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Extra 20% off Vans $15.99, ASICS JP $31.99, ASICS/Reebok/Nike/NB fr $39.99, Lacoste/VEJA/Nike 270 $55.99 & More + Del @ HYPE DC


Lacoste $55.99

Sold out

Asics Japan White $31.99

Asics $39.99

Nike $39.99

Nike 270 $55.99

and more https://www.hypedc.com/au/categories/sale?pid=nav-sale
$0 C & C or + delivery/$0 In stores

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Hype DC
Hype DC


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    Bang bang

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    Nb550’s are kinda cute

    Fresh foam x 1080 v12 women’s unreal price 69 (nice) less 20


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      I got 880s for 55!

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    • Thank you.

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    Everything is so ugly

  • sold out

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    wrong link for the Asics Japan White

    • Here's the linkfor Asics Japan S White $39.99.

      Not sure if OP price is an error but I can't find an ASIC Japan for price they listed.

      • There's a further 20% off selected shoes, this one included

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    Thanks OP, got the Veja V10s for $64! I've never seen them so low.

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    hmm this the reebok or the nike?

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      Rhythm of the night ?

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    so much stock available…. haha

    nice post OP, never have my size left GAH!

  • No good styles in my size 😪

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    also a solid shoe for about 70 with delivery
    new balance 880 in size US 10 and 13 left


    • Amazing deal. Great shoes. Thank you!

    • Banged size 10 for C&C.

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    2002R for 75% off retail is pretty amazing. thank you @rosebank for the heads up 🙏

  • Legend, thanks OP!

  • +2

    Damn order got cancelled due to no stock

  • Damn my common sized feet

  • The website has a technical glitch. All orders are unable to be processed due to an error.

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    Order cancelled.

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    Thanks OP order two pairs for a good price hope it isn't cancelled

  • Can anybody confirm that when you place an order, even if you choose UK size shoe size, the order will default to the American size on the invoice?

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    thanks Op

  • Ordered some Veja's. Here's hoping no cancellation.

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    Cancelled order on the Vans size 10.

    • Same here with size 11

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    Cheers just picked up a cracking pair of reebok pumps for $69!

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    Thanks OP! I got the VANS OLD SKOOL UTILITY POP. Super fresh kicks. Nice. US Mens Size 10, just like the Vans I have on now!

  • Extra 20% off has ended?

  • Appears to be over? That's unusual for one of their sales to last only one day :(

  • +2

    Yeh looks like they pulled the 20% off deal. It was meant to go for 5 days and ends Sunday.

  • anyone have their order shipped? mine has been stuck on processing for 3 days so not exactly express delivery like they claim lol. I'll give them a pass because it looks like they're sifting through a lot of orders though

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