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8-Pack BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Assorted Ink Ballpoint Pens $0.50 + Delivery ($0 OnePass/ C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


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Product Details

Includes 8 x assorted colour ballpoint pens (4 x black, 3 x blue and 1 x red)
8 pack
Dimensions/Size: 20.3cm (H) x 9.2cm (W) x 1.2cm (D)
Colour: Black, blue and red


Reliable BIC pens that spread the ink smoothly and evenly, providing consistent ink flow

Writing pens with a translucent barrel show the current ink supply, so you can know when to grab a new pen from the pack

Dependable ball point pens bulk pack with a round, comfortable barrel design and frosted cap - a sleek, practical choice for office or school supplies

Medium point

Writes 90% longer on average than PaperMate® InkJoy® 100 stick ballpen

Writes first time, every time®

Our quality comes in writing

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  • Are Bic pens still like scratching your nails down a chalkboard like they were in the 80s?

    • +1

      Funny, I never noticed that…..
      I was probably still getting over the inky fingers and sleeves from desk inkpots and nib pens…. and the corresponding finger mangling by a yardstick swung by malicious men in black dresses.
      Ahhhh…. the bliss of a catholic education system.

      • +1

        I too had the Catholic private school experience last century, those Christian Brothers …I certainly remember those finger manglings you speak of. I wonder if their release date is almost upon us.

    • Good enough for Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Purchase limit of 3 packs! There goes my order number of packs = $65/.5 order to get free delivery
    130x8 biros would have lasted me a while. Heck, I could even have walked around giving away free pens to anyone that wanted to sign a petition!

    • +1

      Umm, I just ordered a 4 pack.

      • +1 vote for achieving sneaky bargain :)

    • Also no idea what I am going to do with 28 pens 🖊️ I dont even write these days

  • +1

    I bought these last time someone posted about them, they're faulty and run out of ink very quickly , must be a bad batch, but still only 50 cents, ,and write smoothly until their premature death

  • Onepass = free delivery even on this !!!

    • +1

      I realised I'm not a fully naturalised ozbargainer after feeling a twinge of remorse…. after receiving 8 dustpan and broom sets @ $1 each…. in a giant box sent roadfreight 300 kilometers. I wonder if there's hope for me yet.

      • +1

        We need to know what you can possibly do with 8 dustpans and broom sets. That's local amateur theatre production of Mary Poppins - Chim Chim Cher-ee level.

  • Well…. apart from being addicted to bargains, I comfortably can use about 3 myself in the house, in the workshop, and in the carport workshop.

    I lurk in a local mens shed where messy folks make all sorts of wood shavings, metal filings, and biscuit crumbs. When us geriatrics can get motivated to clean up mess, we often forget to put stuffs back where it should be. Hence we've got a need for lots of dustpans, tools and stuff. (Often if someone goes hunting round because they need a tool, when they eventually find it they can't remember what they were going to do with it)

    I'm still not sure whether to be charitable, or whether I should tell them I got a bargain at only $5 each. ahem

  • These make great gifts to street kids when you go overseas to Asia, btw. However, depending on where you go (like Bali), they only need black for school. (It's weird, I don't get it either)

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