Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle 187 Pieces $10 & More + $9.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $120 Order) @ Spotlight


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      Can we put this person in a bin?

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      Dimwit semiliterate detected!

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      If I find an Ozbargain deal on Trauma Dolls, would you like to show us all where it was that Harry hurt you?

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      If you don't like HP why did you bother click into this post. Who hurt you, did you just got rejected by a girl/boy/other who loved watching HP?

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      Ok muggle

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      Maybe after more than 5 years, you could contribute to the community by posting something you think is a better franchise and not for "trash people" instead of just leeching and making childish comments. 🧙🪄

    • Slugulus Eructo!


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    Great deal. I have done two before including the great hall. They're fun and work well.

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    Might be a bit unclear in the description but there are also Marvel, Star Wars, and Batman puzzles.

    • Thanks, went back in and grabbed some dinosaurs for kids gifts

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    If these are like the ones I've done before, they're foam sandwiched by 2 sheets of glossy paper. Lots of small pieces to pop out, but also can be crushed, so needs a bit of patience/dexterity.

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    Thanks OP! Just ordered 7 - mix of HP and star wars for the kids, click and collect.

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    Looks good and giving it a try. Noting that Big W Great Hall for $79 isn't the same item. 187pcs vs 850pcs which is good as I don't know if I'd have the patience for 850pcs

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    Just incase anyone is ordering >$120 worth of things. Use SAVE40 coupon to take $40 bucks off (Must be >$120 spend).

    • i have edited the deal to include this. thank you

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    I just bought 6 of the above for $45 delivered (min spend $50+delivery) with RFHBU567 code. Thanks OP

  • Anyone got a spare $5 spotlight voucher they aren't using? Would be eternally grateful. Thanks

    • This is OZB. I will sell you mine for $4.95

  • bugger, no stock in any of the postcodes i could try and none for delivery.

    for what it is worth i also got offered a $5 voucher in browser for any click and collect no minimum spend so this would have been $5.

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