Cheap Parking at Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine

My uncle told me there is a cheaper option for car parking near Europcar but I can't find it on Google. The cheapest I can find is $138 at A1 car park for 13 days.

Does anyone know any cheaper options?


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    That's pretty cheap

    • “cheap”

  • Easy Airport Parking is on the old Europcar site. You can also get discount via RACV.

    Not sure if cheaper than what you have found, but it is the closet offsite parking to the airport.

  • Perhaps your uncle is talking about SkyPark which is next to Europcar.

  • and use code COMPARE, and see if you can get any cheaper

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    Value Car Park is $12 per day, which for < $20 more, I would rather pick. If for nothing other than the better frequency / reliability of transport from the terminals. Genuinely a 24 hour service and backed by the Airport.

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      Depending on your departing and returning times, the price difference could even be smaller. Airport value parking rates is based on blocks of 24 hours period and most other offsite airport parking are based on calendar days.

  • Using public transport? Or sling a mate $50 each way to drop you off and pick you up? Hire a car each way?

  • This is all free parking.

    But keep it to yourself…

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      It's federal land and the feds are always on the lookout for cars illegally parked on their property. It will be towed with 24 hours.

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        for cars illegally parked

        It's legal to park there.

        There are no signs.

  • "vehicle breakdown" is grounds to reverse a fine. Good luck tho.

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