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50% off Coffee Subscriptions (New Subscribers Only) & Free Delivery @ Veneziano Coffee Roasters


Saw a post in Facebook for this deal, can't find extra information on their website/Facebook.


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  • $55-60 kg for only really free shipping is expensive

    • Its half that. But I can’t seem to change the subscription interval.

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      Lime Blue is $33.38 for a KG delivered.
      This is $27 delivered.

      I would say this is a bargain, assuming the beans are actually nice.

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    You are not affiliates are you @Idontknow2

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      Of course they arent !! They create an account post a random facebook ad and then ghosts πŸ™„

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    Apparently these guys use cheap-ass beans blended into their "premium" blends.

    Source: gf works in the coffee industry

    • The coffee industry is so unregulated

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      Good to know, I heard that veneziano also roast coffee for aldi beans and many other unbranded coffee beans. Never thought of buying their coffee but couldn't resist the half price and the good timing for me!

      • They're under the nomad group. So yes they do.

        The direct SO offerings are better than what is available at aldi.

        So if you don't mind aldi coffee, this is a bargain for not a lot more delivered.

    • Anyone your gf recommends?

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    I'm just another home barista that likes to try different beans with the least amount of money. So I made this account to share but didn't know ozb community is full of negative ppl.

    Oh well I don't really care and hoping this post will be useful.

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      Thanks for the deal OP. I purchased because it is cheap enough to give it a shot.

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      I've used Veneziano beans before and been happy with them. A few cafes nearby use them as well.

      Looks like it's (not surprisingly) just off the first purchase of the subscription. Bought anyway and they've already shipped out.

      Thanks OP.

      • I didn't get any notifications about shipping yet πŸ˜•

        I was interested to try soar but ended up with elevate . Which one did you get?

        • I bought Elevate. Arrived today, so quick shipping.

          Disappointed to see they don't label the roast date on the bag though.

          • @wintermadness: I just received mine yesterday too, with roasted date attached on the top right hand side of the bag 10/04 ordered on the 12/04.

            Pretty happy with my coffee this morning and I've cancelled my subscription!

  • I purchased it but discovered it is a blend of arabica and robusta beans. Will be the last order from me.

  • Did you get the crave blend? I always avoid "dark chocolate" tasting notes since I always associate it with dark roast/bitter.

  • Never again. Don't buy this coffee. It's rubbish and they do not have an honourable approach to business.

    I would almost describe them as a scam roaster using cheap ingredients. The English on the bag was also poorly written with poor grammar.

    No roasting date, and I went through this perverse back and forth with the 'customer service team' and got the impression that they were lying to me. For example, 'are you sure there is no roasting date? Can you check the seam of the bag again'.

    In the end all they offered to me was a 25% off my next order.

    Also when you cancel your subscription, you don't get any email confirmation to cover yourself.

    This is from their website ' The freshest coffee beans will have a roast date that is within the last week or two. If you can't find the roast date, it's best to assume that the beans are at least a few weeks old.'

    They're old and they're bad.

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