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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Temperature Humidity Pro Electronic Digital Clock Watch US$18.14 (~A$27.89) Delivered @ Banggood

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Good deal for Xiaomi Mijia Smart Temperature Humidity ProElectronic Digital Clock Watch

  • After use the coupon: BGda1c40, the price will be US$18.14 (~A$27.89), including the Goods and services Tax, free shipping.
  • New users can get an additional US$4 off here:. New users only need US$14.14.


Hygrometer & Thermometer Test
Large LCD Display
3 ways Control [ put it in anywher you want]
Record Hygrometer & Thermometer History
Size 110 x 55 x 10.1mm / 4.33" x 2.17" x 0.4"
Brand: Mijia
Model: Mijia Digital Hygrometer
Color: Warm White
Material: ABS + PC

Package Includes:
1 x Xiaomi Mijia Digital Hygrometer
1 x Holder
1 x Wall Sticker
1 x Soft Magnet
1 X User Manual

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    This doesn’t do 12H format

    • Great. I only use 24H format.

  • Hi Op, Can we set Alarm?

    • +1


      • Thanks for your reply.

    • -1

      No! This is not your average Sonos!

  • what new user checks does banggood perform? credit card? address?

    Also - what battery does this use?

    • +3

      It has two CR2032 and an internal CR1220 as a real time clock :| (pics: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/xiaomi-e-paper-clock-l…)

      I also bought three and had the eink fail on one of them after 2 weeks so YMMV. Still working as a temp and humidity meter.

      these links will help you set the time of them without using the app. They don't automatically change for DST so you'll have to manually change them twice a year if your location observes DST.

      Can activate them to use with Home Assistant's BLE functionality here

      • thanks - not really after anything smart so might just get what was recommended in the last thread - https://www.amazon.com.au/Hygrometer-Thermometer-Humidity-Te…

        • I still like the xiaomi for its e-ink display. Your linked thermometer is just a normal LCD display. (it looks similar on the marketing pic … but will be a massive difference in real life - but comes at a price.)

          • @mini_wombat: can e-ink be seen at night?

            4x seems a little excessive and other features i dont use. I have the xiaomi Thermometer Hygrometer and dont take advantage of the bluetooth features

            • @cheap4321: yes eink can be seen at night but no backlight (well, frontlight) on these units

              • -1

                @bdl: If you mean the Xiaomi product deal on this page then No you won't be able to see the display in total darkness.

                It's just like a piece of white paper with writing on it. If there's no light, there's nothing.

        • I have both the Xiaomi and this Amazon clock.

          The Amazon clock is super cheap, it doesn't hold time in the bathroom where there is massive temperature fluctuations. It either run fast or slow. Also the temperature and humidity sensor isn't calibrated.

          The Xiaomi has a Sensirion factory calibrated humidity and temp digital sensor package. This is many times more expensive than the cheap analog ceramic humidity sensor.

          • @skillet: Would you still recommend the amazon one outside of the bathroom - I'm just using it in the kitchen and dining area?

            I received the amazon ones yesterday and they work and I'm happy with it - temp and humidity is a nice to have, not a necessity.

            Comparing the temp and humidity, the temp on the amazon one is roughly 1% off 18.4 vs 18.6 for xiaomi Thermometer Hygrometer and 6% off for humidity 88% vs 93% for xiaomi.

            • -1

              @cheap4321: They are not perfect clock. The coin cells powering the Xiaomi is too weak needs replacement more often than AA powered analog clocks. Otherwise, I find the numbers quite reliable, unfortunately I haven't been able to do any long term test, I have to set the time for daylight saving. I don't like the idea of app connected clocks(waste of power running bluetooth) but it's really convenient when setting the time.

              For the Amazon clock I use it in my uninsulated shed. The time can be off by a few minutes a year. The casing is flimsy as you can tell since you have one. My LCD would go blank sometimes. I have to mod mine as the zebra strip wasn't conducting properly due to lack of pressure.

              I am actually looking at this, it's 3xAAA which means longer battery life? and much bigger display

              • @skillet: but that's not eink right? Do you know if that has a calibrated humidity and temp sensor?

  • +3

    You need to set your region in xiaomi home to China to use this.

  • -1

    This is double the price after discount but much better https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/225809655012?itmmeta=01HXJE5TYC7…

    • It's $84.59 after discount for me.

      • Use coupon code INKBIRDHOT30

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