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Roasted & Salted Cashews 750g $10 @ Coles


For those who missed the last deal, it's back at Coles.

-Both salted & roasted and dry roasted packs 750g (NB) are at this price ($13.33/kg).
-Very good quality generally.
-This used to be a regular, about monthly, deal but lately has been ad hoc.

Note - the discount is advertised in my local (east coast) Coles weekly catalogue so should last until cob Tuesday 23/4 depending on stock. The last uncatalogued discount lasted for ~1 day.
Some will remember when the packs were 800g and $8-9 on special, but thanks to inflation, Colesworth profiteering etc those days are long gone.

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    I got roasted salted cashes in Fresh and Save brisbane and then in coles and both of them had many bad ones in them.

    • Take them back. I should have done that with the last lot of Ww cashews I bought. They weren't 'bad' by any means but consistently had a stale taste, unlike any cashew I've eaten in recent memory.

      • I did for the fresh and save ones. But coles ones i opened them after 3 months (had them in freezer till then) and was too lazy to go as i had gotten it from far off coles. But this was few months ago. Can coles items be retuend to another coles branch? will they accept?

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    Too salty, especially the last 10%

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      Pour them into a sieve, shake, and voilà, another first world problem solved.

      • Sounds inconvenient.

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          Yep, it can be an onerous task for some first world people, esp those without a sieve. Fortunately there's yet another simple solution. Buy unsalted cashews.

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            @Igaf: I'm not salting my own cashews, I'd rather just buy these and complain!

    • add to a salad or whatever u r cooking, problem solved. :)

    • better than undersalted

  • How does Coles Cashews compare to Woolies which too is often on sale for around $10

    Are they of the same size? Woolies cashews look bigger but they could been zoomed


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    Should be raw only aka Aldi!
    Deep fried in canola or sunflower GMO oils ain't good for health which is why Blackrock/Vanguard Coles/Woolies sell this rubbish
    Remember in the 80's Caltex ads Oils aint Oils ?

  • -4

    Public: "Don't you think you're price gouging has taken it a step to far? What about your limit on cash withdrawals? What can you offer your loyal customers?"
    Coles CEO: "Deez nuts!"
    Public: "You definitely put the eww in cash"

  • Only buying unsalted roasted ones now. The salted ones are cooked in oil and don't digest as well.

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