Up to 84% off Vans, Nike, adidas, Lacoste, ASICS, Converse: $40 Sneakers + $12 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Order) @ Glue Store

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  • +1

    Good price

  • Got a pair of the Nike. Thanks

  • Looking for kid shoes, any suggestions

    • +28

      generally they are quite small, around half the size of an adult shoe or less.

    • +10

      They're free under the tables at indoor playcentres

  • Nice deal, shame the Nike's I wanted weren't available for click and collect so shipping killed the deal

  • -1

    Thank you, got 3 pairs :)

  • +5

    so so so uuuuugly

    • +3

      Definitely on sale for an obvious reason :/

    • people with discriminating taste don't get to buy $40 shoes unfortunately

      • What, you saying shoes with flames on them lack taste?

        • Sorry Mr Fieri

    • cut the velcro tab off = not so fugly

    • It's just a white sneaker. Why the hate?

  • +3

    Nabbed the Lacoste. Noice. Thanks OP, I think.

    Already ordered 3 pairs the past week and this makes it 4. The price is too good to pass up. 👣

  • +7

    Most of listing are oos

  • +1

    Nothing in size 12/13 :(

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