Patriot P310 1.92TB NVMe PCIe M.2 Gen3 x4 SSD $137 Delivered @ Patriot Memory AU via Amazon AU

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Good deal for cheap NVME storage, no DRAM however it does support HMB.

Patriot P310
Interface: x4 PCIe 3.0/NVMe
Form Factor: M.2
Controller: Phison E13T
Configuration: Single-core, 4-ch, 8-CE/ch
HMB: Yes
NAND Brand: Micron
Layers: 176
Read/Write: 2100/1800
Categories: Entry-Level NVMe
TBW: 960TB…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This looks like it might be better value?…

    Glad to see SSDs coming back down in price a little bit!

    • This one is a Gen 4 while post is a Gen 3

    • This is exactly what I’m after, excepting price aha

      Added to watch list to keep an eye on it, cheers

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        It’s already very cheap. How much cheaper do you want

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          Another dollar should do it

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          Last year's pricing.

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        The 1 star and 2 stars comments are concerning:

        • Average read is 1830MB/s, with max read of 3518.56MB/s. Average write speed of 477.57 MB/s.
        • SSD died after 4 months.

        If this SSD uses the previous gen YMTC TLC 112L NAND, then it is essentially a ticking timebomb. With these el cheapo brand SSDs, you need to know the NAND used and the controller.

    • The specs look great. The only information I can find is that it is made by Fanxiang, I don't have much experience with the brand so not sure of the reputation/reliability.

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            @Black Hole: This is a post about a piece of silicon called an SSD which has no political or religious affiliation. Keep on topic please or take the next Bonza flight to Bakhmut.

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              @Snoots: silicon is the new spice war brother. you pick your sides

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                @CptnObvious: Correct. Chips are the new Oil, and we live in interesting times. I just don't like people who get on their Soapbox and rant about something off topic.

                • @Snoots: You tell him like it is. How dare he come from the left and derail our thread.

        • it is an American company, manufactured in Taiwan, not China.

          • @Goliathus: I am not sure we can trust the taiwan. They too are sneaky and are purposely delaying the factories they are supposed to built for us.

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          The same semiconductor industry that was screwing over consumers with controlled inflated prices?

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          Oh yeah try to completely decouple all your supply chains from China, and also get butthurt over rising prices of things. Can't have it both ways mate.

    • So is the real deal in the comments?

    • my thoughts have always been it was paid for media hype to artificially raise the price
      there was never a 'real' reason to increase ssd prices, especially on old gen

  • nixnehontheOverlordnehmydude

  • need a similar deal for sata ssds 🤐

    • Most of them had been discontinued. Even WD blue are hard as (profanity) to find ATM, relying on overpriced Amazom stock. So it's very unlikely to find any discount anymore

  • any good extensor enclosures for this?

    • Might be overkill for your needs, anything from Ugreen, OWC, Sabrent, Satechi, Orico, etc. should work for USB 3.0 speeds, but I bought myself one of these because have a USB4 laptop:
      ^Also works in a standard USB port if your PC doesn't support thunderbolt 3/4 or USB4, but if you do it enumerates via pcie tunneling and runs as if it were actually plugged into the motherboard, which aside from running at up to 40Gbps will let you install firmware updates if required (unlike a regular USB enclosure).

      • That enclosure should be good for up to 5,000MB/s on drives that support it, i.e PCIe 4.0 or 5 drives.

  • I mean external enclosures?

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      Normal 10Gbps chips, maybe. If you go ASM2464PD (USB4/TB4) enclosures, you'll need a proper PCIe 4.0 SSD to reach full speed (~3.6GB/s). I tested two enclosures with ASM2464PD, both can do 1.8-2GB/s only on PCIe 3.0 drives even if the drive can go faster.

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    Need 2x 4TB to upgrade my NAS. Eyeing the teamgroup ones and hoping the $249 deal or better is back .

    • If you need cache drives, give enterprise 2280/22110 or U.2 drives a try.

      For storage, yeah any drive would do as long as you're on RAID1.

      • Cheers for the tips. I'm still open to that. I came across an upgradeable Nas board similar to rpi but it's not cheap yet in here when I checked the price last time. Can't recall the model atm. I've also read some M.2 cashe drives and was planning to give it a try.

        • I get the SSD benefit, but most of us don't have 10Gbps LAN at home to take full advantage of SSD NAS. Also, SSD NAS offerings so far seem to use PCIe gen 3 x1 slots (it is understandable because even with 10Gbps LAN, the practical max throughput speed would be around 1GB/s).

  • Steer well clear of Patriot drives, they will die after a year, and you will lose all information if you don't back up.

    Stick to WD/Seagate/Samsung if you value your data.

    • you will lose all information if you don't back up.

      Obviously if you don't have a good backup, you're going to lose data when a drive falls. This applies to any brand of drive.

      if you value your data

      …then you need a good backup
      This applies to any brand of drive.

      Backup, backup, backup.

      • You blatantly missed the point of this post mate.

        I have Western Digital portable hard drives that are 20 years old that still work without a hitch. I was saying the failure rate of this brand is questionable at best and to go for a more reputable brand, but thanks for stating the obvious 🙃

  • Is this good for main boot drive?

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