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Valve Steam Deck OLED 512GB Handheld Gaming Console $989 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


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Steam deck OLED 512gb

Not better than the recent deal but this is the cheapest among the active ones.

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  • +8

    $90 bucks more than the previous deal in case anyone doing any calculations.

    • +10

      back on the fence

      • One of the hosts on a podcast I listen to (Remaster) highly recommends the (more expensive but actually available at local brick-and-mortar stores) Lenovo Legion Go - runs Windows, can use with an eGPU, dock it to a larger display, remove the controllers from the screen and turn them into a handheld controller…

        Having said that, also read the comments here

        • I'd be leaning towards the Go too but no OLED and the software is not as good. I'd definitely avoid ASUS, there's a big scandal brewing over them screwing over customers for repairs.

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: Yeah I just added a link to a thread further down with comments on the Legion Go…

    • +3

      Saw a steam deck deal after buying the last deal: Panik
      Saw the price: Kalm

  • +3

    hahaha **** my gameboy colour cost $180 back in the day

    • +15

      Look at Mr Colour Gameboy over here. Back in my day our Gameboys were green screened, had no backlight and ran on a combination of cod liver oil and leftover onions.

      • -5

        and yet Pokemon red is better than anything this device can put out

        The link cables, the rare candy dupes, going down to the Westfield meets to get the mew. It's all soulless and boring now. Much more raging too!

        • +5

          I loved Poke Blue back in the day but the Steam Deck is the best gaming device I've ever owned personally.
          PC games, emulation, cloud streaming, media box, portability. It's great.. I just can't justify the cost of upgrading my LCD to OLED but I really want to.

        • +2

          Yep it was a golden age where everyone was just having fun and didn't have ridiculous expectations. Now people complain about the tiniest things and rage over it all.

          • @DingoBilly: Amen. I blame comp gaming, stats & ranks for most of the joy sapping thesedays

          • +2

            @DingoBilly: I feel like the “Golden Age” will be the time each person grew up with video games.
            Sure, there’s a bunch of angry people online complaining about whatever (who probably don’t even play anymore) while most people are just having fun playing their favourite game.

          • +2

            @DingoBilly: I think you will find most complaints are about simple stuff like games that are no longer intended to be fun, but rather addictive with micro-transactions and other generally un-fun "features"

        • Tried fire red?

        • I love my Pokemon Red and Blue, hence I run them on my steam deck.

        • +2

          I think you're just being nostalgic, which is fine, but things can get better over time.

    • +1

      colour? how about the crisp black and white of Game and Watch

  • +6

    $899 is the standard

    • +3

      would be nice but gonna be awhile before $899 again

    • +1

      if only everyone oblige by that

    • +6

      The gold standard maybe. Pretty sure it was an eBay subsidised sale so will be a while before seeing it again

  • I bought one via Kogan Ebay for $1040 last week with a random $100 off ebay coupon, if you are on the fence and want the Kogan returns / warranty support and willing to pay slightly extra give that a try.

    • +13

      want the Kogan returns / warranty support

      Did I miss a memo? Is this considered a good thing now?

      • +2

        I'm also interested. Last I heard Kogan was terrible for returns

      • Maybe I've based it on nothing besides a national distributor vs a single tech store.
        Without knowing what this tech store is like, there are risks around will they be operational in a year, change owners, or just have tighter margins and struggle to get an gray import steam deck repaired/ replaced with less economies of scale. You could say the same for Kogan, so maybe it's personal preference?

    • +2

      Prefer Mobileciti over Kogan for sure.

  • Darn, i can't combine this with my random $100 coupon.

  • I'm still tossing up between Lenovo Go and Steam Deck,

    Waiting for price drop bit more on both tho

    • +5

      I'm willing to bet that Lenovo go support will fizzle up and die long before steam deck support does.

      • they might both be paperweights by that stage

        • Nah I heard Go support has already slowed to a trickle.

    • +3

      FWIW, the deciding factors that swayed me towards the Steam Deck OLED were battery life and reliable suspend/resume.

    • +2

      I'm a very lazy console gamer. The Lenovo Legion Go is a PC, you need to be prepared to tinker a lot with settings etc to get things working the way you want.
      Steam Deck has a MASSIVE community and the setups/configurations that are installed along with the game.
      I haven't had to tweak any settings except adding a 'buy' button into Counter Strike 2.
      I've hardly touched my XBox or Switch since getting this.
      I bought the Steam Deck OLED for $1279 from Kogan last year, no regrets.

      • tbf deck needs some tinkering to do roms and run other launchers too

        • Agreed, but to play Steam games it's pretty straight forward.
          And I'd have to say that my experience with EmulationStation on the Steam Deck has been a LOT smoother than running a bunch of individual emulators on Android handhelds (Odin/Retroid) or even Retroarch.

          • +1

            @MayhemVC: I just love quick resume so much. A windows one would be my choice if i needed a laptop equivalent

    • Deck is more of a on-the-go handheld, while Go is more of a sit-down-and-play handheld (so a bit more like a pc)

    • +2

      see a lenovo in person. i held one yesterday. its such a hulking slab and not ergonomic at all

      the hall effect sticks are weightless and feel strange to me, the triggers when pulled in left a hard edge from the body that your finger ends up resting on, the DPAD is a clicky flat button press thats disgusting and the face buttons are also very flat.

      also its weighs so damn much

      • The go requires custom grips or another controller for comfort

    • Look into the performance on battery. look at the 0.1% frames. the go gets destroyed.

  • +1

    No deal will beat Valve officially selling this down under.
    Which they won’t, because Gabe is secretly a dipshit who doesn’t care about Australian gamers, since they rightfully kicked his legal balls.

    • +1

      $899 deal is pretty much on pair with US price $549 US - $820 AUD
      add on import cost etc

  • +1

    NVIDIA likely entering into the handheld market too.

    • +6

      And watch them exit the handheld market not long after. CoughShieldcough

      • Yeah I was going to say, didn't they already enter the handheld market with the Shield and depart not long after.

        Didn't they also move away from mobile device chips i.e. Tegra?

  • I can only get this down to 1089.99 with the MCMAYEXTRA50 $50 off. How do you get the price OP listed on the deal?

    • +1

      Use both the coupon codes- TECHMAY and MCMAYEXTRA50

    • +1

      These 2 coupons stack together - TECHMAY | MCMAYEXTRA50
      Just tested and it works :)

    • Thanks OP and fastnet, I realized I was using my non-AU account and it didn't stack. Pulled the trigger. Cheers

  • Any suggestions on case for Steam deck OLED?

    • Skull N Co grip case.

    • +2

      It comes with a case which does the job.

  • I am still waiting for halve price…

  • Missed the last deal but jumped on this since I'll be travelling OS and can claim TRS.

  • Kogan is selling refurbished OLED for $855 https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/valve-steam-deck-oled-handheld-…

    Any experience with Kogan refurbished? Is it a risky purchase?

    • I have good experience with new products from Kogan but not refurb.

      Also note, kogan refurb includes-
      "All refurbished models may have 3rd party parts"

      • This is exactly why I decided against Kogan refurbed. Was close to paying an extra $59 to get from Amazon.

        Any good suggestions for docks?

  • Has anyone had their deck posted yet?

    • I placed a Click n Collect and collected few hours ago.

  • OOS?

  • OOS. Next best price is from the 'my-phonez' seller. Anyone purchased from them?

  • anyone still looking for a Steam Deck OLED, the same seller got a refurbish ones for 50$ less atm

  • Back in stock now, codes still work. Had mine for a few days now and absolutely love it

    • I had for a week now…really love it….
      Just small regret that I should have bought 1TB version but I can coverup with 1TB SD card.

  • Mine still hasnt posted and it was purchased on the 16th. They told me they had oversold them and don't have stock.

    • Mine was only marked as posted today.

      • Have you received yours yet?

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