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40% off Geisha (OOS) / Ecuador SO 500g $14.99, 1kg $26.39 + Delivery ($0 w/ $69 Order, Delay Dispatch Opt) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

I'm must say I'm very excited for you to try these wonderful newly launched coffees, so without further ramblings from me, it's time to roll out the red carpet and commence the drum roll!

We're offering you a 40% discount off our two newly launched Single Origins, both from Ecuador. One is an organic, delicious crowd pleaser. The other is our first ever, rare, Geisha coffee and I must say it is one of the most elegant, exquisite coffees I've ever had; additionally it's the most floral and highest scoring coffee we've ever offered! Links and more info below:

1) Ecuador Loja Organic Single Origin, only $14.99 per 500g (usually $24.99 per 500g), and $26.39 per 1kg (usually $43.98 per 1kg)

2) WOW SOLD OUT IN UNDER 2 HOURS Ecuador Alaska del Sur Geisha Single Origin, only $30 per 500g (usually $50 per 500g)

Deal valid for orders placed until 18/04/2024, unless sold out before. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Monday and as far as the last Thursday in May (30/05/2024). Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal, we strive to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting
  • We're happy to accommodate dispatch date changes, you just need to submit your request within 60 days of your order being placed and at least 24 hours prior to the current dispatch date selected. Please submit date change requests via a reply email to your order confirmation
  • One dispatch per order
  • If you select 500g as a quantity please ensure you also select 500g as the packaging option. If 500g is selected as a quantity with 1kg as the packaging selection the product will show as "unavailable"
  • 500g bag packaging (it's resealable) is also available for orders larger than 500g this is an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Complimentary gift notes can be submitted via a reply message to your order confirmation email
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag

Following the success of our recent trials of new shipping rates, we've decided to extend these for this deal too :)
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69. We recommend freezing any excess bags purchased to quality for free shipping, without compromising on enjoying fresh coffee.

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference Flat Rate Shipping (No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Courier's Please Flat Rate Shipping(No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Australia Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $8.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
  • $9.99 Express Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $12.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)

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    40% off Geisha


    • +1

      Morning @HolyCr4p very happy to hear this one's a winner for you :)

        • It was rude, but this made me laugh a lot.

  • Ordered! First time ordering from you guys and can't say I've ever tried an Ecuador Geisha before so keen to see what it tastes like!

    • +1

      How wonderful to hear @basketballfreak6 thank you so much for placing your first order with us, it's an opportunity we won't take for granted!!!

      I truly hope you love this Geisha, I know I do :)

      • +1

        Very excited to try it! Do you have a recommended V60 recipe for this Geisha? Medium/finer/coaser grind?

        • +1

          Music to my ears @basketballfreak6 !

          We sure do. We always put our brew guides on each bag. Once you get the good stuff in your safe hands, please feel welcome to send a reply email to your order confirmation referencing this message and detailing your equipment set up, happy to provide more detailed recommendations from there :)

          • +1

            @LimeBlueCoffee: Good stuff! I've got a few mates that owns cafes up here in Brissy I'd be sure to get them to try the coffee too!

            • @basketballfreak6: WOW WOW WOW @basketballfreak6 that sounds amazing!!!

              Thank you so much for so thoughtfully helping spread the word about Lime Blue, love your spruiking skills, fingers crossed they love our fresh coffee :)

  • Would you be able to grind the beans for a mokapot or is this deal for whole beans only? Thanks

  • +1

    Cost of living pressures have kept me on Aldi beans for a while but the Geisha is a special occasion. Thanks.

    • +3

      Morning @bxpressiv no stress if you get coffee elsewhere on occasion. What makes me happy is that you've come to us to treat yourself to something special and I'm hopeful that overtime it'll be more feasible for you to treat yourself to our fresh coffee everyday :)

      Thank you so much for ordering this super special coffee from us, it sincerely does mean so much to us, especially given your comment, big smile on this side of the screen!

  • I want Swiss Water Process Decaf….

    • Hey @JinWu I'm happy to confirm we have our much loved Decaf available!

      We currently only have enough Decaf to fulfill existing orders and any regular priced orders, there isn't enough stock of it available to fulfill sale price volume. We're waiting on the next shipment to arrive to stock up some more. Next time it's on special I highly recommend making the most of our unique scheduled/delayed dispatch feature by lining up a couple of months worth of orders :)

      • Any idea when the next shipment will be? Can't wait!

        • +1

          Hey @frugaljerk sure thing, next shipment should hopefully arrive within the next couple of weeks. However, it then needs to clear customs which can take anywhere from a week to a month. If your supply is currently in dire straights it may be best to get a small bag now at regular price to tie you over, so you don't run out of the good stuff!

      • Thanks! I will keep an eye on it.

        • @JinWu sure thing, sounds like a plan :)

        • Morning @JinWu @frugaljerk and @skuzy our delicious decaf is back restocked, good time to jump on it https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/844981 :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Awesome! Thanks for the ping, let me get right on that.

            • @frugaljerk: You're most welcome @frugaljerk glad it was helpful!

              Thank you so much in advance for your next order with us :)

      • waiting for restock of your decaf as well

        • +1

          Sure thing @skuzy as mentioned above to @frugaljerk our restock is looking like anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now. If you're going to run out of the good stuff, you could always get a small bag to tie you over at regular price and then make the most of the next time our Decaf is on special :)

    • https://limebluecoffee.com/collections/fresh-coffee/products…


      They had a sale on that one not long ago too if I'm not mistaken

  • Hey @LimeBlueCoffee

    I really liked my Moments to Memories Blend and it's running out.

    Which one would you recommend to try for a pour over method?

    • +1

      Hey @Nuclearvodka appreciate you taking the time to reach out and it's wonderful to know how much you've been enjoying our Moments to Memories blend!

      Honestly I believe both are fantastic for pour over. Out of the two our Loja would be the closest to Moments in terms of the flavour profile. Our Del Sur would be by far the most unique in flavour out of the two for Pour Over. Perhaps you could get a small bag of each, best of both worlds :)

      • I was going to go for the Geisha since I've never tried anything like it.
        Edit: I just got one of each 500g bags

        • Well you're sure in for a real treat then. It reminds me of walking through a coffee field just as all the trees are flowing, no other better word to describe it that experience than "magical," similar to a huge garden filled with Jasmine and Cherry Blossom :)

          Sounds like a terrific order, thank you so much in advance!

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: I have had the Ecuadorian all week as a daily pour over…
            Not sure which one I love more. This one or Moments to Memories.
            Great job bringing us great coffee at a good price.
            Will continue ordering from you guys for sure

  • What roast level is the Ecuador Loja Organic Single Origin?

  • Lovely! thanks!

    • You're most welcome @supersaintly I'm so wrapped to know this deal is a real winner for you!

  • Looks like Geisha is OOS, planning to stock more?

    • Yeah I left it in cart for 15mins and oos. Interested to try

      • Shucks @Froggi and @Bargain-er sorry to hear you missed out on our Geisha, it sold out at lightning speed in under 2 hours. We purchased the entire supply available from the importer, which means there won't be any more available in the near future. However, if you'd both like to send an email to [email protected] I'd be happy to put you on the waitlist on the off chance someone cancels their order, doesn't happen much, but it is possible. On a brighter note, you're still currently able to snag some of our delicious Ecuador Loja Organic Single Origin, :)

        p.s. although we won't be able to secure more supply of this wonderful Ecuador Geisha, we will be roasting an exceptional Panama Geisha later this year, so stay tuned…

  • Very smart on title details lol, since the savage breed of ozbargainers won't read the OP itself and neg the deal - but then lime blue is so popular it wouldn't make much difference XD

  • Hi OP, what size grind would be closest to medium grind for drip filter coffee machine with your Ecuador Loja? Thanks

    • Hey @ramezemar nice questions, always better to check than wonder!

      Our Pour Over grind should be the winning ticket for you :)

  • I have an order ready to dispatch on 30 May. Is it possible to add this to that order instead of trying to place another large order? I already have fresh beans delivered from 3 other roasters so delayed my Lime Blue to May. Thanks.
    (Drats! Sold out. Anymore please?)

    • Hey @SydneySurfer I really like the sound of that and thank you for checking first!

      Of course we can make that happen for you, simply send a reply email to your existing order confirmation with the request :)

  • Hi OP. Anymore of the Geisha? Sucks for WA people getting up and finding it out of stock so soon haha

    • Geishas pop up from many different roasters from time to time. And sometimes they all get batches at the same time as well. So have a look around at other roasters and see if they’ve got some.

    • +1

      Oh no @csjc sorry to hear you missed out!

      As mentioned above, please feel welcome to send an email to [email protected] requesting to be on the waiting list on the slight chance someone cancels with Geisha order. We are planning to offer another Geisha this year, I just don't quite know what to do with it yet, I just knew it was way too amazing not to get…it's a Panama Geisha :)

  • Would the plunger grind be best if I want to try the Ecuador Loja Single Origin as a cold brew?

    • +1

      Hey @briansweepstake you're spot on, Plunger grind should be the winner for you :)

  • Ahhh why didn't I check ozbargain earlier =(

  • OMG missed out on the geisha

  • OMG I missed out on the Geisha too…

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