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Free Shipping with $50+ Spend @ Charlesworth Nuts


Stock up on all your favourite Charlesworth products and gifts without paying a cent for delivery. FREE shipping to any Australian address when you spend $50 or more.

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Charlesworth Nuts
Charlesworth Nuts

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    Oh dear. You clearly haven’t learned from your last ‘deal’.

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    Read title guidelines! You haven't mentioned the actual deal either. Many stores have a free shipping threshold, it's only a deal when that threshold is removed.

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    Prepare to be roasted, like your nuts

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    $50 is a hell of a lot of nuts.

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      Not from Charleswoth!

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    No bargains listed again & prices have been jacked. Macadamias were $25.60 per 500gms / $51.20 per kg but now… $32 per 500gms / $64 per kg

    Woolworths Macadamias regular price… $15.40 per 400gms / $38.50 per kg. Much cheaper elsewhere, neg.

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      cheaper elsewhere AND price jack jeez
      what box hasnt this post ticked?

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    No deal listed, just trying to leverage free advertising. Come on rep, do better, Ozbargain works both ways!

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    Where's the deal to these Jacked prices?

  • Increasing prices from previous deal and offering free shipping is an anti-deal.

    Not off to a great start on OzBargain

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    Votes: -8.5 (Average) (yes negative)

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