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Huggies Size 1 2x 216 Pack $90 ($78 S&S), Size 2 192+96 Pack $83.67 ($72.30 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Amazon has a promotion where you can save $30 for a $100 spend, can be combined with S&S. The price above is reflecting the 10% off for S&S without prime membership.

Most Huggies nappies included, you can play around with different combination to get as close to $100 as you can for maximum discount.

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  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought 2x size 4 nappies for $72 lol.

    Was Planning to go to costco tomorrow to buy 50+$ per box.

    • Just did the same. Not sure why some nitwit would neg you for sharing a good deal! $36/box for these is insane value.

    • This!

  • Timing cannot be any perfect having a baby at August stacking up with this

    • Hope you have some warehousing space sorted out :p

  • +1

    Cheers OP. 256 size 5s for $89 with S&S. Good deal.

    • I did similar earlier today :).

  • Which one is for newborn?

  • +4

    Huggies nappy pants for those looking seem to be half price at chemist warehouse which works out cheaper. $10.99 for 24 pack


    • Thanks! Works out $91.3 for two packs of 108 , compared to $102 on Amazon (afterS&S)

      Hope maths is correct

      EDIT : low stock most places

  • Awesome deal thank you OP

  • Thanks OP. Here is some math.

    Huggies Ultimate Nappies Size 4 58 Count ($0.53 each)
    -15% for S&S = $26.35/58 = $0.46 each)
    =$105.4 - $30
    =$75.4 ($0.325 each)

    Aldi is around $0.22 cents from my poor memory, so this is a good nearly 30% dearer even with all these discounts.

    • +1

      Aldi compared to Huggies Ultimate is perhaps not a like for like comparison

    • +1

      Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies size 4, 144 count x 2 for $72 for me. 25 cents each.
      I think that's worth it over 23 cents for Aldi ones which are far worse imo

      • Ah, I didn't see that option, must've sold out.

    • You're comparing a 40 year old Yugo to a brand new Rolls Royce.

  • How do i stack subscribe snd save?

    • +3

      Should be able to add all the items as a ‘one time purchase’ to get them all in cart, then go to cart and choose to subscribe and save individually from there. That is how I did it.

  • Does anyone know whether Pure Care is the same as the Ultimates?

    • I wondered the same and used both and both look similar in quality though not identical in design.

    • +1

      One of the pictures on the listing I was looking at specifically stated that "Huggies Ultimate Nappies are now Huggies Ultimate Pure Care(TM)".

  • +1

    This is so good on Huggies Ultimate range, already at their special price plus this deal makes them real cheap

  • +4

    I won't neg it but this isn't a deal.

    Huggies nappies are mid range. It has been this way since huggies shutdown the sydeny plant in 2019 and moved manufacturing to china.

    The quality nowadays is on par with Aldi but they are still marketed as a "premium brand". They aren't. You might as well save money and buy the aldi nappies.

    Both Aldi and Huggies are alright for day use but overnight? Good luck. Both breathe well enough and absorb fluid well, however the capacity is not as good as other brands, i've found if used as an overnight nappy you're asking for trouble with nappy rash.

    Babylove make very good nappies, the quality is just as good as huggies and aldi, however they have more absorbent materiel in them. They are however expensive. I use aldi nappies for day time and overnight pullups for my older child, aldi during the day and babylove overnight for the younger one. Neither kid ever has nappy rash.

    • +1

      At night I use size 6 nappies on my boy who fits size 4’s for day use. Works a treat

      • TBH we have surplus from the first we're still going through but that's a great idea. My boy is in 4's at the moment and will be in nappies for a while yet.

      • Loose nappy at night is a dangerous game to play especially when viral gastro is doing rounds. Fairly be warned thee!

    • Good post, the Aldi’s nappies don’t work well overnight

    • Agreed, "ultimate" isn't premium for my bubs as nappy rash appears quickly, with other brands nope!

    • Huggies ultimate are leagues better than the aldi nappies. Are you comparing them the the Huggies essentials or something? Don't get me wrong, for the price aldi are decent but I wouldn't say they were "on par". The pull-ups look like sumo pants on my toddler and start falling off/leaking around the legs when they're fairly wet. The nappies fit him a bit better.

      The only ones I maybe preferred were pampers as they were super thin, fit really well and were super absorbent.

      Sucks when you put a new 60c+ nappy on and they poo in it 5 minutes later :P

  • Size 4 is out of stock so bought size 5 for when baby grows up soon. Thanks OP.

    • Hahaha I did that for the size 3 to 4 . Bought 4 as no 3 available

      • My baby#2 will be born in August and I already have a huge stack of diapers of various sizes thanks to this deal.

        • +1

          Haha I wish I could say the same. My younger baby only got the clothes I'm working adhoc with nappies.
          Also only last week I had to resort to buying baby love as there were no Huggies size 3 on Amazon… I hope they are good

  • +2

    Damn promo has ended

    • Yep, missed out by 12 minutes

  • +2

    Dammit my wife just told me to order more nappies 18 hours ago and I just got around to it and I'm 23 minutes late haha

  • We just had a newborn and assumed Huggies was the best, but our recommendations is try them all, baby love, Aldi, Huggies, etc. We landed with the woolies nappies. They fit our baby the best, least amount of blow outs etc and cheaper than others with the 5% off rewards.

  • -1

    What is S&S mean?

    First timer here.

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