one in her name.

    • Which sparkling?

      • Conquest Brut Cuvee Nv

        But they seem to have changed the price. It was $99 a case last night, now $119

  • Thanks OP! Cooking wine sorted.

  • +1

    Cheap and great for lockdown …

    Oh wait, that was 4 years ago

  • Good luck trying to escape the after sales spam. GWD are terrible at bothering you

  • these guys spam you non stop

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    Agree that these guys spam call you heaps, but worth it for $10 case of Shiraz.

    Have added my numbers to the do not call register.

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    Free delivery not working? ordered a dozen but checkout is charging me 11.99 shipping?

    • same but once I created account and went back to cart it worked

    • Same problem for me. Created an account, removed and readded cart. Still charging shipping

      • Have you added your address at checkout?

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    Anyone received a shipment notice?

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      Got the Australia post tracking details yesterday

      • Thanks. Mine says aramex. Dunno why they didnt sent a confirmation email.

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          Order just arrived via aramex, no order confirmation email or shipping confirmation was received FWIW

          • @Hawk Tuah: Now do the taste test ..

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              @strikerzebra: Cooking wine at under a $1 a bottle ain't too bad I suppose :(

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                @Hawk Tuah: Drink 1 glass and every glass after that will be better , you don’t taste it by the time you are on the second bottle

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    12 bottles of sewage arrived tonight. Tried a glass of the shiraz, it was indeed undrinkable. Cooking wine for the whole year sorted.

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    I quite like the Shiraz

    • I'm having my first glass of it now. It's 15.5% alcohol and I can definitely taste the extra strength, but it's reasonable overall. And for 83 cents per bottle, gee.

    • Yeah, I'm actually enjoying aswell.

    • Yeh the shiraz was quite decent

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    case of coonawarra cab sauv arrived today.

    doesnt have the taste of a regular coonawarra cab sauv.

    it's okay.

    I'll try another 3 glasses and then see how it tastes

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