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Citizen NY0010-50M Promaster Marine 200m Titanium Auto Watch $399 Delivered @ WatchDepot


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Price went back down (lasted 1 month last time)

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  • Even at only 42mm diameter, it still has a lug to lug of 48.5mm. Absolute borderline for spaghetti writers.

    • spaghetti writers

      Do they write spaghetti westerns?

    • Agreed. And the left hand crown is a bit off putting.

      • +1

        Aesthetics wise or use wise?

        I had a fugu that I had to turn upside down to set the time and hand wind. My hand eye coord just couldn't adjust to the reverse set-up.

      • I love my fugu, and like that at full extension, i dont have a crown digging into the top of my hand. I wind and set it before it goes on my wrist, so its a non issue.

    • It's fine for smaller wrists. I got one of these back in January and it fits my 6.5 inch wrist nicely.

      Citizen seem to fit smaller than other brands for equivalent sizing.

  • I got one, beautiful watch.

  • NGL, probably the first watch you've posted @pissedpoor that I'd consider. Want to take a cheap dive into titanium. This one is not bard indeed. That sunburst blue has potential! The bezel is a little meh but again, tittytanium!

  • SS band with titanium case seems like a miss.

    Weight advantage of all titanium is very noticeable on the wrist.

  • i bought green one FULL TITANIUM

  • Yeah I had one of these but sold it, I just didn't need more automatic divers.

    Pretty good for $400, no way in hell worth RRP.
    Would make a great beater, and good size - wears well on 6.5" wrist, better than the larger size on me.

    Like others say, the lefty crown is personally preference. I don't care for it, the bracelet is nice but not that comfortable (no taper), I put mine on a rubber strap, could hear the Miyota rotor spinning.

    Overall not as light as you'd think being an automatic. I just prefer the BN eco-drives promasters with the flat case back, this and the fugu hide the case thickness with the recessed case back, which I don't like how it sits personally.

    Still good value overall.

    PS who said the bande is stainless steel, pretty sure titanium.

    • Linked listing states:
      "Titanium Case
      - Stainless Steel Bracelet "

      Good to hear this is likely a mistake in the listing, as wouldn't make sense to have the advantage of titanium in the case only.

      • +2

        Yeah I assumed it was an error in the listing, just checked on the Citizen website

        >BAND: Titanium Bracelet, Push Button Buckle

        Can see the finishing is the same but thought I'd check (and wouldn't make sense to make it SS)

  • +1

    Once you see grandpa's undies at 12 you can't unsee it.

    • The newer eco-drives don't have that at least.

  • https://www.watchdepot.com.au/products/citizen-bn0163-00h-pr…

    2 remaining 263$ wth 20$ sign up = 243$

    $20 sign up also for main item

    • Great watches those BN series Promaster Marine eco-drives. Don't personally like that colourway but have two others.

      I would recommend over this auto titanium but depends what people want.

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