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Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono (Solar Panda Dial) $199, Fugu Auto (Green) $369, Seiko Solar Speedtimer $499 Delivered @ Starbuy


Weekend Sale.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono CA4500-32A (Panda Dial)… $199.00 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 44mm
  • Band width -
  • Case Thickness -
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Eco-Drive explained.
Starbuy Citizen Page

Citizen Auto Fugu NY0131-81X (sapphire, green dial)$369.00 delivered
Seiko 39mm Solar Speedtimer SSC815P (curved sapphire)$499.00 delivered

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      Was also this price a few weeks ago and historically has been on special for $229.

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        So matching the ATL. Thanks for the info.

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    Case thickness?

    • +15

      You seriously can't even google?


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    Hard to beat for $199

  • What type of clothes would this go on? I would think your typical smart casual and office wear.

    Highly doubt this would look good on jeans and Tshirt

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      I think it would look best on jeans and Tshirt

      • Would it though… Maybe it's just me but not a colour way I would purchase as I can't see it working with my outfit choices. Including Jeans and Shirt. It's a nice watch but hard to pair. I'd say work attire is the closest it would work with. Business shirt and trousers

      • Yeah I think this would look good

        Clean white t shirt with nice dark blue jeans

        • +4


          Don't overthink it

          It's a white dial with a black leather strap - it will go with all sorts of stuff.
          About the only thing I'd avoid would be a blue or navy suit jacket, otherwise anything else goes.

      • we probably wear completely different jeans and tshirts then

        • Well I don't own a suit or office wear so they're probably completely different too.

    • +6

      Wetsuit, snorkel and mask?

      • This would be a racing watch, not at all a diver.

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        Iunno id prob take this off even to wash the dishes tbh

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          You mean sponge bathing Mrs Wongintons?

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            @Muzeeb: Moneys too tight for sponges, I’ll just have to use my body to wash hers (after I take off this leather strap watch)

    • I think it's a good all-rounder in terms of look. You could wear it to work or to the pub.

      • Even better if you work at the pub.

        • I consider your comment to be valid

    • +1

      There’s a whole thread on WUS on what to wear with a panda dial

      I have a Panda dial and it works best with casual clothes

    • It’s a black and white sport watch. Hard to get much more versatile than this

      Edit: except unless it was on a steel bracelet

    • My opinion, it would probably go with most smart casual outfits. Like youre trying to look presentable, but definitely not being fancy.

  • The doctor watch is back

  • I like the look of it.

  • +2

    Mrs C recently gave me the Speedtimer in green for a birthday gift. It’s luuurrrrvley! I’m really liking the smaller size once it was fitted for my wrist (two links taken out). She got it at Watsons Jewellers who are always happy to entertain a request to match online pricing.

    • Nice gift you lucky man….not been married long then?

      • not been married long then?

        Quite the contrary!

        • well-endowed?

    • thats a nice watch.

      I have been trying to find this one for a reasonable price


      • Great looking watch

    • I'm looking for a good green watch how does it wear?
      Also congrats. It's a very nice gift :) thoughtful wives are the best!

      • +1

        It wears well for me on a 7” wrist. Funnily, I tend to wear bracelets loose and straps snug, but this one ended up quite snug and it’s still comfy. The bracelet doesn’t pinch or grab hairs, and so far I haven’t noticed any sharp corners. The size is great - the smaller diameter looks classic but the dial’s still visible. Despite the thickness it still slides under a cuff easily, likely because most edges are soft and rounded with a pronounced slope on the bezel.

        The only concern I’ll have is in summer when things warm up and my wrist swells. In typical Seiko fashion it only has one hole of micro adjustment so I may end up adding a link come October or so, or swapping to another strap. I’ve ordered a couple of canvas straps from Ali that might look good with it, plus I have some NATO straps in various colours I can try.

    • I'm surprised nobody jumped on the $499 Speedtime in this weekend's SB sale. It might not be the most favoured colourway, but it's still a sub-$500 Speedtimer (or at least it will be until about 10am this morning when the sale ends).

  • sees post’s main thumbnail
    (Citizen CA4500-32A)

    It’s probably just me - but that watch has an ‘angry/ pissed-off’ expression/ look on its face.

    • Came to say the exact same thing!

  • I have on of the style - 44mm is just too big. I don't wear it.

    • What size is your wrist though?

      I mainly wear 44mm divers on my 7 inch wrist & they fit great.

  • Waiting for another Titanium/Sapphire $200 deal..

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