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[VIC] Steelcase Gesture Drafting Chair, Armless $500 In-Store Only @ Sustainable Office Furniture, Sunshine West


These Chairs are Unused chair- holds upto 180kg.
52 North View Drive, Sunshine West Vic 3020 - Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm

These are NEW NOT USED
In Stock: 24
Delivery Available: Yes
General Dimensions
Height: Lowest 600mm Highest 800mm

Need to purchase a large quantity? Contact Us to discuss a discount for Bulk Buying

Terms of Quote
Payment can be made via EFTPOS or Invoice Payment Only (NO CASH ACCEPTED)
Payments and collections must be made within 7 Days
Delivery available for a fee on request or buyer to arrange their own transport
Inspections are welcome prior to purchase
Please note some orders require packing and sorting preparation time before they can be collected. (Please give sufficient notice on an order prior to pick up to ensure your order is ready)

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  • The photos don't look like new items at all, and if they're new, where are the armrests?

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      These chairs can be purchased without armrests.

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        Also I guess we need an explanation as to what happened with the previous Rep account which is deactivated? The gaslighting & pretending to be the victim was out of control in the last post.

        • Is this the same person or was that Rep sacked?

        This avoidance behaviour seems consistent with the previous account. For example, this post when they deliberately left the store name out of the title to to try & avoid scrutiny from certain members & the voting system.

        If businesses want to post on Aus number one bargain website they really need to be a step above in customer service, not a few steps below.

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          Fair - would like an explanation. Looks like attempt at damage control.

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: To be fair, I think anyone who has been on OzB long enough knows that business here do get targetted.

            • @eug:

              that business here do get targetted.

              Correct. If they are not posting an "actual" deal (just spamming/advertising), if they are here posting inflammatory comments, if they are here threatening legal action, if they are here abusing members of this site for no reason, or for a reason they dont feel is "fair", if they are just buying from China and then playing the "bUt AuSSiE jObS aRe At StAkE!!1!", if they are selling garbage, usleess goods, if they are selling dubious quality goods, if they have a better price on their eBay store, but give us their retail website, if they dont follow up with legitimate questions, if they post and ghost, if they goad the community and then act smug about off loading their trash…

              These are just some of the reasons that "businesses" get "targeted". 95% of the time, it is something that the rep has said or done, or something at that supplier/retailer has said or done that earns the ire of the members here, NOT because, like you are trying to insinuate, that it is a "sport".

              • @pegaxs: Thanks for confirming that businesses do get targeted.

                I never said they didn't do anything wrong.

                I said businesses get targeted, and there you go.

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    New R.R.P. $1600 Was $900.00 $500.00


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      You must be new to the world of premium work chairs. :)

  • Having used this chair in my office, I can attest to its comfort.

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    Who's buying a $500 chair without armrests? Let alone $1600.

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    The best thing about the Gesture are the ARMRESTS and they're selling these chairs without them LOL.

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      I thought it was the LiveBack back support. They even have a trademarked name for it. Meanwhile their armrests are just called armrests.

      • Ah no, I mean to emphasize the armrests on the Gesture is best thing about them, and this listing is selling these chairs without the armrests. Huge miss there really.

        • Oh yes that's what I was referring to as well. I thought it was the back support that was the best thing about the Gesture.

          I find I don't really use the armrests on my chair that much so probably wouldn't miss them. Good back support is a lot more important for me anyway.

  • Could you purchase the armrests from somewhere else lol?

  • so these are unused?

    it better (profanity) be, im gonna go tmr and if i sniff and smell someones butt, i wont be happy

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    Additional information
    All items are second hand/pre-owned and may show signs of wear (i.e. scruff marks and scratches)
    All items are sold as seen - once the item has been picked up no returns will be accepted (inspection is recommended)
    Installation available for a fee on request

    • We don't usually have new stock in our inventory these chairs are a one off website is linked for our general items which are all used correct, unfortenatly we couldn't amend website for 1 item i apologise for any confusion.

      • "All items are sold as seen - once the item has been picked up no returns will be accepted"

        Does this part apply or not?

        What is your store warranty on these chairs?

        • Rep has been online, and done some damage control but has conveniently not clarified the position on your highly relevant concern about the "no returns will be accepted" clause. Neg for that clause and for avoiding an answer to this question.

          • @Lucille Bluth: We do refund on this item if found faulty. The no returns policy only applies to USED items.
            If you would like further information please feel free to contact me Nadia on 03 9312 6341 anytime during trading hours iam happy to assist.

  • They look like demo chairs, if they're manufactured in 2021, what have they been doing these few years? Sitting in a warehouse?

    • Manufactured in 2020 actually (17-3-2020)

    • they were set up in an office during covid- office wasnt used then furniture was all sold off.

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    Wow, rep copping a lot of heat. New-old-stock happens all the time, could be repossessed from a non paying client, unfinished project, terrible warehouse management, who knows. Maybe go check them out and if they're not "new" as listed then flame away…

  • Posted by Nadia Sus

    Deal review: Na, Sus.

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    I wouldn't bother dealing with this store, as the way they were responding and conducting themselves in the previous deals through various deactivated accounts is in all likelihood an indication of what you have instore if something goes wrong. You'll be ghosted, or gaslit.

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      good morning,
      i can assure you that if you need us you can contact us in person or via website we can also supply you with mobile number that can be contacted out of hours.

  • Proceed with caution, this store has a history of shonky rep behaviour!

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      sorry that you feel this way- iam happy to assist you in any item enquires you have please feel free to reach out anytime on webpage you will get an instant reply.

  • they are most definitely used lol

  • A lot of people are giving Nadia a hard time here and only judging from the Photo that was posted?

    Has anyone actually bought anything from them? Because I have. 3 chairs in the past, Herman Miller v1, Haworth Zody x2 and they all held up well. I have passed some of them on to family members and on the look out for more.

    In my experience with them, the Herman Miller's mesh was a little loose, so I just went in and no questions asked, swapped for another one.

    Similarly, the Haworth Zody's armrest was a little loose, no problems, brought it in and got it exchanged.

    I'm not associated with the company in any shape or form, but seriously. if you feel like it's a good deal, go check it out.. if it looks a bit too nope for you, then take your money elsewhere.

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