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New Balance Vongo 5 Mens Running Shoes $91.80 ($89.64 eBay Plus) Delivered @ New Balance eBay


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Was waiting on a great deal on stability running shoes, the vongo 6 are the latest version which rival the asics gel kayano 30 however I don't think you can go wrong at this price point.

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  • Thank you, I've been after something well cushioned. I used 1080v11 through three different pairs and had to move to 1080v12 after stock ran through of the 11s and the ride is so much harder than the 11s that it's given me mild tendonitis, so really need these!

    I think these will be just the ticket.

    • Just a heads up, probably too late, 1080s are neutral. These are stability.

      • does that mean it isn't cushioned well?

        • Cushioning should still be ok, depending on what you are comparing it to.
          Someone correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I understand neutral shoes are (typically) the most cushioned and suit a fit which does not need much support (ie strong arches, doesn't roll in or out etc. Usually a light shoe.

          Stability is to help correct the above issues. Motion control is another step further. Shoes become stiffer, heavier, but if your foot needs the support you need to compromise on soft cushioning otherwise you'll cause foot/back/knee pain with your foot moving around to much.

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    Thanks mate! Been waiting for a good deal on some new runners, love my old New Balance ones :)

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    Fantastic shoes for the wide size, fantastic price, thanks op

  • Coupon code does not stack on top of sale price (at $108) for me, how did OP do it?

    • Worked for me, using the non Ebay plus code

    • I just checked again and it's still working fine. You haven't used the code for more than 5 transactions have you?

      • No I haven't use it and have tried multiple times. Was happy to snag at sale price anyways so no biggie thanks OP

    • Worked here too

  • Thanks Op.. got one
    no issues using MAYP17

  • This came out in 2021, around the same time Kayano 28 came out.

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      Ok. Does it matter?

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        shoes (generally the foams and glue) deteriorate over time, so yeah it does

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    The eBay NB store also has some really good prices (starting from $11) on some apparel at the moment. Similar items to whats in there clearance section of the website. However most are cheaper on eBay and have free shipping. Stocks limited though.

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      Yep seems to happen yearly & stock up with cheap exercising clothing every time. This years lot more women’s at lower prices…

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    Their widths are a pure lottery…. I've returned 3-4 pairs of supposed 2E that i couldnt get my foot near inside them… and another pair that was stupidly wide.

  • Bugger couldn’t get 2E width in my size. Hopefully the standard fit is ok. I always size up one for running shoes to allow for swelling.

    • I run 2E in Saucony but I've found the NBs (Elite v4 and SuperComp Trainer V2) to be totally fine. I don't need to size up either

  • still a bit of a newbie but how would these compare to my current nb fuelcell prism v2's?

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      2 tenths a lap faster

  • Does anyone have this show and can they recommend it? (I have the 1080v12's and how does it stack against those)

    • Sounds like these are basically the stability version of the 1080 (ie. for heavier and for overpronation).

      • "For heavier" do you mean heavier runners?

        I'm a big guy and was looking for shoes with lots of cushion to prevent shin splints when running on pavements.

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          Ah sorry, I mean to write "are heavier". The 'stability' marketed style shoes have a orthotic like block inside them which adds some weight.

          The More v4 is the max cushion in NB, the Vongo and the 1080 I believe are second.

          Might be worth going to a running store and getting sized etc if you're worried though.

    • I have both this and 1080v12. I very much prefer the 1080 for the comfort. This is a bit too stiff for my preference.

  • How does this compare to Saucony Guide 15? I really like the stability on those.

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    Price increased to $156

    • yep, even with coupon code MAYP15 it'll only be at $132.60

    • Shifty

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    Just on this - Who TF buys used shoes off ebay?

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      I’ve bought and sold used shoes on eBay. Why not?

  • as Howedan mentioned, some of the clothing is pretty cheap - $14 running shorts, $18 running t, $27 trackies etc

    jeez these are short!

    • Over night a lot has gone up! Bought singlets for $19 each now listed as $39 was looking a jacket $44 now $72 so won’t buy it…

  • Order total
    AU $132.60
    getting this for above price. smh

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