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Arnott's Lemon Crisp Cream Biscuits 250g $2 (Was $4) @ Woolworths


Yum. Arnott's Lemon Crisp Cream Biscuits 250g

Arnott’s Biscuits Lemon Crisp are lightly salted, slightly sweet with a dash of lemon zing. A unique, delicious sweet and savoury experience. Aussie made & loved.

With their lemon flavour and squeezability, Arnott’s Lemon Crisp cream biscuits are the perfect choice for afternoon fun with friends and family. Or for an indulgent treat, simply twist the two flaky biscuits and split in half to create a me-time treat full of sweet-and-salty reward: rich, velvety cream on one side, and a pinch of salt on the other.

Sweet biscuits filled with lemon cream and a pinch of sea salt.

A perfect balance of sweet and salty.


Made in Australia

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  • Can anyone suggests a gluten free Oreo alternative?

    • +2

      Kez’s have just released a vanilla bean crème sandwich cookie (although it’s more like a chocolate ripple biscuit with the vanilla bean filling) and my mum (coeliac) loves them

      Woolworths used to make a gluten free Oreo dupe, which was actually delicious (non-coeliac here) but they’ve been gone for a while now

    • +3

      An apple

  • +8

    Why suggest Lemon Crisps when Kingstons, the superior biscuit, are available for the same price…? ;)

    • +14

      I’m reporting this comment for inciting violence

    • +2

      Lemon Crisp > Kingston any day! Actually Scotch Fingers are my personal fav 😁

      • +5

        Scotch fingers with the bottoms coated in chocolate, but make sure you chill them in the fridge. Thank me later.

    • +5

      Apples and oranges my friend. Kingstons are dope for when I'm craving a chocolate fix. But these lemon crisps are totally underrated too. Perfect with some tea ;)

      • +1

        I'm an evidence based kind of guy and my weekly shop at Woolworths 30 minutes ago provides the justification. All that range of Arnott's biscuit remained in stock bar the Kingston's…

        By the way, anyone else don't like the Iced VoVos now that they are flat? I always tries to avoid that as a kid but now they come that way.

        • Been flat for probably 15 years. But yeah… long long time ago the marshmallow was tall and fluffy and far superior to todays steam rolled vo-vo.

    • +4

      Or Monte Carlo :)

    • +1

      Orange cream biscuits are for a half price too: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/36032

  • I just like the biscuit portion with the salt.

    • +1

      Damn son, you're missing out on the best part

  • -5

    Lemon crisps are D-tier Arnott's biscuits, I'll fight all other opinions

  • -4

    These are going to be cancelled soon for being politically incorrect like Golliwog biscuits.

    • +1

      What’s going to be the reasoning? Some poor buggers were burnt (at the stake) to a crisp?

    • Wow, I forgot about those…

  • +1

    Love lemon crisp cream, just bought one 20mins ago!

  • +3

    This has been a normal discounted price! Where is the bargain? I have never paid over $2 for this.

    • +2

      People think the price being raised to $4 and then reduced back to $2 constitutes a bargain. It’s like saying that Tim Tams at $2.50 is a deal.

      • Brad Banducci thinks that way

  • C'mon ALDI, make a knockoff version of these already.

    ALDI Tim tams (called Just Divine) are better than actual Tim tams.

    • Dick Smith has entered the chat

  • +1

    I stocked up on shortbread cream and Monte carlos :D

  • -2

    woolies can go suck on a crisp lemon

  • Knockoff off of these?

  • +1

    Plant-based ones are: Raspberry Shortcakes, Lemon Crisp and Delta Cream.

  • +2

    these are delicious, i just got them today. tried to just eat 1, i ended up finish the whole bag. :(
    will be going in tomorrow to reload.

  • +1

    $2 for biscuits is definitely a deal nowadays,
    seeing that 1/2 price Tim Tams are actually $2.50 now :-(

  • We all know that Venetians are where it's at. Lemon Crisps are just the option if you're wanting the packet to last a bit longer.

  • These or Arnott's Lemon biscuits? Which one is better? Those who have tried both, please.

  • Bought the exact one today, always love the lemon crisp taste 👅

  • +1

    Used to nightfill at Coles and somebody always took a full box of these at soon as they're on the shelves. These and them Di Leo Sponge Fingers 🤔

    • Di Leo Sponge Fingers; worth buying?

  • Slightly sweet? The things are literally one quarter sugar. Love a biscuit but come on.

  • Is there any saving too low to post? There must be 100+ discounted items on any supermarket website at any time.

  • Why is Kingston all sold out everywhere in Vic.

    Everything else is in stock, it can't be that popular

  • Thank op, bought these as well but they’re hard like rock. 🦷


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