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10% off Travel Insurance @ Butter Travel


Hey guys - Butter Travel Insurance is doing 10% off all travel policies with code BUTTER10 until the end of April. Full disclosure my wife works here.

Available for international travel only.

T&Cs: Discount code is valid until 11.59pm on 30 April 2024. Discounts are applied before government charges are levied, therefore, the full extent of discounts may be impacted. Butter reserves the right to change the offer without notice.

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Butter Insurance


  • Hi,

    It doesn't seem to accommodate Australia as a destination.

    Please ask your wife whether Domestic, Australia or Oceania is a destination they can add.

    • It doesn't seem to accommodate Australia as a destination.

      Stop spreading rumours.

      • +1

        The bigger question is Margarine or Butter. lol

  • Is the government now adding taxs on international insurances now?

  • Hi holdenmg,

    At the moment they cover international travel only but domestic travel (within Australia) coming soon !

    Sorry will update post to reflect.

  • Updated*

  • +1

    Poor website does not inspire confidence. Zero contact details for the company. Dead links to FAQs & all social media.

    Their slogan is "For the stuff you really care about". For a travel insurance product, what I really care about is I can get help easily when the shit hits the fan. In a panic situation the thing I need the most is the helpline telephone number/contact info on the insurer's website.

    The links that this company thinks as useful to the traveller (Useful Links) are mandatory statements, public disclosure statements, company policies, etc, which are not useful at all (especially when their FAQs are missing).

    • Good feedback, I'll pass that on. I know the website was updated last week during a rebrand which may be the cause of the dead links but they are very active on socials. Try searching Butter Insurance in insta or tik tok to check them out.

    • Hi alvian! Cass from Butter here. Thanks for the Feedback - we have fixed up those dead links and added our emergency support contact line in the Useful Information page. We are working on getting more info on that page but as Nick said, we just refreshed our website so it should be up soon! Our FAQs can also be found at the bottom of the homepage. Cheers

    • My shitty practice website i made for tafe had all live links because I checked them. Would have failed the assignment with dead links

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