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Buy Eligible AIA Insurance with Vitality from Broker, Achieve Silver Status within 6 Months for $500 Cash Bonus @ Insurancewatch


AIA are offering a $500 cash payment if an AIA Priority Protection insurance policy is taken out with a Vitality membership, or Vitality is added to an existing policy, and Silver status is achieved within the first 6 months.

AIA Vitality is a health and well-being program that has just celebrated 10 years in Australia. As well as the cash payment, Silver Vitality status entitles members to 20% cashback on eligible Virgin flights, a $20 shopping reward which can be used with a range of retailers, 20% off endota spa gift cards and a range of other benefits.

How to take out a qualifying AIA policy

AIA Priority Protection policies provide Life, TPD, Trauma or Income Protection insurance. These policies are only distributed via authorised representatives of Australian Financial Services Licensees (such as Insurance Watch) and are not available direct from the insurer.

You can use the Insurance Watch Online Premium Comparator to run quotes and apply for AIA policies with Vitality attached. There is a minimum outlay required of $678 (including the Vitality $138 annual fee) - so unless your cover amount generates a premium above this you will not see the Vitality options online.

Eligibility for the offer is limited to new policies taken out after 1st April 2024. The Vitality membership and policy must be in force and fully paid up at the end of the six month period.

How to attach Vitality to an existing AIA policy

Speak to your existing insurance adviser or Contact Insurance Watch for help with this. The cost of adding Vitality is $138 annually or $11.50 monthly but you will receive an initial 12.5% discount on your Life/TPD/Trauma premium and 7.5% discount on your Income Protection premium

Not eligible for the offer:

  • Current AIA policyholders who took out their policy with attached Vitality membership before the start date of the offer
  • Anyone who has previously held and cancelled a Vitality membership
  • Starter Vitality memberships

For full details of the offer see the AIA Vitality Silver Status - Member Terms and Conditions

Full Disclosure: Distributors such as Insurance Watch will receive a $500 cash payment if one of their customers receive the Silver Status Reward after 6 months - this is in addition to standard commissions payable. Therefore you can expect to receive lots of support in your quest to achieve Silver!

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  • How fast can you achieve silver status

    • it's 10k points

      flu jab = 1k
      covid vaccine = 1k
      health check (and check out all healthy) = 7k
      eye check = 1k
      non smoker = 1k
      dentist = 1k

      you could reasonably achieve it within a week, pending your above health check. I believe you get 3k regardless, as long as you've done the check, healthy components give you 4k for each sub category (cholesterol, weight, glucose etc)

      100 points each time you attend supported gym, or 12500 steps, or 60% hr for 1 hour exercise

      • How much is all of this?

      • +1

        For reference, what's the policy / vitality cost you?

        • To take out a new AIA Life, TPD, Trauma and income protection policy with Vitality attached there is a minimum premium requirement of $540 a year + $138 for Vitality i.e. there would be a minimum required outlay of $678 a year.

          However what your actual cost will depend upon your personal circumstances and how much cover you need to adequately protect you and your family. You can use the link to the online comparator in the post to work out the cost for your situation.

          • @inswatch: Ok..not too bad when super based insurance is around 1% of earnings off memory.

    • easy, i was platinum last year

      • Did you pay for fitness check at gym? I'm tryna figure out how to scrounge the last 3-4k pts

        • get dental, optical, events, a call with nutrition and marathon

        • Here's my 35,000 from this year:

          Physical activities - 15,000 (max)
          Free health check - 6.000
          Vaccinations - 2,000
          Skin self-exam - 1,000
          Non-smokers declaration - 1,000
          Eye check - 1,000
          Dental check - 1,000
          Mental Wellbeing Assessment 1,500
          Physical Wellbeing Assessment - 750
          Sleep Tracking - 2,000
          Mindfulness apps - 1,875
          Learn Activity - 1,100
          Nutrition - 900
          Financial Wellbeing - 250

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: How can you be on 15k physical activity already this year when you get max 100 per day (ie 150 days)?

  • Damn great deal.

    It's really not hard to hit silver and with the other coupons it's possible to get about $500-800 in stuff over the year.

    The app is pretty stupid so you can lie on Google fit to get the max 100 points for exercise each day if you don't reach it.

    Download moodflx to get the max 75 points a week for mental health as well.

    • +1

      Thats right. I churn around 3 times in a year. Around 14-16 weeks of premium saved.

  • +1

    OP, just so that it is clear to everyone, AIA Insurance Policy is life/income insurance(which you would normally have in your super), not health insurance.

    • Oh, there you go. Thanks for the heads up!

      I associate the brand with health insurance. I'll delete my irrelevant posts :)

      • Not a problem. I am getting confused as well, so it would be good for OP to make it clear to everyone

  • If anyone has worked out the settings required for the lowest amount possible per month, it will be very helpful. Based on the website, min. annual payment is $678.

    Also, OP, below should be highlighted as part of the heading, that you need to take out an insurance above $540 + Vitality option costs

    • Can you pay monthly?

    • So is it $678 + $540 = $1218 absolute minimum?

      Doesn't seem as good of a deal if so unless I'm missing something

      • min is $678 only if you are planning to pay annually. $720 per year if you pay monthly.
        it is tax deductible though, so you get some back.

        it is a decent deal if you exercise already as you might get some or most back through their reward program and 500 cashback should offset the annual fee.
        I am thinking of trying to a year and then decide whether it is worthwhile.

  • See reply above re: minimum outlay is $678 annual and this can be paid monthly.

    The default Life and TPD insurance provided by super funds is inadequate for the needs of most families. Trauma cover is not available through a super fund and the income protection through super funds is usually only 2 year benefit cover.

    • Pro rata refund if we cancel after say a month

    • How is $500 cashback paid? to the bank account by insurance watch or from AIA?

  • The $500 reward is paid by AIA into the bank account registered with your AIA Vitality account within 30 days of the end of the six month period. Both the policy and the AIA Vitality membership must be in force and fully paid up at the time.

    There is another 10% cashback of premiums paid in the first year from Insurance Watch if the policy is held for 12 months (see details on website). So this could be applicable in addition to the AIA offer.

    • I was going through few things before I sign up but to confirm, 10% cashback from Insurance Watch is only via online, right?
      I will play around with the numbers and policies later and sign up

  • You are correct. The 10% Insurance Watch cashback is only available for new policies applied for using our online comparison service, which is general advice only.

  • Hi I’m just trying to sign AIA, however even I chose the annual premium $550 for income protection. I can’t see AIA vitality option pop up. Can you please clarify the process.

    • premium need to be higher than $678 annual. I think you need to choose something we monthly premium of >$60

  • Adding Vitality to an AIA income protection policy provides a 7.5% discount in the first year. Therefore to get the option including Vitality to appear you will need to be seeing a premium without Vitality which is higher than $540 a year i.e. like $580 or more.

    For Life/TPD/Trauma policies the first year discount is 17.5%. Therefore the premium without Vitality will be more like $635 a year before the Vitality option starts showing.

    In either case, the minimum premium you will see for policies including Vitality will be $678 a year.

    Sorry if this is confusing. By inputting higher amounts of cover you should be able to see the Vitality option appear.

    • I selected MLC Life Cover policy for $800 annually and do not see Vitality appear anywhere on the insurancewatch website. Am I doing it wrong?

      • Only AIA policies will have Vitality attached, not any other insurers shown on the website.

  • I used to have vitality through Rest Super a couple of years ago until they remove it. Am I eligible for this offer as I didn't really cancel Vitality?

    • AIA have confirmed that REST Super members who formerly had an AIA Vitality membership, but do not currently have an AIA Priority Protection policy, will be eligible if they purchase a new AIA Priority Protection policy after 1st April 2024 with Vitality attached.

  • im with RACQ / AIA vitality, can i still get the $500 payout

    • If you have an existing RACQ insurance policy with AIA Vitality attached then this policy will not be eligible for the offer.

      You would need to take out a new AIA Priority Protection policy with Vitality attached and have Silver status at the end of 6 months in order to qualify.

  • How long does it take once you sign up online to get the AIA Vitality login to get 50% Fitness First?

    • Once your insurance policy is in place you usually receive the activation email for Vitality within a day or two. Then to get the 50% Fitness First discount you will need to physically go into Fitness First and show your AIA Vitality membership as described here

      There are a few steps to the insurance application - some initial paperwork and then a health statement completed online or by telephone. The insurer will then underwrite (assess) your application. How long it takes before the insurance policy is accepted will depend on your circumstances. If you do not have any health issues your policy could be accepted within days, but if more info is required e.g. from your doctor, it could take longer. So it is difficult to indicate a timing for this.

      • Thanks. Just applied for AIA Crisis Recovery with Vitality Standalone as online
        I got an email saying that there will be a paperwork which I need to fill in, so I assume it isn't fully online?
        I will await for that email and fill them out.

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