Heat: Pedal to the Metal $88, Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance $20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ EB Games/ Zing


Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance $20

EB Games have got a sale on board games. Stack with gift cards to save more. I'm out so can't do a full post right now.

Edit: Thanks to all who have suggested some other games. Their stock can be a bit hit and miss. I have to travel a fair distance for Marvel Zombies, but before I bought my copy I checked their C&C T&Cs. I have 6 weeks to pick it up. I should be able to make a trip out to the store and make a day out of it so it's not a complete waste of time/petrol.

Heat: Pedal to the Metal is currently rated 8.1 at BGG and is the 4th highest ranked Family game. I believe this is the ATL for Heat, it's the best for a year at least. More info at BGO

Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance is currently rated 7.9 at BGG. This does look to be the ATL according to BGO.

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      Wow, the stock levels are terrible. 2 stores with The Initiative, and 1 store with Chicken Heist.

      • None qld cannot get it shipped

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      Time to 28 degrees the Initiative. Pretty good game.

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    There are some not bad deals in here. Here's my picks:

    Res Arcana - $47.00
    Stella: Dixit - $47.00
    Draftosaurus - $28.00
    Sky Team - $47.00
    Anomia - $12.50
    Sheriff of Nottingham - $30.00

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    Pandemic - $24.50

    • is pandemic good I heard about it and saw price…

      • Sorry for late reply. So many versions of Pandemic; the original is still considered a classic. However, I can't give any personal insights into it as I only own and play Pandemic: Iberia (- I figured if I was going to have Pandemic in my collection I would settle on the one version I thought I would enjoy best).

        • no worries

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    Thanks, got Happy Salmon for $14

  • Great find. But some of the good stuff are not in stock in my area which can't be delivered either. Anyway, good luck.

  • Can anyone recommend games for a 5-6 year olds, no search by age filter available.

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      Taco Cat Cat Cheese Pizza is fun

    • This suggestion won't help you with this sale now but I'm going to just say if you haven't heard of Dragomino, then it's one to keep an eye out for. I got it from Amazon UK when it was $27, with an extra X% off multiple item purchase deal, so probably under $25 all up.

      My wife isn't much of a board game player but she really likes it. Our toddler hasn't turned 4 yet but he is able to play it pretty well already. Sometimes we need to suggest better moves to him but overall he can pretty much play it all by himself. He even sets up the game and can put it away after if we let him (he just takes ages and it's usually bedtime so we put it away ourselves).

      Dragomino features gameplay similar to Kingdomino, but with gameplay suitable for younger players. At the start of a round, you reveal four domino tiles, with each domino featuring two types of landscapes. Starting with whoever has the mommy dragon figure, players draft a tile and add it to their landscape. If the newly placed tile matches the landscape of one or more adjacent tiles, then you draw an egg tile for that type of landscape and place it face up where those tiles meet. Some eggs feature a baby dragon, which is worth 1 point; others feature an empty shell, which allows you to take the mommy dragon, giving you first pick next round.

      After seven rounds, the game ends, and the player who holds the mommy dragon scores 1 additional point.

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      Sleeping Queens
      Ice Cool
      Cockroach Poker

  • Where to get discounted gift cards for EB Games though?

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      I got a lot of the Ultimate Him cards from previous deals. I'm guessing some of the other Ultimate cards can be used at EB Games, but I haven't looked.

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    $15.95 shipping kills this for me

  • Decrypto is a great game

  • Great deal if the product is in stock nearby. Pandemic is a good price

  • Only $20 for Marvel United X-Men too. I have all three Kickstarters for Marvel United and DC Heroes United is about to go on Gamefound. Highly recommend it. Co-op so great to play with kids 5 and up.

    Also good way to practice mini painting too.

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    Absolutely love Heat, I play it on board game arena all the time. I’m currently in 4th place after mismanaging a corner early in the race but I’ve caught up with
    The pack and there is a chance I could still podium.

  • I haven't played it but for $20, the minis from the marvel zombies game are pretty good.

    • Just had a look on BGG at some of the minis that have been "speed painted" and even they look great. I don't think I'd do a very good job of it though.

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    @ozbs25 Cheers! Picked up Heat and Marvel Zombies from Helensvale Zing as well as the Bridgeton Love Letter (apparently its a reskin with the same mechanics and the missus likes the show). Stoked with Heat, had been waiting to see it under $100 so could use a voucher from work.

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      Been watching Heat for a few months. I still have a bit of Amazon promo credit to use up but it hasn't budged. This could be even better as I have even more money stuck in Ultimate Him/Home gift cards that I need to try to use. I did get the gift cards with a TV in mind but our old TV refuses to die.

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    Mosaic for $45 seems like a great option


    • I've posted that one before. Looks pretty good but the solo stuff you need to print to play. I do have gift cards I need to use though…

  • Heat is really fun. They did a good job capturing the vibe of racing in a turn based game

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