Got a Parking Fine, Any Suggestions on Reasons for Appeal?

So I parked in a two hour parking spot, could not find any longer spots in the vicinity of the cinemas. Watched Planet of the Apes, and went well over the time (A whole hour and understand this is my fault for overlooking this) Got a $96 fine.
Has anyone appealed a parking infringement and was successful? What reasons did you provide?

Edit: lol I can't figure out how to delete post and have had a good laugh with all your answers towards my poor excuse. I'm just going to attempt to say first time offence, sorry, and hope for the best.

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    You've got Buckley's with that reason, more chance of winning the lotto 😂

    Don't you just hate it when movies defy the boundaries of time and space and run overtime somehow?!

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    Appeal as a first time offence and admit fault

    • I'll try this one thanks.

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    A whole hour and understand this is my fault for overlooking this

    Pay the fine, move on, learn life lessons, become a better person, wear sunscreen…..

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    Buckley's chance with that letter…

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      So you’re saying there’s a chance…

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          and Nunn.

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    And to think that could have treated yourself to gold class at crown casino with valet parking instead.

    • I knowwww

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    😆 guys I know. Any loopholes to share instead of making fun of me. Also what does buckley mean?

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      New aussie?

      Buckleys chance. No chance.

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      The “loophole” is not to overstay parking. It’s this really cool thing you can do and the coppers and council rangers can’t touch you. It’s like an immunity shield from tickets. Works 100% of the time.

      It will also work for speeding. If you stay at or under the posted speed limit, they won’t give you a ticket. It’s this one crazy thing you can do and it just pisses police off.

      I’ve heard that stopping at stop signs and red lights works just as well. Not had a speeding ticket or red light ticket in like 30 years…

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    Running time for the film is nominally 145 minutes. To have any chance you have to make factual representations.

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      Op handing verdict note to judge:

      Judge: This verdict is written on a cocktail napkin! And it still says 'guilty'! And 'guilty' is spelled wrong!

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        “In summing up, it's the constitution, it's Mabo, it's justice, it's law, it's the vibe and aah no that's it, it's the vibe. I rest my case.”

  • Can't hurt to try.

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    This is a windup, right?

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      Of allllll the wind up posts this month, this is most definitely the least wind up - even less than that cat lady who lusted for the doctor and merely offered him a bed

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        that cat lady who lusted for the doctor and merely offered him a bed

        I obviously missed a good one there.

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          Got removed apparently ghost account/troll account

        • You sure did! It was quite amusing!

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    "its my first day"

  • Dream on fella

  • just pay it

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    this was unavoidable and unfair

    So who was holding you hostage in the cinema?

    This is surely one of the lamest attempts to get out of a fine I have seen on here lol.

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    From my experience, local councils are more likely to waive the fine if you provide an outline of the movie (to show your not just making it up to get out of the fine), highlight your favourite actor (and why) and then give it an overall score out of 10.. with 1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest and 10 being in between.

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      Excellent movie, I really enjoyed it. 5/7

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      End it with ‘…It was the most I ever threw up, and it changed my life forever.’

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    "I thought the time limit was a suggestion, like speed limits."

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    You can try but highly unlikely to get it withdrawn.

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    to attend a movie at the nearby cinema, which ran longer than expected

    Was it advertised as 1.5 hours but went for 2+ hours. I don't understand how it can "run longer than expected" (PS running time is advertised as 145minutes).

    As for no other parking available….Would you have parked in a handicapped spot if nowhere else was available? That might be an exaggeration, but it's the same excuse you're using "I know I was wrong, but I had no choice". You did have a choice and you chose somewhere with a time limit shorter than you knew you needed.

    Honestly, pay up. There's nothing you have stated that gives you a reason or exception to having parked there longer than you were supposed to.

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    Holy shit… you over stayed the allotted time and you come here asking what excuse you can use on appeal… how about just paying the (fropanity) ticket. It’s posts like these that just reinforces in my mind why we need to be able to vote on forum posts.

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    It's no wonder the apes took over.

    • Nooooooooooo!

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        You Maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!

        • Forget it, Marge, it's Chinatown!

    • FFS hahahaha spoiler ALERTTTTT

  • something something Buckley

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    Ignore the judgemental types here.

    With what you’ve done I think you will have to cop it sweet. Overstaying a parking spot is hard to argue.

    We’ve managed to get off a parking fine twice. One was the time they cleaned the street and we didn’t move the car; fortunately someone had ripped out the sign so we used that as an excuse. The second was when they wrote down the wrong number plate. We got a “not paid” letter, had a chat and it turned out it was a red Ferrari not our grey Civic. We know about the number plate issue because we later saw the same Ferrari in an illegal parking spot. He, obviously, didn’t give a shit.

    We got a parking fine ducking into a JB to pick up a gift card. We would’ve been all of ten minutes. We just copped it.

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      I once got off one for overstaying a parking spot because I didn't actually overstay it. I was there about 90 minutes, it was a 1 hour spot but the 1 hour restriction didn't actually start until 6pm. Time on the ticket was just before 7pm (like 6:50pm or something), so it was actually clear from their own ticket that I couldn't have overstayed the 1 hour limit if it only took effect from 6pm. At least when I raised it with the council they just admitted they got it wrong and withdrew it rather than dragging it out.

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        I have wondered about limits around start and end times. Sounds like the ticket inspector got over excited. He should’ve waited the extra ten minutes. Glad you got it sorted.

        We visited Dijon, in France, and they had 2 hours at lunch time that didn’t count in the parking limits. That is civilisation.

  • Unless your uncle is a very wealthy property developer who’s tight with some corrupt local councillors, I’d say you’ve got Buckley's chance of getting out of that parking fine.

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    Maybe Ikea need to refund you because of your VPN took too long to set up to watch cheaper movies in bed and it now shows premature wear?

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    Any Suggestions on Reasons for Appeal?

    Try some reverse psychology. Appeal the fine saying you're a complete idiot, have zero reason, and deserve the fine.

    • hi, my name is george. i'm unemployed and live with my parents …

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    Oh my God. I'm back. I'm back at my car. All the time, it was… We finally really did it.

    You Maniacs! You fined me! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    • Oh my god, I was wrong
      It was Earth all along
      You finally made a monkey…

      Yes we finally made a monkey…

      Yes you finally made a monkey out of meeeeeeeeeee!

      I love you, Dr Zaius!

  • tell them you have an attack of explosive diarrhoea which confined you to a toilet for 3 hours. medical emergency

    • Many years ago, I used this for a speeding ticket. (It worked well, but I'm pretty sure they would've had a good laugh at what I wrote in that letter!)

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    Watched Planet of the Apes

    The movie or the planet?

    • Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off (the musical)

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