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Canon EOS 650D Body, $553 after Cashback and TRS, Australian Warranty, Better Than KOGAN etc


Canon Australia is offering $100 cashback for 650D body and standard kits. (and $300 off for 5D Mark III)

Have been looking for the cheapest 650D body only with Aussie warranty, and by travelling overseas will get 10% TRS GST back as well!

Georges camera also sell the same price, $598 after cashback.
URL is http://www.georges.com.au/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/...

IMHO this is much better than KOGAN ($580), eGlobalDigitalCameras (approx $570) etc. as you get Aussie warranty and also can claim TRS!

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    You forgot to add postage.

    Postage to Brisbane was extra $19



      But with $19 shipping cost, it's still cheaper after TRS.

      $698 - $64 TRS = $634 + Shipping $19 = $653

      $100 cashback mean = $553!

      Kogan (+shipping) = $549+$29 = $578
      eGlobal (+shipping) = $509 + $55 = $564

      Georges shipping only $16


    HI there,
    Another deal of note (price going live as we speak) is the Canon 650D + 18-135 STM. Priced before cashback at $1035, this comes to $935 after cashback, including GST and Genuine Canon Australia warranty.


      What is the difference between this Lens and the 18-55mm IS II lens?

      Apart from the obvious larger zoom…


    Hi Rep, do you have some good offer on Nikon D3100 with AF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G VR Lens?


    I got Harvey Norman $900 with twin lens Aussi warranty. Loving it.
    Lenses alone very expensive and buying body is crazy. Try to buy lenses IS II. Will cost you lot more than body.


      650D or 600D?
      How could you bargain so cheap as HN was normally very expensive one
      Can you post the receipt please? Thanks


    op, you gotta fix the link on the image.

    rep, when is the $685 (before cashback) price til?


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