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Saucony Men's & Women's Guide 16 Wide Fit Athletic Shoes $59.95 (RRP $219.95) + Shipping @ Brand House Direct


Saucony Guide 16 Mens & Womens Wide Fit Athletic Shoes $59.95 (RRP $219.95) + Shipping @ Brand House Direct

$59.95 + shipping when you apply coupon code: SAUCONYGUIDE16W at checkout

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  • Free shipping would make it so much sweeter 🥲

  • +1

    Mens size 9 and up only Women's size 7 and up

  • Not an issue with the seller, or even the product, however…mid-forefoot strike, ran hundreds of km in the past 6 months, thousands of km in my life, but picked up a pair of the guide 15s and had a stress fracture within 4 weeks.

    I didn't have any pain running in them, but post-injury I have found i can't even limp around in them.

    Hard to apportion responsibility, of course but… if you're like me and thinking of getting a new daily running shoe just because it's on sale here please think twice - better to stick with a known, safe shoe for me

    • +1

      hopefully i don't get the same experience as you.
      Saucony is usually pretty good though, this one has good reviews as well.
      I just got the Asics GT-2000 12 and have had the NB 860v12 for a while now. The NB is giving me arch pain. Let's hope the Saucony is better

      • Yeah, absolutely… probably best to gradually work them into the rotation. I got arch pain from NB skate shoes back in the day so perhaps there's some degree of similarity. Good luck!

    • +1

      Sorry to hear about your injury, wishing you a speedy recovery.

      I've logged about 500km in the Guide 15s over the past year without any issues, despite being a new heavier runner (100kg).

      Definitely due for a new pair though, my feet have started getting sore mid run and the shoes have a few too many holes in them now.

      • +1

        Thank you for your kind words.

        Guide 16s essentially the same shoe support-wise so perfect time to upgrade. Very, very impressive that you're injury free at 100! My feet start bruising whenever I start pushing 85kg, so you've definitely got the superior bone density genetics.

  • $12.95 for shipping to Melbourne

  • Weird they only stock one colour….

    • Not really, the more popular colours likely didn’t need to be heavily discounted to sell.

  • Great deal, reviews on youtube seem really positive. I just bought GT-2000 but don't mind grabbing a backup pair in case the GT-2000 doesn't play nice with my foot.
    Thanks OP

  • Any deals for the Triumph? 😀

  • Ordered and even with $12.95 delivery they're a pretty cheap pair of jogging/walking/going to the shop runners. With my wide foot it's a no brainer for me and you honestly can't expect free delivery with every deal that's posted here.

    Thx to OP.

    • agreed. A lot of reviews compare it to GT-2000 which I paid $180 for and I thought that was a deal. This Saucony is a steal haha

    • Just want to confirm. It's wide 2e fit right?

  • There are other colours.

  • ordered one. thanks op

  • Bought 3! Really good shoe for me even less support compare to Brooks Ghost. I like it cause is soft. Currently wearing 1.

  • did anyone received posted email or their orders yet?

  • I have a pair of Endorphins (Speed 3 iirc) that need replacing. How are these shoes in comparison?

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