[Unobtainable Deal] 25% off PlayStation Plus Subscriptions @ PlayStation

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I will take a punt and post it early.
It was first reported by billbil-kun @ Dealabs

It was also posted @ MyDealz.

So I think it should be correct.

Last years Day of Play - 25% off PlayStation Plus Subscriptions @ PlayStation Deal

For both new and current PlayStation Plus members, all 12-month plans will be offered at 25% off – this includes Essential, Extra, and Premium/Deluxe.

Current PlayStation Plus Essential and Extra members can also receive 25% off a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month membership when upgrading to a higher tier plan – it’s a great time to try PlayStation Plus Premium or Deluxe.

Mod: The deal is not 25% off subscriptions for all members, but new members only, at 20%, 25% & 30% over the 3 tiers. Existing members can only get discounts on their upgrade, when upgrading to premium or deluxe, not their current membership.

The deal can be reposted for new members if anyone still wishes, this one has been moved to the forums, as the votes received were on the basis it was for all members and at a flat 25%.

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    all plans offered at 25% off… including essentials? ill believe it when i see it. Last few deals said it included essentials and ended up being deals on extra and deluxe :(

  • +39

    too little too late, we dumped PlayStation Plus last year when they made all the changes…

  • +33

    I cancelled mine last year when they massively increased the prices. Any sale now is still more than what we had before.

    • +19

      Agreed, I stopped buying petrol when it went over a dollar

      • +3

        Elastic vs inelastic purchases

      • +1

        Same, I stopped buying food when prices went up and products shrunk!

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    Expecting a discount on consoles and controllers as well, so hopefully Australia is included

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      Usually happens in June during The State of Play sale

      • +3

        Perfect! I have a voucher at JB that will expire 3 days before this is expected to happen 😶

        Credit and thanks to Hybroid for translating on Reddit:

        Days of Play 2024 would start from Wednesday May 29, 2024
        * The event is expected to last until June 12, 2024
        * Possible return of the -25% PS Plus subcription promotion
        * 50 euros reduction on PS5 Slim Standard consoles, for a final price of 499 euros
        * 50 euros reduction on PS5 Slim Digital consoles (without disc drive), for a final price of 399 euros
        * 100 euros reduction on PS VR2 consoles, for a final price of 499 euros
        * All DualSense controllers at 49.99 euros

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    I don't think many people will bite especially after the increase in prices. Maybe if they have 30-35%, more people could be interested

  • Nice! I've been waiting for the discount so I can re-subscribe again, never tried the game catalog under the 'Extra' plan so hopefully it's worth it.

    Do you guys know how much discount normally there is during Black Friday?

    I've been wanting to get the Playstation Portal as well.

    • +3

      Personally, Extra offers enough value/games to justify the cost.
      Just recently complete Immortals of Aveum from that.

      Also playing Dave the Diver.

      So it offers a good mix of 1st party, AAA and Indies.

      But each to their own.
      I personally like the 1st party offering. (Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet etc).

    • +2

      I'm actually tempted to drop extra this year and just goto whatever the basic is (essential?).
      Reason being I usually buy whatever I want to play, and add the monthly games to my library but very rarely is there a game that is added to the catalogue that I actually want to and do play so I'll probably be better off without.

      Will see what the discounts are actually like though and make a decision from there.

      • I've been on Essentials since I joined PS+. However, I am considering going up a tier for a year to play some games that I've been wanting to play but too stinge to buy. The price difference between the tiers is cheaper than buying the games collectively for the one year. Then revert back to Essentials

        But definitely hoping for more than a measly 25% discount on PS+ membership…

  • I’d also love to know this!!

  • +12

    Jack it up by 33% and then discount it by 25% temporarily. 🤔

    • +2

      Don't know if you're just bad at maths, but the original price rises weren't 33% and overall this deal brings it below the price it was originally before the price rises.

      Not by a lot mind you but it's still good value imo with this discount.

      • I’m bad at math yeah. I remember it was $135 for the year. So it’s more like 25% more now ($170).

        I got it for 25% off back then which was $100.

        So new regular price is about 70% more than previous on special price. Even more because I think I used gift cards to get it cheaper from JB.

  • +1

    Purchased deluxe until 2029 with the 25% off this time last year. Figured it’d be the end of the console’s life by then.

    • +3

      PS Plus is not tied to just the current gen console. You would still be able to use it for next gen

      • You do take the risk they sunset it or significantly change it for worse though! But so far has been pretty solid.

  • It's a great value for 25% off :)

    • +4

      It was once. But my mind has changed on that

  • If they allow me to top up the deluxe subscription…. AWESOME, I'll buy another 1-2 years worth.

    If I have to wait until it expires and then do it at the next sale…. well that's not helpful

  • +1

    I can afford but no time to play, how 😭

  • my dualsense just developed stick drift so hopefully the sale for those is decent

    • +1

      How old is your controller? If it has developed stick drift within a time that a person would reasonably expect it to be in good working order, you’re entitled for a repair under Australian Consumer Law even if it’s outside of the 12 month warranty. Australia has some of the best consumer protections in the world. Have a quick read below and quote some of this to the retailer you bought it from.


      • I got my ps5 christmas of 2021 so about 29-30 months

        • unlucky, they used to be good about just replacing them, had it happen to 3 i've used. first two of them they just replaced but by the time it happened to a third and they wouldn't cause it was older than 6months. costing them too much i'd guess, but they are meant to be improved sticks in newer models of the last year or so.

          • @autolux: I did not know about the new sticks so thanks for the heads up.

  • Lol of course. my annual sub payment went through last night.

  • Random question, does anyone know what to do with a DualSense 5 controller that wont charge anymore?

    • Send it in for a warranty repair?…assuming you've tried all the google suggestions…

      • -1

        Unfortunately its way too old for warranty, the original one that came with the console.

        • +1

          Does it work plugged in? If so, probably needs a replacement battery. You can grab one cheap from AliExpress, repairing controllers isnt too difficult just follow video tutorials :)

        • +4

          Oh do I have news for you about Australian consumer law.

          The expected lifespan of a controller is roughly the same as the expected lifespan of the console, and failing to charge is not an expected wear and tear issue.

          It's under warranty by those conditions. If you get in touch, and use the phrases "Australian Consumer law", "expected lifespan of the product", "not fit for purpose", "unexpected fault" and, if necessary "consumer affairs", they'll repair your controller.

          To not repair it would be to claim that their controllers are a disposable item not intended to last for 5 years, which they wouldn't do.

          Only thing is you would need to still have proof of purchase.

          • @Vinnie Vegas: This is interesting but doesn't at all line up with what we know about lithium ion batteries. No way in hell will they last as long as a console nor would it be reasonable to expect them to.
            Good to know for the consumer anyway but I'd expect it to be challenged at some point.

            • +2

              @sinewaves7: Still worth a try. Just a form to fill in or quick call and Vinnie has provided the words to use. Great advice Vinnie.

              Mine died within 6 months, so not as old as cristobaljames.

    • +1

      Wait for some crazy ebgames offer trade in one and get another for dirt cheap. Just trade it in, they won't ask and you don't mention the issue

  • I am still old school till the end I am on the original plan :D been on it since the ps3 and vita days.
    I don't think I will ever upgrade I have a large library of PS3 PS vita, ps4 and ps5 games, with the basic subscription. So I dont' see a point of going to the next options. every thing PS1 ps2 and can play on my ps3 natively. so its pointless for me to get a subscription to access emulated version of the games.

  • +1

    Are you able to pay for the subscription with a PSN gift card?

    • +1

      Yes - it allows.

  • +1

    Its already on now if you go on to the renew subscription page.

    It will give 25% off

    • Disnt show for me? Did it discount on a payment page or something for you?

      • It shows to renew 25% off automatically. Mine expires in June. Next month.
        Not sure if that makes a difference

        Ill see if i can screenshot

        • Maybe? Mine doeant expire u til november but my current extra subscription is showing $169.95 with no discount option

          • @TheSANegotiator22: Can' t attached screenshot. But mine was on deluxe to renew it was around $149 i think ….

  • +2

    I think my sub expires in June. Even with these """discounts"" I really don't think it's worth it for me just to play Helldivers a couple of times a year. Sony can garn on this one as far as I'm concerned.

  • +1

    I honestly wish there was a tier below essentials as I mainly want it to save my saves to the cloud. I'll be cancelling my sub as my backlog is too large and I find it annoying that you have to add the games manually to your "collection" each month.

  • Not showing for me? Still shows noemal peice for my essentials?

    • in 3 days…

  • +1

    @Scrooge McDeal

    seems like it will be 30% off for new members

    PlayStation Plus

    Between May 29 – June 9, new players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on a 12-month membership plan. Local promotional dates may vary for this deal, so please check the Days of Play web page for local details.


    Current members can get 25% off PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% off Playstation Plus Premium for the remainder of their membership when they upgrade their memberships between May 29-June 12.** Additionally, all PlayStation Plus members can get 15% off content from Sony Pictures Core starting May 29 through June 12. You can also check the Sony Pictures Core app*** to find additional offers during Days of Play.***

    • It's a little ambiguous how that can be read but yes, it seems you only get the discount if you upgrade.

      Although it can also be read that "Current members can get 25% off PlayStation Plus Extra". So if I am a current member and take Extra, (I currently have it) I get 25% discount? Maybe wishful thinking but not great either way

      I just finished my annual one and moved to monthly waiting for this and was offered a whopping $0.67c saving if I upgraded to deluxe. Thanks, PS…

      Maybe the play for me is to downgrade to Essential for a year, then upgrade using this to Extra and save around $20.

  • Currently about halfway through a month of essential membership, if I upgrade to extra for the remainder, will it then show the 25% discount to purchase a 12 month extra subscription? Does anyone know by chance?

  • +1

    Not showing for me, I let my membership expire 3 months ago.

    • Now showing the 20%, 25%, 30% discount for the tiers.

      I think it went live at 10 am.

  • I'm showing 20% off Essential, 25% off Extra, 30% off deluxe. I haven't had a sub for about six months.

    Go to https://www.playstation.com/en-au/deals/days-of-play/

    Sign in, and scroll down to 'Choose your Membership Plan'.

  • I didn't get the offer on the website but did through the PS App. 20% off Essential bringing it to $79 for a year

  • not working for me thru ps app or on the website? deluxe and extra discounted but not essential… got essential til dec just want to extend, but showing as $95.95.. even ~$70 is a rip but id take it over $95….

  • For current subscribers it's only offering discounts on upgrading tiers for the current length of your existing plan.
    So for me to go from Extra to Deluxe for the next 96 days it will cost me $4.97 rather than $7.10 (30% off).
    Re-subbing to Extra isn't discounted at all.

  • Great. ☹️ I only get 30% off the Deluxe. Extra is still the same price for me.

  • Currently on Deluxe until 12th July, not getting any discounts on console, website or the app. The app is the only one explaining that there may be a discount though so maybe it'll come in later in the day as the systems get up and running. They can't even get the entitlements for the PS1/PSP games right half the time for a while. Last year they offered a discount on Deluxe when I was still on it I think. They're always quite random with these promotions. If I don't get it then I am not paying nearly $200 for a sub I'm not always gonna use, even if it is gift money.

  • My account had been inactive since the price rises. I got offered discounts on all tiers. So maybe essential discount only appears if you currently don't have an active essential account???

  • My Deluxe 12Mths plan had expired on Sunday and I’ve just renewed it with 30% discount.

  • These seem to be the same for everyone if you don't have an existing sub.

    12 Month Subscription Prices

    20% off Essential $95.95 $76.76 (save $19.19)
    25% off Extra $169.95 $127.46 (save $42.49)
    30% off Deluxe $196.95 $137.86 (save $59.09)

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