[PC] Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition US$14.99 / A$19.97, Deluxe Collection US$19.99 / A$24.97 @ Minecraft


If you have not bought the game or you have some kids who would like it, great time to buy.

Comes with Minecraft Java edition, bedrock edition and Minecraft launcher.

Deluxe version also US$19.99 (normally US$39.99)
Comes with everything the basic version comes with but extra currency, maps, skins, emotes and a texture pack.

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    ah so now it goes on sale..

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    Believe that price is in USD not AUD? It changed to 19.97 inc GST on checkout

    • Oh true that get's me everytime. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Nice. It is also $19.97 AUD on the microsoft/xbox store directly.

    • Right, here https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/games/store/minecraft-java-bedroc… and I think people who say they've found it for $15 are maybe looking at something else like Minecraft Dungeons?

      • Advantage/disadvantage of buying this through Microsoft? Cs Minecraft directly?

        If I buy it through the Xbox store, can I play the Java addition on my Mac?

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    If you have not bought the game or you have some kids who would like it, great time to buy.

    Or re-buy the game if you didn't migrate and Microsoft stole your money.

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      Bought my account in the extremely early days of beta (before MP), the fact they got away with this is stupid.

      ACCC hello?

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        In the old days when you'd send Notch an email or message him on IRC.

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      Strange complaint IMHO. I must have literally got 100 emails nagging me to migrate. Using it now is basically identical to before except the launcher is better.

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    "If you have not bought the game or you have some kids who would like it"…..or you are like me, and missed the memo that you needed to manually migrate your Mojang account across to Microsoft to avoid losing access to the game.

    • When did this happen? And how do I check if I already did it?

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        Try and login at minecraft.net.

        It will force you to sign in via a Microsoft account, instead of your Mojang username and password.

        Also you should have an email confirming the migration.

    • As above, I don't know how people managed to miss this, they sent dozens and dozens of reminders.

      • I never got a single email about it, and the email address used is my main email still.

        I've read some people didn't receive emails if they only ever logged in via their username (and not their email) so that would apply to me as I always just used my Mojang username.

        • Ah, interesting - so probably MS buggered this up. I bought Minecraft waaaaaaaay back at the start but my biggest complaint about the transition has been the sheer number of emails harassing me about it!

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            @caitsith01: Yeah I bought it in 2011 when it was still in beta. I'm guessing as I never logged in using my email I wasn't on the list.

            I remember playing a cracked version and thinking "hey this game is pretty fun, I'll actually support this indie company, even if it means I have to buy a digital game. But at least I will get free updates for ever" lol.

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    Don't forget 10% off MS eGC through Rewards Gateway.

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    Feeling less poor knowing there are other early Minecraft buyers like me that have had the game stolen from them.

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    +1 for having my game stolen from me.

    I also bought a multi-gift licence of I thought 3-4 in the microsoft owned but mojang account era (couple of years ago? would go on sale once a year?) and I lost two of them and a third only has access to bedrock but not java (not sure what is going on there). One license was carried over because one of my sons was using it….

    Also can't believe they got away with it.

  • I have zero knowledge of this game but my kids play Sklauncher. What's the difference?

    • Sklauncher makes it easy to install different mod packs without having to manually go through a process it's just one click download and play. Lets them play the game with different features than what the developers intended.

    • -1

      sklauncher is a cracked version of the game

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    Cheaper on Microsoft Store as it's already in AUD

  • What's the difference between this and version(s) on Xbox gamepass for Xbox and PC?

    Genuine question. My kids play but I have no idea.

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      I’m not sure myself but my daughter who is a big gamer tells me PC has the Java edition which has more mods etc and consoles only use Bedrock

      You can do more with Java

      But saying this I’m not sure if Java is crossplay so PC uses using Java can play against Xbox players using Bedrock. I could be wrong as they may have updated this but last time I check you couldn’t

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      Nothing really - this is just purchasing the game so you'll have access if Minecraft leaves Gamepass.

      As for versions, Minecraft was originally built in Java and is easily moddable.
      Microsoft purchased Minecraft and developed another version in C++, for use on machines which don't support Java (phones, tablets, Xbox, PS4, etc - basically everything other than PC). Bedrock has a built in store and you can purchase skins, maps, scenarios, "realms" aka server hosting etc.

      Bedrock you can play across basically all devices on the same server. You can have a kid with a switch, xbox and Ps4 all playing together.
      Java is good if you want a highly customizable experience without all the restrictions the Bedrock edition has - but you'll need a PC, Mac or Linux device.

      • Seems like the Java edition is not played me on Mac if you buy it through MS store?

    • if you scroll a bit there is features comparison here https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-deluxe-colle…

  • Thought I'd got this edition for my kids, and the extra currency as essentially unclaimable. The 'deluxe' edition was misleading. The other extras worked.

  • You’re kidding me! I just bought a copy a month or 2 ago :(

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    The standard version is on sale for iOS and Android too.

    $2.99 down from… I think it was $8.99



    • The Phone version is horrible and just a bad experience compared to the Java and Bedrock version. It's worth the $3 if you plan to play when you're out and about but it does not come even close to the other two versions.

  • Timing!!!
    My other son now wants Java too.

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    Still wildly annoyed that they took the game from so many people and faced absolutely zero repercussions - I was never able to migrate my account because I didn't have access to the account I bought it on, nor the bank account used to purchase it. Despite emailing the customer support team multiple time, they still never helped. Disappointing :(

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    I posted in one of the others:

    Is this game good for my kids??

    Generally yes - but at that age (7-9) I would have thought you'd know if you're kids are into it. My kids, as with their Pokemon interest, became obsessed from their friends being involved first.

    Game is okay - but you should guide them a bit as it's a free-form exploration or building or crafting game. At least my 6.5 year old has a hard time setting his own 'goals' to achieve, and gets distracted just trying to kill things.
    Nonetheless with a guide book he seems to think he knows all about the mobs and lore/items, with out actually having achieved it.
    Same as his interest with Pokemon haha

    Minecraft is generally less insiduous/exploity (loot-boxey/gamblery/slots) than Roblox, and is less violent than Fortnite. So gets my vote of approval for younger kids - caveat above aside.
    My 4-yo just potters around and gets stuck constantly but still seems to enjoy it. His hands are a bit small for controllers still so has a hard time navigating, whereas my 6yo has got the hang of it after a good few days playing it, albeit finds it hard to do multiple things at once (like run and jump, or run, jump and attack). That will come with time I guess.

    Most of my kids' friends play in creative mode (no threat - unlimited blocks) but I make mine play in survival (haha).

    You can also setup a server if you are that way inclined to play with them from another console/computer and it can cost nothing, with Aternos. This is advanced however.

  • This is good for those who want to give QuestCraft a go on their Quests. I understand you need to have the Bedrock edition to be able to get it working.

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    Also had the game stolen from me by Microsoft. When I purchased waaay back I was told 'access to every future version of the game" then M$ took away access to the only version. Scammers.

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    Could I please get some advice here about multiple kids accounts and devices?
    I have 2 kids that will likely want to play multiplayer with me and their friends in the future. Do they each need their own purchase of the game or is a single purchases just needed. Adding complexity here now too, if one of us was on an iPad and then wanted to then play on PC is your progress saved to the device you started on or is it like a cloud save or something?
    I was reading that a Microsoft account is needed for online/mulitplayer/cross-platform play.
    Do I need to purchase 3x PC accounts or can I just have 1x PC purchase and 1x iPad purchase and then just login with the different accounts depending who is play on which device?

    • from what I know there are no online saves, so you can not play on one device then expect the world to appear in other devices

      ipad and pc is different purchase, so if you planning to play on ipad you need to buy it again on app store, but am not sure how you can locally transfer the pc version save into the ipad version (sorry hasnt research this one)

      your best option is maybe pay for minecraft server or host it locally if you can, since its mean you can connect it from any device

    • I have the exact question! Did you figure it out?

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    Quick question sorry
    If I buy this does it include the PC version & Mac version of do you need to buy two different version to play on both?

    Also when does this sale end?

    • If I buy this does it include the PC version & Mac version of do you need to buy two different version to play on both?

      comes with both versions

      Also when does this sale end?

      This is a 15 year anniversary sale, so I'm guessing they'd have it running for 15 days, so until the end of the month

      • Thanks
        I have a Mac and my daughter has a pc so I only need to buy it once

    • I wish they published the end date for the sale clearly but it might be on June 22, if you look at the description of the YT video about the anniversary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msRc6d4xtEs

  • I have a Microsoft account with my work email. I want buy Minecraft for my son - am I better off creating a Microsoft account with my personal email address?

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      I went through this. Better create ms accounts for your personal email and your son then create a family to include your son's account in the family as member. Make the purchase from your son's account and approve the purchase from your account. It sounds a bit complicated but I think that's the way for your son to play java version with his own account.

      • Thanks for the advice. Does seem a bit complicated but I'd rather set it up so that it will work.

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