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[PS4] Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition, Elder Scrolls Online:Blackwood/Elsweyr $2 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


2 buck games, play them or use them as coasters or use the boxes for your other games. It's totally up to you :).

Hope there is stock around you for c&c

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  • I was thinking about getting the Dave Grohl audiobook to use as coasters but the CDs themselves are boring as.

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      Does it matter what the discs look like, when it's only going to be covered with a pint of questionable quality?

      • Depends on where I'm using them I guess. On my computer desk I have a blank CD/DVD from back when people used to burn stuff to them. If they are out on the coffee table I would have preferred something with some sort of image on them. Anything other than "Dave Grohl's Audiobook" Disc 1 would have been fine really.

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    There’s a similar deal for Xbox if you do a search, same prices etc

  • Got Wolfenstein. Cheers!

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    A warning for anyone that wants to play Youngblood. I recommend against it. It will make you hate Wolfenstein. Considering how good every other Wolfenstein game is, this is a travesty. Don't do it to yourself.

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      thanks for the heads up

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      Agreed. safe to say this game killed the whole franchise

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      It's a weak game. I couldn't finish it.

      • I literally couldn't finish it, the final boss is so difficult I kept dying and then respawning with less ammo. I just gave up.

  • this is what Video Ezy was for rent a few games play them then return

    • I remembered it was $4, sometimes $6 on weekends?

      • yeah get them Friday night then return Monday .it could make a comeback with how expensive new games are now

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    Missed out on Skyrim PSVR for $2. Got Doom VFR for $2. Best price ever physical or digital on Prodeus PS4 @ $15.

  • Missed out on all :( None available for pick up or delivery.

  • Youngblood, say you want it say you need it …

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