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½ Price: Arnott’s Tim Tam - Double Coat 200g or Chewy Caramel 175g $2.49 @ ALDI


Double Coat. The best flavour and there is no debate. So guess where I’ll be? At ALDI, stocking up!

Because who knew that these are $5 at full price!!!!



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    Tim Tam range currently half price at Woolworths for $2.50

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      And earn Rewards points💰

      Have targeted weekly offer of 2000 bonus pts for $40 shop.
      16 packs earns $10 towards next shop (63c/pack) @Woolies😄
      Far better than 16 x 1c @Aldi!!

      So guess where I’ll be? At ALDI Woolies, stocking up!🤣

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      That just shows that their $2.50 is not really the "half price".

      It's a fake discount based on inflated "standard" price.

      $5 for a Tim Tam?

      • Manufacturers subsidise the sale prices!

      • obviously lol. That is the advantage of not having an MRP system. The supermarkets can literally decide what they want to charge. The actual price is only $2.50. When I say this I am saying that they earn a profit even if they sell for $2.50

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    For those who can't wait, Aldi has their Just Divine range of biscuits which is their version of the original Tim Tam. Pretty damn close to the real thing and from memory around $2

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      I got these. Price at my aldi is around $2.99.

      They taste so good and they really taste 99% like tim tams.

      I'm gonna buy both brands this week and do a side by side test.

      • OK looks like the price has gone up as I do recall them being around the $2 mark when I was buying them. Once my cholesterol blood results hit an all-time high, I had to stop buying them so haven't bought them for about 18 months.

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          Don't buy this rubbish, it will damage your health, stay away.

          "Tim Tam Double Coat breaks the 100 calorie barrier, thanks to its extra thick chocolate coating. The extra chocolate makes it heavier (22.2g compared to 18.3g) than the original Tim Tam, and pushes its single serve calorie count to 117 calories (488kJ). This is the one to steer clear of."


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            @freemoneyhunter: Alright, calm down - you had me at Double Coat; no need for the hard sell

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            @freemoneyhunter: Round number bias. There is no reason 100 calories should be a barrier.

            Everyone understands a Double Coat has more calories than a single Tim Tam - that's why there's 9 in a pack instead of 11.

            It's also hinted in the name.

          • @freemoneyhunter: Any nutritional numbers on Energy for @beltdrive lol

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            @freemoneyhunter: That extra thick coat makes it even more delicious. Enjoy your lettuce leaf

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        Just Divine is $2.29 because I just bought it today 😄. I think I like both brands.

        • Thanks for confirming. Their Mint Slice equivalent are to die for too.

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            @D1977: ALDI Belmont caramel wafer biscuits left them all in the dust imo. Sadly haven't been on shelves for months now.

            • @Igaf: Agree. I was hooked on those too.

      • $2.29 last time i bought. Used to be $1.79 not that long ago.

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    These things used to be 99c 1/2 price a couple years ago… sigh..

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    It wasn't that long ago Aldi would have the Family Pack 365g on special for $2.79.

    And normal size packs at half price were $2.00.

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    $5 rrp


    • Please hand in your OzB membership if you buy them for that massively jacked up price.

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    sorry tim tam eaters ur eating bugs 😭 “ Some of the Tim Tam products contains cochineal which is derived from insects and is not suitable for a vegetarian diet. The gelatin is based on pork and beef bones and therefore does not belong in a vegetarian and vegan diet.”

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      Cochineal must be delicious then because I love Tim Tam Double Coat.

      • word

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      Sorry xently but everyone eats bugs whether intentional or not!

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      Do you know where your tap water is derived from?

      • -1

        Shared with a strict Buddhist who strained the tank water to ensure he consumed no living creature.

        Wondered how he endured walking - potentially killing ants with each step🤣
        (The Aunty Jack Show had a great song about being enable to do almost anything, because it may harm insects.)

        • Straining the water would kill a creature just as surely, no? So what difference does it make?

          … Wait, here I am trying to be rational with a theist. Nevermind.

          • @Grazz989: He carefully strained into soft net so as not to cause injury & released into pond. Mainly mosquito wrigglers. Which I pointed out would feast on us!

            No point in questioning someone's strongly held belief…he had lived as a Buddhist monk.
            I fixed the hole in gauze - problem solved.

            • @INFIDEL: Haha wow!

              He's proliferating MOSQUITOES!

              Yeah, real ethical choice right there. You're right - questioning is less appropriate in this case than derision, ha.

              • @Grazz989: Considering I contracted Ross River Fever on that Gold Coast hinterland acreage, I wanted the mossies DEAD!

                I left out containers for mossies to breed in, then tipped the mossie infested water out on garden. He didn't notice.

                He treated the future blood suckers with more respect than humans!

    • Nothing surprising or new!

      Copied straight from Is Tim Tam vegetarian? in FAQ

      Next you'll tell us Tim Tams contain SUGAR!!😱

      We don't eat Tim Tams because they're healthy!!
      Many vegans crave Tim Tams!

      Insect derived Cochineal is a red dye. In Australia, the cochineal is used in a variety of everyday products including savoury sauces, flavoured milk, confectionary, cake, dip, desserts, ice cream and yoghurt. Not just Tim Tans!
      Nothing new! Known that most of my life.
      Just about the versions with red colouring.

      Most prepared foods will likely contain insects!

      Working in kitchens, there are lots of things like weavils eating grains etc, that make their way into your meals!

      And watch opening your mouth - some day an insect will fly or crawl in.
      And don't think about the enormous number of microscopic creatures crawling over your face & likely inside you…

      If you're Vegan, you probably know there is an alternative product.
      There is a petition to introduce Vegan Tim Tams!
      (There is already a Gluten Free version.)

      • thought it was only in timtams you learn smth new everyday

        • +1

          My Mother (award winning cook) trained me. I was winning awards for baking aged 11, interviewed by News Ltd etc by 12. Thought everyone had that upbringing😄

          Was fascinated by the origins of food ingredients I learnt about. Food & history led me to explore the world.

          On archeological sites I visit, it's the cooking & storage of food that tells a lot about an ancient & forgotten culture.

          Insect derived substances have a very long history in cooking & food production.
          So learnt about Cochineal as a child.

          "Cochineal: How Mexico Made the World See Red"
          "Cochineal, a tiny, cactus-dwelling insect that produces a vibrant red pigment, was harvested for thousands of years by Indigenous peoples to produce a dye for their own textiles. Following the Spanish invasion of the Americas, cochineal ultimately became a globally traded commodity.
          In Europe, its red became the color of power, tinting the red coats of English soldiers and the Catholic clergy’s capes."

          A little insect that had a fascinating & amazing impact on the world!
          And Tim Tams😉

          See also "Foods You Didn’t Know Are Made of Insects"

          "The Bug in the Chocolate Bar: Shellac"
          My mother taught me that Shellac (excreted by insects) is used to make food shiny!

          It may be said you can't polish a turd, but insect turd can polish your food🤣

    • +1

      Bugs are the future, most sustainable, eco friendly complete meal.

  • I think I often see Tim Tam's half-price sales at Coles or Woolworths.

  • …how has no-one mentioned that the woolies range includes TRIPLE CHOC? 😆

    • Surely it can't be better than double coat?

      • Tried the Tim Tam Deluxe Decadent Triple Choc?

        • That's a negatory. What do you think of them?

          • @Grazz989: Only learn they existed - in this discussion🤔
            All varieties of Tim Tams are not approved by my GP!
            But 1 packet won't do much harm😉

    • Arnott's Tim Tam Deluxe Decadent Triple Choc Biscuits 175g $5.50
      40% milk chocolate
      Only 8 biscuits for $5.50.
      *Not on special

  • tim tam white or nothing

    • Ingredients: Sugar, … , biscuit & flavoring
      NO CHOCOLATE! No thanks.

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    Why is this exactly a deal? This is the standard price it should be selling for at the first place. Australians have been brainwashed for decades that they actually believe this is an deal. Always remember the so called free market has only made the rich richer never the poor or the middle class.

    • -1

      Upvotes say it's a Deal.

      the so called free market

      Of course you are free not to buy🤔

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      Might as well close down ozbargain. The entire site has inflated prices.

      Its simply not possible to have a bargain if inflation is involved


  • I don't eat much sweets anymore but these were the bomb out of the freezer.

  • Picked up a few packs tonight at Woolies using my monthly 10% discount. Was tempted to try a couple packs of the dark chocolate variant - not sure why - but came to my senses and replaced them with the tried-and-tested Double Coat.

  • The half price seems like a full price before just couple years ago.

  • Freezer, Fridge or Pantry for your TTs?

    • Don't keep them for months but Sept-April fridge, otherwise pantry. They didn't call it Canbrrrrra for nothing. Now leaning towards fridge 24/7/52, seems to keep them crisper.

      • Yes, valid point about the seasons. If you leave them in the pantry here in Perth during summer they'd be a pool of chocolate in no time. I used to be a Fridger, now I'm a Freezer.

    • Always fridge.

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