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Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream 457ml Tubs $5 6pm-8pm + Delivery @ Milkrun (Excludes NT)


Milkrun has a deal on from 6-8pm for $5 Ice Cream tubs of the 457ml varieties.

Today only.

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MILKRUN (Powered by Woolworths)
MILKRUN (Powered by Woolworths)


  • $10 in WA

    • Might change at 6pm our time, but I don’t think they are that smart

      • 6pm, i can see the promotion now but prices $10

        • Yeh same… booooo

  • +2

    ties in perfectly with my rewards deal

    It’s a points party with MILKRUN!
    Enjoy 3000 points when you spend $60 or more on your next MILKRUN order until Sunday, 2 June.*

  • Thanks OP, bought 5.

  • Any coupon code ideas?

    • shows RUNFAST for $10 off $70

  • Bought too many, thanks

  • Which flavors are you getting?

    • Many are OOS for me.
      Sent from small Woolies with limited stock of dearer ice cream.

    • Strawberries 🍓!

      • Damn my store doesn't have plain strawberry only the strawberry/raspberry macaron one…

        • That one is too sweet.

          • @bird380: Tried. Nice in small amount. Chunks of fruit & biscuit. Strawberry was unavailable.

      • 🍓OOS - too popular😢

    • Strawberry and salted caramel are my favourite

  • +2

    Don’t forget myNRMA new Cashback. 12% for MILKRUN

    • Didn't know that! …next time😉
      Spent $25 on 5 so didn't qualify
      12% Cashback when you Spend $50

  • +2

    The bulk chicken breast on milkrun is $9/kg, can add to cart if you don’t want too much ice cream!

  • First time using Milkrun - very quick & free delivery by UberEats driver.

    Notice hot chicken is $12 11-5🐔
    And 800g salads $6.50.
    So same price as instore.
    Tomorrow's lunch sorted.

  • +1

    god damn, saw this at 7:56, got the order in, but missed the $60 for 3k points by $5.. fat ozb finger life

    • +1

      Aimed for $60 for 3k…
      But was taking too long to find products not marked up.
      Quickly bought 5 ice cream.
      Will use another Rewards account for that offer.

  • $5 in WA now, bought 3 tubs and some chocolates for free delivery… Never had this before as its usually too expensive.

    • Mine is showing $10 why?

      • Yeah same.. i can see the banner but shows $10 when adding to cart :(

  • Now $10.39 (30% off)

  • -2

    Be warned, deliveries come via regular UBER drivers, no specific capacity to deliver frozen goods.

    • Took 15min to deliver - rock hard.

      Milkrun delivery area is limited, unlike UberEats food delivery.
      First time I've been in delivery area - 2k from Woolies.

      • +2

        How was the ice cream though?

        • Had to let it sit to thaw.
          Usual Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream - good. But obviously small.

          Last time I bought, was from vending machine in Japan. Always been a holiday treat. Otherwise too expensive.

        • It was fine, its not a hot day and have found that some ice creams you find at the supermarket are so soft. Woolworths has done well and its not a problem with Uber, cute chick also.

        • -1

          This comment is going over a few rock-hard heads.

  • +1

    Deal is active in WA, just ordered 4.

  • Missed this :(

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