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[PC, Steam] Forza Horizon 5: Standard $44.97, Deluxe $59.97, Premium $69.97, Ultimate Bundle $110.20 @ Steam


Forza Horizon 5 is back on half-price sale on steam again! Not too sure when it ends though

This is part of their xbox Game Studios Publisher Deal, with a full list of games that are on sale listed at:

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    Can't you get this with game pass?

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      Some of us have zero interest in subscription services

    • Only standard version in XGP while some people want all the perks.

      I'm fine with the one in XGP.

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      It is in GamePass except:

      • With Forza games, due to car licensing, they will eventually be removed from MS app stores (and also GamePass). For example, you cannot get Forza Horizon 3 or below, Forza Motorsport 7 or below now. Forza Horizon 5 still have quite a long time since 4 is still available.
      • If you didn't get GamePass Ultimate subscription cheap, it is now $18.95 per month. Also, you don't own any of the games once the subscription is finished.

      GamePass version is the standard edition. However, Micro$oft always offers discounted Premium add on when a Forza game is first released / added to GamePass to entice people to buy that add-on (you can just buy the add-on and then GamePass will run Premium (except for MS cloud gaming)). The premium add-on / edition has quality of life improvements which makes the game much more pleasant to play at the beginning (no need to grind for in game credits vs standard edition).

      Some people will buy the game just before the car licensing is about to expire and game to be removed from the store (for new purchases). Microsoft tends to do a sale then as the game is essentially EOL'ed.

      • You're absolutely right. That's why I'm not a serious Forza player :P

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        Glad that some good souls provide repacked games (like Horizon 3 as you mentioned), especially when you have an 'expiry of licence' which is ridiculous in my opinion.

        • Is it still possible to get the Blizzard Mountain expansion pack for FH3 somehow now? I only have the Hot Wheels expansion.

      • With Forza games, due to car licensing, they will eventually be removed from MS app stores (and also GamePass). For example, you cannot get Forza Horizon 3 or below, Forza Motorsport 7 or below now. Forza Horizon 5 still have quite a long time since 4 is still available.

        I think this is different now with GP being a thing, Forza Horizon 4 should've been delisted by now, while can't say for sure it won't be delisted but I'm positive that MS would've done something a little different now with their sub service and wanting to keep all their games in there to build out a catalogue.

        • The new car licensing model allows Microsoft game studios to extend them now, instead of a fixed agreement like Forza Motorsport 7 (which had to be delisted from both GamePass and Microsoft store). However, it doesn't mean those licenses will be extended indefinitely.

          Furthermore, Forza games in GamePass is more like freemium than actually free as it only includes the standard edition even if you have GamePass Ultimate. You don't get the expansion packs nor the VIP goodies. I feel premium edition is worth it (and based on past FH4 experience, I did buy the premium add-on right away for FH5). It is possible to accumulate enough reward points to buy the premium add-on for people with long GamePass subscription. On the other hand, Micro$oft knows there are enough people will buy the premium add-ons for Forza games.

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    Note that the "Ultimate bundle" is actually FH4 Ultimate + FH5 Premium.

    • And you can complete your bundle later if you just want to try one of them first. That’s what I did.

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        Hopefully they dont delist 4 anytime soon. Cant get number 3 easily anymore without shelling out a fortune for a microsoft store key

        • Or running the Xbox version in an emulator

          • @CascadeHush: Or get a modded Xbox 360. It turns out not that hard to RGH3 a cheap slim model. I got mine at a CashC for ~$80, then some wires, a resistor, a RPi Zero and a lot of patience. Probably enjoyed the modding over the games LOL.

            • @xmagic: That reminds me I have a JTAG 360 lying around somewhere.

            • @xmagic: Thanks for the suggestion, but I doubt I'd enjoy playing with an Xbox controller, unless you can also use 3rd party PC controllers.

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      For people with XBox One or Series S|X, it might be better to buy it from Microsoft store (when discounted), since it is the PlayAnywhere version on MS store. Even though the saved game will still carry across, it is still better to be able to play the game on the console and the PC.

  • Excellent game

  • I just got a PC and all I want is god of war and spider-man to come on sale not xbox games 🙏 cmon gabe

  • Will these games face the same fate as The Crew where they just steal the game out of your library and shut it down

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      I have FH 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and all DLCs still playing just fine. If you own them they will not be removed.

    • As above it will be delisted from the store at some point, but if you bought it previously it will remain yours

    • No why would they?

      • Most online game eventually have the server turned off and then it just depends on how much the game relies on the servers. FH4 & 5 are basically live service games. Maybe they could patch them to run without the server. I hope they do that if they ever plan on turning the servers off.

  • right after i bought it last week……

    • The game goes on sale about once every 2 months for at least a week. Steam DB has a price history for every steam game.

  • The ultimate driving bundle says it's $47 dollars but when I add it to my cart it goes to $110?

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