Ksubi Capitol Leather Biker Jacket Black $674.21 Delivered @ David Jones


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100% leather so most definitely not top or full grain. I have a lot of leather jackets in calf, lambskin, suede that are full/top grain, but they cost 3-5x more.

I like Ksubi, especially their Chitch jeans which are one of my favourite cuts; I rate them just under A.P.C Petit/New Standards, but more tapered.

This jacket has a nice cut that's not too cropped, not too slim, has subtle pebbled leather, minimal branding, and the price is right for a beater leather jacket. It also doesn't have the useless belt and belt loops that are on every biker style jacket. The only review mentions inconsistent leather and a faulty zipper, so make sure you check all the hardware if you decide to buy it.

Sizing is a bit weird, here are some links for comparison:
ll 3 models are wearing M

AI aso got this Super 130 wool suit for $377. Never heard of this brand and not many specs listed so I'm not expecting much; most likely fused lining and sewn non-working buttons on the cuffs. But it's pretty cheap for a 130 so might as well buy it and get instant regret and return it, unless it fits off the rack. Also available in [checked navy], but super 110.(https://www.davidjones.com/product/cerruti-1881-two-button-s…).

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David Jones
David Jones


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    thanks my try outs for the biker club is next week. just in time

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  • Richard Grieco called and he wants his jacket back.

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      He probably misplaced it when he got too Hot In The City.

  • sit on it!

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    XXL sold out, no doubt all the bikers got in first

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    i dont mind paying more for a real leather jacket compared to pu leather but anyone got any other recco's for a leather jacket <350?

    Been watching this one from oxford at $349 for a while but its a bit meh. If had the dosh i am loving the look of the Neuw Meyer Biker Jacket - but $699 sheeeesh

    • Get a Rick Owens, they're pretty cheap.

      but seriously, you're not gonna get anything good for under $350

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      The Neuw Meyer Biker Jacket is $350 at Glue

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        NO FN WAY!!!! (i guess to be fair i was only watching prices on iconic)
        unreal thanks mate

        • All good :)

          • @TruePursuit: Hey mate thanks again
            It just rocked up today and is practically perfect fit!!! Stoked for 350 delivered. Was very nervous about their policy of no returns for final sale stock though (which I thought was actually illegal in Australia)

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    Will go well with my new travel back-pack

  • don't trust the model height and size listed there, especially with ICONIC, they just make up a random number LOL

  • Perfect for those looking for the magic at the Gothic Castle.

  • Tempting.
    I have a brown goat leather jacket (cheap beater from Jack & Jones, IIRC) but wouldn't mind a black one as well. Any other recommendations around similar price point?

    • nfi, I don't own any goat leather jackets

      • goat leather

        @jv please confirm

      • Oh I didn't mean it had to be goat leather. Would prefer a quality cow leather. Just thought some stylish ozbargainer would have some other brand recommendations to compare with. :)

        • For under $600, maybe All Saints? Claude Maus if they're still around. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with Aussie designers. Most of my designer gear is American or European

          Edit: and Japanese

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            @rosebank: Claude Maus hasn't been around for about a decade lmao

            • @beltdrive: I still have some of their shirts and a jacket. their stuff was pretty good… on sale

  • Thanks Op, any good deals for a gold chain necklace to go with the jacket like in the photo? 😅

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      I have a jeweller that makes me custom cuban links

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        I could go a nice gold Cuban link necklace but even the Low end ones are $$$$

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          I've already got a gold gold one. Currently getting a white gold one made for my $5k jade pendant.

  • Anyone know where I can get customs patches made?


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      Also need deal for xxxxxtra strong pomade and butterfly knife style comb

  • G eazy

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