Up to 95% off Footwear (e.g. Lacoste Deviation Hybrid $40) + $6 Delivery ($0 with $150 Order) @ JD Sports


Up to 95% off on footwear, some of the best products are OOS but give it a go. :)

Sorted by price, low to high.

Example: https://www.jd-sports.com.au/product/white-lacoste-deviation…

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    Boom! The websites down

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      Too much lactose perhaps

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      It's acting up a bit, but still works now.

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    Hahahahhaha LACTOSE

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    e.g. Lactose Deviation Hybrid $40

    This deal is not for the lactose intolerant.

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      Hahaha, this was definitely autocorrected and I didn't notice it. 😂


    The site is down while and the shoes with 95% are OOS xD

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    This site is notorious with taking orders and funds and then cancelling orders. Refunds take days. Don’t waste your time.

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      Yeah this store needs to be banned from Ozbargain.

  • Has the site been Ozbargained?

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    The only decent bargains are all OOS and can only access the site once every so often, press f5 far more times than they have stock available

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    This store needs to be banned for fake sale.

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    Did anyone actually get any of those dunks or chucks? 💀

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      sure did, just visit the IG page a bunch and the algorithm will eventually not leave you alone with JD ads. it was actually great because i had been eyeing a pair of AF1's in the wheat (timberland) color, becuase I am a new yorker and dont know why i need everything to be in that color. Regardless i saw the shoe drop from 200 to 180 to eventually 130 i pulled the trigger. 4 days later it dropped to 100 so i bought that again, and returned the first pair.

      I also waited and got a pair of jordan 1's for 98 bucks.

      • Awesome job, well done mate. They sound like some great deals 👍

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    Nah it says out of stock after payment gateway. What a waste

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    Dodgy advertising, below the discount there’s an 20% extra discount, but if you look into it further it says extra discount is already applied. So there is no actual extra discount.

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    Most things are out of stock, only tells you after payment.

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    I’ve tried several times over the past few days to add to cart and successfully checkout. It doesn’t work.
    They have all your info though from trying.
    This has happened the past few “sales”. It needs to be looked at by ACCC

    *pressed the upvote button by accident

    • its their website, called customer service who said just do it on your phone and the guest checkout shoudl work

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