Bluetti AC200P L Solar Portable Power 2400W 2304Wh $2399 (Was $2899) Delivered / Pick up at Cheltenham VIC @ Moorabbin Batteries


A great unit and easily our most popular.
Scotty decided to drop the price of the unit and then give out another $100 coupon discount on top for social media posts.

AC200P L
"Achieve Super-Fast Charging to 80% in Just 1 Hour.
Expandable up to 8kWh.
Perfectly Compatible with B210P, B230, and B300 Expansion Batteries.
Delivers 2,400W Rated Power, Meeting the Needs of Various Loads in Your RV or Home."

Feel free to ask questions!

Mod: Insufficient quantity (7), discretion applied for high value item.

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    Please read the deal posting guidelines, you need at least 10 in stock.

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      Completely missed this guide, will do another check of the rules, thanks for pointing it out to me!
      While physical stock is at 7 as of posting we are an authorized distributor and get weekly shipments (eta 17/05) and have access to drop shipping capability if required.

      • Nice, thanks for replying & engaging positively with the community.

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      Thats for the AC200P, this is the AC200P L, Different unit. Confuses me all the time!

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          Medium lists the two as:

          Between AC200P and AC200L

          The OP says it is "AC200P L"

          • @Ultraman: yep you are right. spec is bit different. sorry for confusion.

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        Besides the additional L in the model number, what is the difference between the two?

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          Bluetti sell their products in a Premium version, usually for resellers and a normal non premium version.
          The P version of units is usually a slightly upgraded unit, for example, the normal AC200L is 2400W and 2048Wh where as the AC200P L is 2400W and 2304Wh.

          There can also be differences with warranties and extras like wireless charging pads.

        • Edit: Just realized you meant the difference between the two regarding the L, my bad.
          The AC200L and AC200P L are the new systems that are replacing the older AC200P. More wattage, more expandable capability, 80% charging in 45 mins as compared to the AC200p's 500W charging limit, Better solar inverter (1200w vs 700w.) The list goes on. Let us know if you need any specifics!

  • Can I leave this in the car boot charging my devices? Or will heat/lack of airflow, be an issue?

    • The unit has a smart control system to cool itself down or lower charging voltages if it gets too hot for its liking.
      The charging temperature on the datasheet is "0°C - 40°C / 32°F - 104°F" and the Storage and Discharging temperatures are "-20°C-40°C / -4°F-104°F"

      Tradies often use them in their closed ute tray and we haven't had one come back for warranty yet.

  • Not too bad for wifey safety approved car boot power system for those who arn't auto electricians but think they are… Approx 190A equivalent.

  • Do these have replaceable batteries?

    • No, unfortunately if you want to replace the battery you'll have to buy a new unit. The AC200P L is rated to 3000+ cycles to 80% with it's LiFePO₄ battery however.

  • Can you use these as a car charger ie can be earthed?

    • I do not believe you can earth the AC200P L, however the unit, and most if not all of the premium series can be grounded using the provided grounding screw. Ignoring this I'm pretty sure the voltage wouldn't be high enough from the unit to charge a car battery (from the DC ports.) If I we're in a pinch I would use the units AC port to charge a battery charger and use that to charge the battery.

      The only accessory I could find would be the "12V/24V Lead-acid Battery Charging Cable" however this is intended to be used by charging the unit from the car battery.

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