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Nongshim Shin Ramyun or Kim Chi 600g 5 Pack $5 @ Woolworths


Feeling the chill from the recent weather? Time to devour these delicious spicy noodles for warmth.

Joke aside, the Kim Chi variety is also on sale for $5. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/660232/non…

Or possibly Samsung cousin's version as well, Samyang Ramen Spicy 5 Pack for $5. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/167342/sam…

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    I still stockpile a few packs for rainy days, but have switched to getting 2kg plain noodles from asian grocers, and a 1kg pack of noodle flavourings and add spice as needed, saves a tonne.

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      1kg pack of noodle flavourings

      Where do you get it?

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        I was initially doing some search and they were only available from wholesalers, as you can imagine they're not intended for personal use but rather restaurants/industrials purposes.

        Got mine from asking around a few asian restaurants, the one I got was was this, 1kg for $15. Lasts a long ass time.

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          How do you even ask them? Do you just go "hey do you sell the batch seasoning pack that shin ramyun uses?"

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            @lesher: lol. I got it from this small takeaway/restaurant that I visit once a fortnight, I liked the taste thus returning often and/or when can't be bothered to make something at home.

            Just ask what flavourings they use, most places are more than willing to have a chat when they think you've no ulterior motives (post reviews like eww they use package flavourings in my $5 bowl of noodles when they should make broth from scratch for 24hrs).

            A lot of the places were willing to sell me bulk packets but they come in 5/10/more kg portions, I'm likely to perish before having the capacity to go through that much.

            • @[Deactivated]: Fair enough, might consider trying asking sometime because i do have a place a somewhat frequent

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          How do i purchase the seasoning pack from that site? Cant seem to see a buy now option?

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            @Phychotic95: You can't, it's for bulk purchase only, minimum order quantity is probably something ridiculous for an average household. I was just pointing out that's the exact one I got from the asian restaurant.

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      The Nongshim Shin Ramyun is too spicy for me so I usually only use half amount of the packet and save the other half and use some plain noodle with them for next time, another way to save, lol.

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        I once was not paying attention at all, and my timer had somehow gotten onto a very low volume. As such, the pot boiled until about 98% of the water was gone.
        All of that packet got nicely fused into the noodles, no possibility to dilute or pour off the soup section.
        Yep, they were nice n spicy.

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        Fun fact: when ordering food in Korea, you are usually given the options worded 'less' or 'more spicier than Shin Ramyun' XD

      • I do the same, banking the seasoning into a spice jar. One teaspoon per noodle cake, with approx 350ml water is right for us.
        Aside from being just the right spiciness, much lower sodium per serving.

      • Same, it's not so much the spice level but rather the saltiness so I usually just use 1/3 of the sachet, so 1= 3 portions. Very handy with plain noodles or pasta as substitute

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      I like the fried shallot by bull head and the chilli oil by laoganma

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    for any Vegans that are ok with palm oil, folks have worked out that these also happen to be accidentally vegan https://www.reddit.com/r/veganuk/comments/xeg3ur/nongshim_ra…

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    The kimchi variety are my favorite instant noodle

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      • Jin and Samyang. My top 3 soup noodle.
    • I recently tried them and they are ok

      I still prefer the jin raman but my all time fav was nongshin spicy mushroom which is near impossible to get now

      If you crave MSG/salt, the mama brand will hit the spot or onion (shallot) with minimal water

  • Anyone ever cooked these in the microwave or in some fashion where you can't boil on the stove?

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      There are some bowls designed to allow you to do this.

      You put all the noodle stuff plus water (doesn't have to be boiling) into the container, close the lid and microwave it.

      Comes out perfectly fine. A little different to boiling it of course, but not too noticeable.

      Not sure if the bowl above is a good one, but just using one as an example.

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      If you have a kettle, just put the noodles in a bowl of boiling water for a few mins. They might have directions for this on the package

      • They might have directions for this on the package

        I was looking over it a couple of nights ago, they show nothing but stove top boiling.

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      Yes, you can do it with a bowl, or alternatively buy as m a c9 posted, a ramen noodle cup/bowl combi. The caveat is that the texture of the noodle's will differ depending on whether you boil it in a pot on the stove, let it cook with boiled water or as you want, microwaved. Personally for me it goes pot > microwave > boiled in a bowl.

      If you really don't want to use a stovetop to cook them, then I'd really suggest getting one of those ramen noodle cup/bowls. During the microwave you can also add some other stuff on there such as some frozen char siu or just crack an egg in (need to microwave the noodles a bit first b4 cracking the egg in if u want it soft and yolky).

      Used to eat these like once a week on the weekends after a night out, but nowadays whenever I eat them (maybe like once fortnight?), my stomach says no… Am I getting old?

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        If you really don't want to use a stovetop to cook them

        Not a case of not wanting to, but a case of no stove at work.

    • um yes.. every day, in a regular bowl 2+ mins with boiling water; does it much more conveniently than a stove. 2:20 is perfect with an egg cracked in there too.

      • Do you microwave for 2:20 with already boiling water, or you poor boiling water in and leave it for 2:20?

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      The cup versions are usually packaged in microwavable containers these days. Pricier though.

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      Started doing this because I didn't want to wash the pot after. Boil some water in kettle, pour in bowl with noods, and then microwave. You can add egg or lettuce and stuff in also.

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    Try cooking it with 500ml of full cream milk instead of water. Thank me later.

    • Need to drain the water at least 3 times to get rid of some of the oil :) its bad for you.

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    This is $4.98 as a standard price at komart in North Strathfield.

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    We love shinramen!Everytime we don’t want to cook dinners,the first choice is shinramen!And I always buy a buncha of them in Costco

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