Apple 2022 iPad 10.9" (Wi-Fi, 64GB) (10th Generation) $587 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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  • 10th gen back to a reasonable price. Was a hard sell when the 9th gen was $550. Unless you really wanted usb c.

  • this or Air5?

    • If you need more than 64gb I’m thinking 128gb Air might actually be the better buy

      • the Air5 only comes in 64 and 256

        • +1

          Sure does, new air has 128gb.

    • How long do you keep devices? If you renew every couple of years, go with this. If you want to keep for 4 years+ the Air.

      I am leaning toward the Air, as probably in 2 years the cheapest iPad will have an M series chip, so might as well get the benefits from today instead of waiting a couple of years.

  • MEMORY Card slot No
    Internal 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM

    4GB DAMN it. 6GB and i would buy.

    • I won’t say 6GB wouldn’t be better, cause it would be, but it isn’t exactly necessary on the base model. There’s nothing this tablet can’t do for its target market.

      The Air and the Pro have higher specs to run higher draining apps and processes, which is the market for those tablets.

      However, I will say the new base model Air at $330 more than the 2022 base model iPad is ridiculous seeing as the only conceivable difference is a new processor and which Pencil (other than USB C) is compatible

      • +1

        It has double the memory(Ram & storage), better display, much faster processor and access to better accessories. Many won’t need these things but I don’t think it’s a ridiculous proposition for those who do, it’s actually cheaper than the out going air.

      • +3

        There's a lot more differences than that. Laminated screen, wireless magnetic pen dock, larger base storage, and the SOC is a lot faster especially if you use it for digital art.

        I'd say the air offers decently good value still, especially if you're an artist.

      • +1

        I have a 5 year old 2GB iPad running an A series processor. CPU is still zippy. But apps close if you have few of them open. Now 4GB is enough today, but software is accelerating faster. You will be out of 4GB far sooner than it took 2GB.

      • There is a huge difference between the A14 and the M2, ignoring the plethora of other improvements.

        • what are you going to use the M2 chip for? For an iPad.

          • @sfac: Me personally? Nothing. But others may want the beefier chip for gaming, video editing, multitasking…etc. Or just for longevity.

  • Price match with JB so you can use the $30 perks coupon and get it for $557

    • Not valid for Apple I don’t think?

      • Oh my mistake you're right on that

  • +1

    Just buy though Apple Education store using discounted Apple gift cards

  • No price match with Officeworks as Amazon are matching them already.

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