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Design Your Own Coffee Blend 500g $25 (Was $35) + Free Shipping @ Ignite Coffee


Get behind the roasters control panel to create your own coffee blend. Apply the code Free Shipping (2 words) at checkout for free shipping.

Simply choose from the 11 different coffee origins and adjust the ratios until you find your ideal blend.
Don't forget to give it a name so we can custom print it on the label.

All Coffee was roasted over the weekend to ensure its fresh and ready to blend and send.

Below is a guide to the bean profiles to choose from:

Brazil Minas Arabica Unique flavour ideal for Turkish style coffee Light - Medium
Brazil Santos Arabica Dark chocolate, roasted almonds Light - Medium
Colombia Arabica Apple, dark chocolate, cocoa Light
Costa Rica Arabica Caramel, prunes, juicy body Light
Ethiopia Arabica Dark chocolate, raisin, honey, banana, hint of blackberry Light - Medium
Guatemala Arabica Fine dark chocolate, nutty, smooth, lovely acidity Light - Medium
India Robusta Good body, soft, balanced cup, cocoa notes Medium - Dark
Indonesia Java Arabica Caramel, dark chocolate Medium - Dark
Indonesia Kuda Mas Arabica Citrus, spicy, hint of Chocolate Medium - Dark
Kenya Arabica Classic, elegant cup chocolate, currants, berries Medium - Dark
Papua New Guinea Arabica Berry, mulberry, sweet Cocoa Medium - Dark

I would recommend limiting your coffee blend to two or three origins to maintain clarity and prevent the flavor profiles from becoming overly complex.

Try it for yourself or gift it to the coffee lover in your life as the perfect personalised gift.

Don't forget to use the code free shipping at checkout to take advantage of this special.

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  • +2

    This is a super cool idea! Not that I think I'd have any idea of what would work together vs a curated blend. But I very much appreciate the option.

    • Hi Hinee

      It is fun to try and discover new flavours and you can't really go too wrong using the highest quality A or AA grade Coffee wherever possible.

  • free shipping appears to work for all purchases so I picked up some decaf. Thanks

    • Thanks Funk44

      Free Shipping is on everything for the month of April.
      I hope you enjoy our Decaf.

  • +1

    Members might want to read the last post before deciding to buy from this store. Rep seems to have an issue with the community sharing their opinion in the comments.

    Regardless $50 per kg isn't really a bargain, more like using OzB for free advertising.

    The most recent Lime Blue post has received over 70 upvotes.

    • I'm just gonna put it out there that one of the two offerings from Lime blue sold out in less than two hours and that was at $60 per kg.

      • Was it their 40% discount from $100 per kg?

    • +17

      Hi Watchnerd

      My Name is Adam and I am the Managing Director of Ignite Coffee Roasters.

      I must explain that the last post was done by an ex-employee who no longer works for our organisation as they did not display the professionalism we represent within our company or the service we provide to our customers.

      I only came across this post a few days ago myself when looking into the Oz bargain platform and was mortified to read their response and must sincerely apologies for the offensive comments they made.

      Since their departure, I have now taken back the online part of our business and can ensure all the Ozbargain community that we are here to provide both a quality product as well as the exceptional customer service to all our customers as I am sure a so many of our customers can verify.

      I do understand when you look at this product on per kg basis, it does not seem like a bargain
      However as is not a standard coffee blend but a custom product we really can't afford to discount it any more than we have.

      The normal price of this product is discounted by $10.00 plus the free shipping (approx $10) which does equate to a $20 saving from the normal price.
      I think a $20 saving is worthwhile posting in these times.

      • Thanks for the feedback.

        Looking to try some blends later once I go through the discarded coffee bags to see what the missus likes.

      • Appreciate the transparency. I wish I had a coffee machine to try this as it sounds like a great idea!

        • Bought one during the Prime Day sales and haven't looked back. It doesn't have to be super expensive… I reckon the Sunbeam I got does 90% of the job. The missus hasn't bought a coffee in almost two years (barring trips away from home etc). It does better coffee than the usual suspects like McD, Coffee Club, Jamaica Blue, Muffin Break and your run of the mill cafes. Its 50/50 with those specialist coffee shops, its all in the beans and dosing, if they are using a crap bean then the taste profile is off and if they dose it incorrectly then the taste profile is off.

          She has a proper machine at work that they installed and that one with the grinder was 5 digits, she still likes the one at home because of the beans.

          But different strokes for different folks.

          • +1

            @jlogic: We're in the process of building so we will be getting one for the new house. Our current place has too small of a kitchen for one currently.

        • Hi Richadam,

          You really don't need an espresso machine to enjoy our coffee.
          We do also grind the coffee to any preferred brewing method.

          So, as long as you have a Plunger, Peculator, Aeropress ,Moka Pot, Drip Filter or Cezva we got you covered.

  • +1

    @ignitecoffee Love this idea! Can you give us some tips on blending? Do light and med-dark roasts blend well together?

    • +1

      Hi Nomad628,

      When it comes to blending coffee it really depends on the flavour profile you are trying to acheive.
      There may be some trial and error to get to desired taste profile but that is part of the fun.

      My only advise is to read through the taste profiles and combine the flavours that you like.

      You certainly can blend light and dark roasts together and I also like to blend continents as well, an African Coffee bean with a South American bean generally work well together.

      Just don't try to mix too many origins together otherwise it may be hard to distinguish the flavours from each origin and I find. 2-3 seem to work the best.

      Hope this was helpful and you find the right flavours that work for you.

  • +1

    Ordered on Tuesday, arrived at my doorstep in Melbourne on Thursday. Coffee is tasty and freshly roasted. Can't ask for much more than that!

    Went for a surprise bag too ($15 for 500g delivered, surely cheapest going around right now) and got a bag of the "Mind" blend that features some Robusta bean - not my usual thing but happy to give it a crack and (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised!

    • +1

      Thank you Zhanggg for sharing your positive experience.

      Hope you enjoy our coffee.

  • I ordered and received my order within 2 days - thanks for the post @ignitecoffee, and good job from your team.

    • +1

      Thank you Shake for sharing your positive feedback and hope you are enjoying your coffee :)

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