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[Box Damaged] Dyson Gen5 Outsize Complete Vacuum Cleaner $1099 Delivered @ Dyson Australia eBay


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I know Dyson's generally aren't great for value but for those who are interested in a larger Gen5 Dyson. $1199 but with the coupon comes down to $1099.

This model also comes with the Multi Dok which usually retails for around $150.

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  • Thanks OP, been looking to buy this vacuum for a while and havent found it cheaper than ~1600 anywhere

  • Anyone know how the warranty works if bought from eBay?

    • if it is new, same 2 years, if it is ref, then 1 yr

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    Gen5detect hurt my wrist. This would be a killer

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      I know a few who got this for thier wives and they literally struggle to use it. Too big. Better to check it out in the store before buying it as its quite large.

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    I would say go with this around same price with trade-in code https://www.dyson.com.au/dyson-v15-submarine-absolute-448802…. You have both mop and vacuum. The advantage of Outsize is bigger but still you are missing mop function.

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    Tried the standard sized gen5detect in-store for about a minute and thought it was fine. Should have tested it for at least 10 minutes; gets heavy after manoeuvring around furniture and around the house.

    Still a great vacuum though. The laser is not a gimmick.

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      I 'downgraded' to a V12 slim. Smaller bin cannister, but so much better on the wrist! V12 slim also has the excellent green laser light

  • can anyone who received theirs come back and let us know how damaged the box is and any issues with the unit itself?

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      Received mine. Box is perfect as is vacuum. Maybe they changed their packaging 🤷 btw I don't find it heavy to push around on hardwood floor at all re comments above. Maybe carpet is different. Access vacuuming under a bed is a little more limited though.

      • Good to know, haven't had time to pick up mine yet. Hopefully is also perfect packaging.

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