Beware Auto Delivery, I Nearly Lost $150 on Products I Didn't Want

I woke up to an email, over $160 had been deducted from my account for kitten food I no longer need. I immediately contacted them and was able to stop the sending of it (so they said). But if it was already posted I would have been out of pocket as I no longer have the kittens. It was an 8 week old order and all other companies so far have sent a reminder, not this one. I will have to keep better track of these.


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    What company mate?

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      its a secret

      Click here to find out which company was involved - the answer may surprise you!

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        Need to clean your URLs before posting, Jimothy!

        Even though that for many v=dQw4w9WgXcQ is known, for those that fail to remember, ab_channel=RickAstley is a dead giveaway…

        • Haha I should find a new host for the video just to really throw everyone off

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      What company mate?

      Doesn't matter, the issue wasn't the company, the issue was the OP set up a auto delivery and forgot to cancel it.

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      I am guessing Pet Circle.

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        I have pet circle auto delivery and I get both an email and text about a week out prior to delivery date!

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      The money was deducted during the night

      How sneaky of them to do their batch processing overnight….

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        Pam didn’t even ask for the batch to be processed!

        • Sounds like something/one was cooked rather than processed.

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    That was a close call Pam. Good save.

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    usually when the items arrives (first order) i will straight away open my app and cancel the future auto dels

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      good idea

    • This plus set a calendar reminder

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    Oh Pam,

    Somehow the crazy cat lady stereotype is fitting.

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      So true

      Sent from my iPhone

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    Pam saves the day
    i checked my amazon subscriptions and cancelled one for 6 months time

    Pam for PM!

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      amazon sends a reminder

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        but i needed ur reminder to remind me to look at the reminder


      • So do all the pet stores with auto delivery.

    • Amazon sends you reminders in essence to tell you to add more to your cart, so if you do ever forget, you are safe if you check emails daily.

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    Auto delivery companies hate this one simple trick.

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    OP clicked auto deliver button when they checked out last time because it gives you a discount, then gets angry it auto delivers for them because they forgot to cancel it


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    Donate to animal shelter

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    So you signed up with auto repeat delivery to get the discounted first order price, and it's the stores fault for following your instructions??

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      no its your fault. you should have warned Pam

      send Pam money now

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    Am I the only one wondering what happened to the kittens?

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      They ran out of food

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      They went well with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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        The Silence of the Pams

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      what happened to the kittens?


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      They're with Pam's missing folder and car key.

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      No this was what I was wondering.
      I'm guessing cat was not desexed and had a litter and the kittens were sold or they got kittens and decided they didn't like kittens.
      Some other possibilities - someone in the house murdered the kittens, the kittens ran away, the kittens got run over or killed in some other way.

      None sound good, but I think the best would be if they decided they weren't kitten people and rehomed them responsibly.

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    Just get another kitten.

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      OP will be receiving their forgotten auto-delivered kitten soon…

  • As much as my may cop flack for this post, it will probably save someone some money as opposed to saving money buying something you don't need!

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    Beware Auto Delivery, I Nearly Lost $150 on Products I Didn't Want

    You didn't want it, but you agreed to have auto delivery of the product. How would the company know you don't want it anymore if you don't tell them?

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      They should know that she doesn't have the kittens any more!

  • Auto delivery?
    Camry or Corolla?

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      beep beep barina

      • Let me blow ya horn

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        OP sounds like a PT cruiser kinda person

    • The Dart?

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    as I no longer have the kittens. It was an 8 week old order

    So what happened to the cat?

    • Must have become twisted and gave name to cable?

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    So you forgot to turn off Auto-Delivery and now you're playing the victim card?


    • Yes, its becoming a norm lately, pointing fingers at everyone apart from themselves for their inability to take action.

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    I'd like to take a few seconds to commend our Power Users for taking grammar seriously…

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    I don't think Amazon sends out emails either for Auto delivery until it's sent. Got lucky and randomly checked my orders and saw 'processing' and quickly cancelled them all

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      This is incorrect.

      Amazon gives you about a week's notice before executing your next S&S delivery.

      • Odd, I definitely didn't get it the last time it happened. Was one of the ones that I subscribed to get the initial discount. I didn't even get the order placed email, I just looked at my account and saw processing. Thought I got hacked lol

      • Does it also email you if you subscribe/download apps on firestick? I haven't been getting emails for those and some ghost subscribed me to Paramount and some kids thing. Only knew when I got charged

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          Does it also email you if you subscribe/download apps on firestick

          I just checked. I got spammed for every single app I downloaded.

          I find most of the emails from Amazon completely stupid as they lack essential details.
          For example, if I have purchased a Kindle book would it hurt to know the name of said book within the notification email!!!

          • @DoctorCalculon: Wtf I get all the emails for my normal orders, tracking, delivered etc, but nothing at all for the 2nd SnS orders and firestick downloads and subscriptions. I better go dig around the settings, so weird

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    At the end of the day I have received no email cancelling order or refund. I do still have the kittens but they are bigger and dont need this specialised food

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      But you said in the OP you no longer have the kittens. You making this up as you go…

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        kittens are cats now, so no longer he has the kittens.

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          Schrodinger's kitten.

    • Kittens need kitten food until 12 months of age.

    • If the cats are alive as now claimed, then they will eat kitten food. So it won't be wasted.

  • Is this what you used your $10 voucher for?
    Legally, I'm not sure you are entitled to a change of mind refund after it has shipped.

    • no, different company.

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    “I will have to keep better track of these”.
    Yes, yes you should.

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    Self responsibility? nahhhhhh

  • have been out of pocket

    You are and may still be… await part of the series Beware Auto Delivery, I Really Lost $150/$160 on Products I Didn't Want - The Missing ReFuNd edition

  • Something something alcohol

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    Sooooo you ordered something you didn't want and it is their fault for not telling you to cancel your order? take some personal responsibility in your life!

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      Have you not seen a pattern in pams posts?

      • yep, but I just think with all the feedback she has been given surely it is about time she learns, otherwise what is the point of these useless posts.

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          First time?

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    So what is the problem? Not the companies fault if you had it set auto delivery is it? Whats the purpose of this post?

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    TL/DR: I signed up for a service I no longer need but I forgot to cancel the service and they still charged me - but they offered a refund when I managed to cancel the service I no longer need.


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      … and I won't tell you which company because something.

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    I woke up to an email

    That's why I put my phone on silent overnight.

    • What if it's an emergency ?

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        I don't work at the 000 call centre…

  • Reminds me of the shit hello fresh

    • Reminds me of the shit hello fresh pam


  • Did this company force you to keep “Auto Delivery”? if “No” take responsibility for your actions for not being proactive to cancel the order.

  • I see trolls still stink up the internet

    • Don't be too hard on yourself

  • Had to chase up refund, they said up to 3 business days, now I have to chase up pet circle who promised me a $10 voucher to fill out a pet profile, not received

    • got petcircle on live chat and someone answered and as soon as I asked my question they went silent,

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        You gotta be kitten me

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