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All I got was a garfield toy recall
23/06/2024 - 18:24
It's what I'm doing. The HP is marginally better than the dell
20/06/2024 - 21:01
got a spare.... recently bought one full price after the one with the console's dpad broke after 2 hours of fighting games, lol
19/06/2024 - 09:43
Need these to be around 600 before I bite I think. esp as a modern IPS is pretty good already.
27/05/2024 - 15:22
I've been waiting for this!
23/05/2024 - 13:21
Heat is really fun. They did a good job capturing the vibe of racing in a turn based game
23/05/2024 - 11:04
I feel like you can run a cable five meters to connect a same room ps5. Get creative.
17/04/2024 - 12:08
want basically this spec but 1440p
22/03/2024 - 13:24
yeah dunno, bought one and a 7900xt and now its obliterating every game on earth
15/02/2024 - 16:04
used spydaboi mine:
24/01/2024 - 09:17
Great headphone, really shines with and amp and some EQ. (if you're a basshead like me you can make em thump)
20/12/2023 - 09:17
Anyone have a more durable alternative? I broke mine after about 2 hours of fighting games and now the dpad constantly inputs down. lol
18/12/2023 - 13:23
used sgriob
01/12/2023 - 15:07
I mean, better how? Both are arguably better than human hearing can detect. It really comes down to which one looks nicer/has outputs you…
13/11/2023 - 09:28
I ate the whole chicken. Not bad at all. I used to get the bondi burger at oporto but the chicken is way better. wtf.
01/09/2023 - 09:53
/Used jazilla
22/08/2023 - 16:02
Not as good as the gamesmen deal the other month 😏
17/08/2023 - 13:09
Bought a Q1 recently and love it. Found out the Alice versions existed after and now the q8 and 10 are looking good to me. fml.
29/06/2023 - 11:51
used mar1in
21/06/2023 - 11:05
Glad I waited, almost got one at 725 from big w yesterday. Ready for FF16!
20/06/2023 - 10:45
I already have two arcade sticks. is it (profanity) i'm considering a 3rd just because i like the NES look.
08/06/2023 - 10:49
I have a pixel 6 with a shattered screen- is it worth going from that to this deal instead of fixing it? Has anyone else gone from a p6 to…
17/05/2023 - 12:41
Short answer yes. I bought some from this deal and compared them to my brother's hd600-650 which is like twice the price and they were…
29/01/2022 - 13:52
They kinda are cheaper though. Otogi 2 goes for like 200 dollars second hand and now you can grab it for 30. Is 30 "too much" for a game…
17/11/2021 - 09:36
I got 2 of these last time the deal was on. I know everyone goes on about the fat count, but the high carbs rating seems worse to me. I…
04/08/2021 - 13:14