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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40mm $199 Delivered @ Australia Post (Price Beat at Officeworks $189.05)



I thought I should share this as this might be helpful for some for the comparable watch to Pixel Watch 1.

Managed to price beat at officeworks for $189.05 without any hitch.


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  • I personally wouldn't recommend the 4, having used 4,5,6, Watch5 is a good sweet spot in terms of battery life and overall performance.

    You can find good watch deals for just over $200, recommend getting the 5 or above.

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    How would this compare to my Submariner ref. 126613LB?

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      Are you an Austpost exec ?

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    Lol i got it for $189 in 2022 Good watch though….still going strong with daily use

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      Also got it from $189 on Nov 22 from Amazon. Have been very happy with it.
      I was only really using it as a watch and for notifications but recently found out accidentally that it could measure fat% etc - impressed!

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    I reckon officeworks changed to 5% price beat from 10%… cause of us

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      It's always been 5% AFAIK, Bunnings is 10%

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    Just sharing my thoughts if anyone keen but unsure. I got the 40mm but return to get the 44mm instead. The longer battery life and larger screen (yes 4mm not a lot but on the wrist, you can see the different, and I have very small wrist). I suggest to go 44mm if these 2 are main concern.

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    Watch 4

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    This is a rip-off LOL

  • This is a good deal. Choose this if you are on Samsung ecosystem. Google watch if you use pixel phone.
    Also consider warranty. 2 years for Samsung and 1 year for Google.

  • Can this connect to iphone 11?

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