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Denon 7.2 Ch 8K AV Receiver AVRX1800HBKEA $759 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Grabbed the deal last time from Goodguys and found this to be the lowest at the moment:


Also AVRX580BTBKEA is $482 + Delivery if you are going to set up a 5.2 channel system:


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The Good Guys Commercial

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      cause you get it for cheap

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        Just cheap or cheaply.

        "For cheap" is dumb Americanness

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      Membership is free and easy to obtain, read the wiki

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        Can someone post a link to this wiki? The website seems to be saying I need to fill out a business form and someone will get back to me?

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        I read the wiki, but think I'm missing something … I'm not a member of any of those organisations? Is there a way to become a member of TGGC through some other means?

        • Easiest is sign up for a new super account, doesn’t need funds, and request access to TGGC. Matter of a few days at most.

  • Can you check the price of X3800H on the commercial?

    • Hmm looks they only sell the lower end stuff.

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        Correct. Only the 2 receivers mentioned above and a 2ch amp/speaker combo as well.

  • Thanks OP. Perfect timing as my brother is chasing a decent Atmos receiver.

  • Thanks OP. Hopefully this should be enough to power a Q750 and Q650.

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      Both have a rating of 15W-150W so you'll be fine.

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      I have lower model driving without any issues Q900, you'll be fine

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    Better off spending the extra on something with room correction (Audyssey XT32). Without it, even the best speakers are going to sound average… unless you live in a recording studio.

    • Thanks for sharing this, stopped me pulling the trigger prematurely.
      Now I'm starting my rabbit hole journey into room correction by different manufacturers. And I thought all I needed was a 7.2 receiver with 2 zones.

    • Genuine question as I tried to look but was not making much headway, but which avr at $500 has Audyssey or room correction?

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      The X1800H has Audyssey doesn't it? Not the XT32 version though. https://www.denon.com/en-au/shop/avreceiver/avrx1800h

      • From memory only XT32 has true room correction, the cheapo version just sets levels and distances for you.

        Unfortunately nothing for anywhere near $500 is going to have it.

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          Maybe it's different now but I have a X2500H with Audyssey (non XT32) and it adjusts frequency response for each speaker, as well as level and distance. The XT32 I thought was just higher resolution or something like that.

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        Yep that's how I understood it.

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          If you don't have budget for the room correction tech, an older model reciever with HDMI and decoding of the lossless formats is going to be a better bet than a new model with largely pointless features like Atmos. You can work around lack of 4K passthrough pretty easily with HDMI splitters.

          • @d3ft: I've gone through 2 older receivers now - a 2012 and a 2014 - and both have terrible ARC issues. Loss of sync, and also issue with small adjustments in volume, I assume a newer device is likely to have EARC, and generally better compatibility with newer TVs and devices.

            I think if you just want to upgrade your smart TV with some better surround sound, its probably better to spend a bit more and get something lowend and new, vs mid range and old. Less messing about.

    • Will this make a difference in an open plan living room or is the standard Audyssey XT in the X1800H going to be enough for that scenario?

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        You'll be fine. Unless others on here have a 3-5k pioneer LX5/805 avr you woudn't notice much difference unless you hate your neighbours or have a proper media room.

        I got one of these for manland last time for $650 or whatever it was and some klipsch speakers from gumtree for about $3k

        Save the rest of your budget for some decent speakers in a 7.1 setup.

        Then upgrade later when/if you are not satisfied.

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    As a Denon Amp owner, I would highly recommend getting one.

    So easy to cast music wirelessly, plays my records through record player, radio, can't fault it

  • If I've just got a 3.1 setup is the entry level x580bt worth it or are the expensive models with proper room correction worth saving for?

    I'm currently using an entry level Yamaha receiver but it's ancient and missing earc and a lot of new codecs.

    • X580BT should be fine but check your speakers' power consumption before purchasing.

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      I'm not an audiophile but I've got an X580BT setup with 5.0 I'm pretty satisfied with it. eARC works well. I've set Kodi to send all audio to the receiver without trying to decode it first and it handles anything I throw at it. It has HDMI 2.1 support so it can passthrough 4k120 + HDR, VRR etc.

      During setup it runs a test for speaker distances, crossover etc. Sounds pretty good to me but I don't know how this compares with room correction / Audyssey or whatever.

  • Interesting…
    Carseldine had no stock, but were happy to 'price match' for me and wait for stock, but advised that Capalabla store had two stock.
    Advised me to ring and get them to do the price match.
    Rang Capalaba and they said they get in trouble for doing the price match.
    But, he said I could get it for $499 which I paid for immediately and pick up on weekend.
    Price is $799 at JB so pretty happy at $499.

    • I reckon they screwed the price tag again and took off from commercial website after getting many orders.

    • +1

      Are you referring to the 5.1 unit?
      I had a similar issue last night. Couldn't check out through commercial as I couldn't select a store that had stock. Rang them this morning and they put an order in for me for the 1800h for $759 even though the listing had been removed. Said it was a known issue with the commercial site (something to do with stock levels)and she would match other orders from yesterday for me.

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        Yes… Sorry… I didn't add the unit…it is the 5.1 unit.

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