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Fosi Audio BT30D-S Bluetooth Amplifier $76.49 ($74.69 with Plus) Delivered @ Fosi Audio via eBay AU


Original Coupon Deal

Great deal for a cheap 2.1 Bluetooth amplifier.

This has a subwoofer output which is rare among cheap desktop amplifiers. It makes hooking up a subwoofer without speaker line level outs much easier.

Not the Pro version (but that one has different outputs, including a pre out rather than a sub out).

Update: Price has been lowered to $79.99 before the code, making these even cheaper.

Update 2: Price has been reraised to the original price.

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    Awesome product ! have one of these in black, great quality.

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    For those unfamiliar with Chinese audio gear, Fosi have a very good reputation; they punch well above their weight for the money, although I haven't seen this exact unit reviewed.

    Also, I think you're better off buying through eBay/Amazon than Aliexpress, as Aliexpress' returns system is utterly broken - you pay a lot more to ship returns than they do, and they frequently lose them in the post, so if you get a dud you're on your own.

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      agree about AE returns - got sent the wrong item a while ago, sent it back, they claimed they never received it, filed a paypal dispute, ruled against me, even with a photo of the receipt from auspost with the shipping number.

      • That's shocking. Sorry to hear about your experience

  • Got a genuine question about how this works as I'm unfamiliar. For example, If I have a Nintendo Switch and I want to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. Would I instead connect it to this Bluetooth amp and then the amp connects to the Bluetooth speaker?

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      This would not be needed for a Bluetooth speaker. This is only required for passive speakers like bookshelfs or towers. The Bluetooth speakers have their own amp built in and should be able to connect directly to the switch.

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        Thanks I appreciate the response. I do in fact have a Bluetooth speaker connected to the Nintendo Switch. I didn't know they have an amp built in, that's interesting.

        • Bluetooth speaker = speaker, amp, power supply (battery or plugged).

          Usual audiophile/passive speakers = speaker only. They like to have control over the other variables etc…

  • Does anyone know whether these have an annoying loud beep when you connect to bluetooth? The beep can be so annoying with some amps and I reckon can damage ears… ;)

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      I have a BT30D, have never really noticed, so I gave it a try just now. It has a very soft "boop" sound, must be independent from volume control. (My ears survived.)

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      I have the BT-10A (and asked the same question for that)

      It does have what I'd call a gentle beep when connecting, not ear shattering though.

      So between the BT-10 and BT-30 probably safe to assume the BT-20 is the same.

      Also on case anyone else is wondering, you can't disable Bluetooth on these if you're not using it so your neighbour can hijack. Maybe removing the antenna would do the trick.
      If you are using, it won't show as an available device once connected though.

      • Much thanks my good sirs.

  • I've had great success with a BT20A for the last few years running desktop speakers out of an audio interface. I haven't really bothered with the BT aspects though. Simple product, does what it says it will.

  • buy one get one 50% off!
    Fosi v3 X 2 = $139.42 after coupon applied(32V adapter)

    Buy one get one free!
    BT30D-S X 2 = $74.68 after coupon applied(24V adapter)

    • +1

      Maybe I'm being daft, but where are you getting these?

  • Thanks. Picked up a BT20A PRO for $91.28

  • How did you get it to $66.39, shipping is $9.99, which is showing total as $76.38 for me? Thanks.

    • Looks like free shipping to NSW and QLD only.

      • :( thanks champ.

  • How well will this drive a pair of EgglestonWorks Ivy Signature SEs?

  • ive been using something similar to this for years, mine is branded Aiyima (Abut looks more or less identical.

    I've got it paired to a pair of PSB Image floor speakers - sounds incredible.

    Only question I have is - How do you switch between RCA and Bluetooth ?

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      Mine just arrived today, when you connect via Bluetooth that will override the RCA. To get back to RCA you just disconnect Bluetooth. There’s no way to switch off Bluetooth unless you switch the amp off or unscrew the antenna I believe.

      • thankyou for taking to write back.

        Having anyone in a busy complex connecting while I'm watching a movie would be so frustrating, i think ill keep waiting for a switched version :)

  • I have 3 fosi amps (different models) and they are fairly impressive.
    The TB10D has unbelievable power and clarity. If you are interested in HI-Fi For the money just buy one and try it, even on large floor standing speakers.
    It has to be heard to be believed.

  • Question for the audio heads. What do I need to control four stereo speakers in four separate rooms?

    And if the amp has speaker plugs, but the current speakers are bare pairs of wires, can I wire plugs to those wires?

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      If they're in separate rooms, I would look into Sonos Amps - they are powered amps that work with the ecosystem for wireless streaming, not sure if you can sync them all up though. They also have Sonos preamps which could feed into an amp like this but again you would have to check if they can all be synced up (if your intent is to play the same media on all the speakers).

      You can wire banana plugs to the ends of wires, this amp will take banana plugs and so will most speakers. You just need to strip a bit off the end of the wire and then feed it into banana plugs - I used these when I did my last install: https://www.amazon.com.au/Banana-FosPower-Plated-Speaker-Con…

    • The second part is easy, banana plugs are what you need.

      The first part needs more detail. Control Independently? All play same source?

      4 amps and 4 echo dots are one way (not the latest dot tho which I don't think has aux out, unless you want to bluetooth only)

  • Any tips for amps that support spotify connect?

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